Mobile Gaming Apps Hit Record New Heights in 2020

The gaming industry has enjoyed another massive year in 2020, with exciting new consoles being launched and blockbuster titles generating major sales.

Mobile gaming, in particular, has reached new heights across this period, with fresh data highlighting how a notable number of titles have gone on to enjoy a mammoth level of success.

A record-breaking year

Research released by Sensor Tower in the middle of December revealed that a record five mobile games have generated more than $1 billion in revenue across 2020 so far. For context, just three titles managed to reach the same milestone in 2019.

The organisation’s Store Intelligence data found that PUBG Mobile was the biggest winner in 2020, with the title and its Chinese version Game for Peace earning around $2.6 billion. The figure marked an increase of more than 64 per cent from 2019. Besides, Honor of Kings is thought to have generated $2.5 billion in player spending across the period, while Pokemon Go seemingly enjoyed its best-ever year by making $1.2 billion.

Coin Master was found to have made $1.1 billion, while the top five was completed by Roblox. The latter title reportedly almost doubled its 2019 mobile revenue to reach the same figure of $1.1 billion.

A thriving area

Such findings highlight the huge ongoing success that mobile gaming is enjoying. The Sensor Tower data shows how different types of gaming apps have found a home on smartphone and tablet, while many other forms are doing well too. For instance, casino gaming has become increasingly mobile-friendly in recent years, with the NetBet online casino being a good example of that. The site explains how the mobile versions of its games include the same graphics available on desktop systems, while they also offer similar features. Unsurprisingly, this industry is also expected to see large growth in the coming years.

While the Sensor Tower data focuses on the success of several specific games, another study has highlighted how mobile gaming is thriving in general. A report released by Appsflyer in November examined the growth of the mobile gaming industry in the first three quarters of 2020. It found that gaming apps experienced a 45 per cent jump in installs when compared to 12 months earlier.

The research also found that in-app purchase revenue rose by 67 per cent between February and August, while it pinpointed one specific area of mobile gaming which is having significant success. Hyper-casual games experienced a 250 per cent increase in non-organic installs, with this being linked to new players trying mobile gaming for the first time this year.

Ready to go further?

Mobile gaming has enjoyed a significant level of success across recent years and 2020 appears to have been yet another massive period for the sector.

Games have become one of the key app types out there at the moment, with a huge number of people now using smartphone and tablets to enjoy titles in their downtime. Following the release of these latest figures, all eyes will be on whether mobile gaming can go even further and reach new heights across the next 12 months.

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