A Look at the Tech Behind Online Gaming

We live in an ever-changing world. Tech has always been an evolving industry, but the arrival of the internet has changed so much of the way we live our lives. We can be on the go but remained connected and achieve more and more, purely by tapping a few times on our smart devices.

The development of technology means we can play games on the go, too. Tech has made online gaming more accessible than ever, which has allowed it to gain popularity. This post discusses some of the tech behind online gaming and how players have come to expect more of games today.

Online gaming: the expected

Tech has advanced so fast that in the online gaming world, players have come to expect certain things of their games and are really keeping designers in the industry on their toes.

Devices operate faster and graphics have gotten better. Now when players enter an online casino to play on the slots or other games, they expect a nice, clean design and images and expect the game to function smoothly.

If a website takes a long time to load a game, the player could click away from the site and, quite possibly, never return to it. It’s up to the operator to have a powerful enough server and sufficiently good software to provide a good user experience for the player.

Players also expect to be able to play games on their mobile devices. Many casinos enable players to play online via a mobile-friendly website, app or both. This gives players the flexibility to play wherever they wish to (if they have access to the internet).

With the increase in usage of mobile phones, many players now want to be able to access their favorite games via their mobile phone.


The tech magic behind the games

Online gaming is incredibly clever. Games such as massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and online slot games rely on serious tech to help them keep delivering the thrills and spills the players expect of them.

MMORPGs require two crucial elements: the client, which is the program that runs the game on your computer or machine, and the server, the machine(s) to which you connect to when you wish to play the game. The client machine will process sound and graphics and generally indicate what you’re doing on during the game to the server.

Technically, MMORPGs rely on several different servers to operate, but ultimately, the server notifies the client when they’re under attack; locates where mobs and other players are; reports damage or recovery to you and the rest of the party; and more. The various servers will help the client to access their account, chat to other players, log in to the game and more. All of this helps to keep the players in sync with each other.

Online slots run slightly differently. They use a “random number generator”, which generates random numbers that correspond to the reels on the slot. The RNG generates a value which is then translated into a set of numbers and determines the outcome of the spin. A spin has no knowledge of the spin before. Nor does it know what the spin next will hold. The process is completely random.

What do customers expect from slots?

Playing slots online at sites such as 888 Slots provides players with more convenience than playing at a land-based casino. That doesn’t mean players are less demanding, however! They still have certain expectations.

One such expectation is that just as they’d want an instant pay-out of their winnings in a brick-and-mortar establishment, players expect to receive their winnings quickly, if not instantly, on the slots. They’ll check out the terms and conditions of the website before playing.

Good online casinos pay swiftly, in general, although they may take longer to pay larger amounts. Holding onto the cash for too long can damage their reputation.

Game selection is another big feature. When players walk into regular casinos, often they’ll encounter a large selection of slots on which they can play. They like online casinos to afford them this same amount of choice, if not more!

This is where the battle really intensifies between operators, who can equip their slots with different designs and themes to attract new players and retain existing ones. History… Hollywood… sport… music… even old-school fruit machine-style themes for the most nostalgia-hankering players… the world is an operator’s oyster.

Land-based slot machines stand out due to their bright lights and graphics, online casino providers have taken this into account and mirrored online slots to be similar.

It’s not only the design and variety of games that can entice players, however. The jackpots, promotions, and loyalty schemes, which may include free spins or other extras, can also endear a particular online casino to a player.

Technology has evolved immensely and let us achieve so much more. The arrival of the internet and the development of mobile devices have been huge. Players can get a lot more out of gaming and have even become more demanding. Instead of heading out to a casino, it’s perfectly possible to stay at home or play on the go and enjoy a similar experience on a computer or smart device. As a result, online gaming has become tremendously popular. Operators certainly won’t mind that.

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