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The Discord Rythm bot (sometimes spelled as Rhythm bot or misspelled as rhytm bot, rythym bot, or ryhtm bot) is a powerful tool that enables you to control music in voice channels and perform other commands. You can use it for gaming purposes, but even if your server isn’t centered around games the fun features will keep everyone entertained!

But what if the Discord Rythm bot isn’t working or functioning like it should?

In this article, we’ll cover what causes problems to the Discord Rythm bot and how to fix them as soon as possible.

So let’s dig in!

What is the Discord Rythm bot?

The Discord Rythm bot is a music bot that makes it possible to listen to your favorite music on Discord.

Using this bot, you do not need to open another app to play music, as it lets you do it all within Discord.

The bot is a part of over 16 million servers. Its integration with Discord is based on the idea that users are likely to stay on the server longer if they are listening to music they enjoy.

How does the Discord Rythm bot work?

The Rythm bot is not a robot that you tell what to do, it works through commands.

This way of working makes it easier for Discord users to use the bot. The Discord user only has to input the command and after doing so, the Discord rythm bot responds accordingly.

What are some of Rythm bot’s features?

This Discord music bot makes sure all your music needs are fulfilled! It can play any song or artist you want by simply typing in a command in Discord chat.

It also provides an equalizer, which gives each song its own unique sound quality. Of course, this Discord music bot also offers administrative tools like checking the uptime of Discord music bot and so on.

How can I use Discord music bot?

Rythm’s commands are located in Discord chat.  There is a command for everything, including anything from playing songs to checking your status on discord.

To make things even more simple, Rythm also offers the possibility to let the Discord bot play music when someone types in a certain name in Discord chat.

It can make it so that people have to type in !play my song -nickname- instead of typing in !play nick-song, which might be easier for some users.


Rythm bot not working?

Rythm tries to provide reliable service. But some users have noted the Rythm bot not working.

If you are also seeing issues, then the below fixes should help you improve the experience.

Check the volume level of the bot

The most obvious, but this could be the reason that the Rythm bot doesn’t appear to be working on your server.

To fix volume problems, right-click on the bot in the user list displayed on the right side of the screen.

Then, check user volume and turn it up if this is indeed the problem. If it’s already at an audible level, check the volume of your device and confirm with other members of your server. If it persists, then other issues may be the culprit.

discord bot not working

Check Rythm bot if it’s server muted

The admin of the Rythm bot has the authority to mute a member on the server.

If this is the case, then next to the bot you should see a muted red microphone icon.

In this case, the admin can right-click on the bot in a voice channel. This will then give the option to uncheck the ‘Server Mute’ option.

server rhythm bot mute

The bot doesn’t have the necessary permissions

Rythm will ask for the permissions it needs when adding the bot to your server. This includes admin.

The server admin/owner will be able to change these permissions later, if necessary.

So if your Rythm bot isn’t working for this reason, there’s not much you can do unless you’re an owner or admin.

To change permissions as admin/owner

As the owner/ admin of the server, you can go to:

‘Server settings’ –> ‘Roles’

Then edit permissions for the ‘Rythm role’.

rhythm bot permissions

Rythm bot is under maintenance, offline, or is not on voice channel

Rythm isn’t a bot that works around the clock.

For it to work 24/7, you would need to:

a) upgrade to the Premium version and

b) activate it on the server.

Given most don’t have the Premium version of Rythm bot, it will leave the channel or go offline occasionally.

If the Rythm bot is offline, it won’t have the green dot next to its name.

There may also be an outage in the bot’s servers, preventing it from working. To check, you can go to the official Discord server to browse the ‘outages’ channel.

To do this, it requires the ‘!invite’ command.

a) Type ‘!invite’ in the server

b) Then select ‘Official Discord’ and join the server

c) Check ‘#outages’ for information


Check the playlist

The Rythm bot works well with standard Spotify playlists as well as YouTube playlists.

However, Rythm bot is not able to play a YouTube Mix playlist.

Accordingly, if you’ve asked Rythm bot to play this type of YouTube playlist, it could be a reason why Rythm bot isn’t working.

Rythm bot forgot the playlist

When Rythm bot leaves the voice channel, it sometimes resets the queues.

When this occurs, the bot doesn’t always operate smoothly.

The bot’s makers generally suggest making a YouTube or Spotify playlist of the songs you’d like to listen to.

Check audio settings on Discord and Your Device

The problem could be with the audio setting on your Discord app or your PC.

You need to ensure that you have the right output to get audio. If using headphones, Airpods, or similar external devices, check to make sure the computer’s speakers aren’t in use.

To check volume on your Discord app:

  • Click the gear icon next to your username.
  • Then -> ‘App Settings’ -> ‘Voice & Video’

Under voice settings, check for the output device and volume.

discord rhythm bot sound

On your PC, you can check the sound settings by right-clicking on the volume shown on the taskbar.

If you’re on Mac, go to the Apple icon in the upper-left of your screen -> ‘System Preferences’ -> ‘Sound’ -> ‘Output’

Make sure you’re feeding in the right command to Rythm bot

Like any bot, you’ll need to make sure you’re using the right commands and avoiding typos for the Rythm bot to work well.

If the commands aren’t entered with the right prefix – an exclamation point (!) – they won’t work.

To add the Rythm bot to a channel, type ‘!summon’.

For music, type ‘!play <Song Name/Song URL>’.

We have more Discord commands at the end of this article.

Leave and rejoin channel

You can leave a channel and rejoin later to see if the Rythm bot works.

This may not work, but it is a last-resort try if you’ve considered all the fixes above and Rythm bot is still not working.

The Rythm bot team also has a support team that you can contact here.



How to add Rythm bot to Discord?

To add the Rythm bot you need to be an owner or admin of a server.

On the Rythm bot homepage, select ‘Invite the bot’.

You’ll just need to do the following:

1) Select the server

2) Confirm permissions (that you’re an owner/admin)

3) Authorize the Rythm bot

4) Complete the Captcha

Then you’ll need to go to a voice channel and add the Rythm bot to it via the command ‘!summon’

Then you’re all set to have the bot play a song.

Simply type the command: ‘!play <Song Name/Song URL>’

discord rythm bot not working


What are some Discord Rythm bot commands?

The Discord Rythm bot has various commands that can be used to play music or other content on Discord. Commands vary depending on the user’s role, server settings, etc.

Here are some of the Discord Rythm bot commands:

!play – Play a song. You can search for songs on the Discord Rythm website.

!stop – Stop playing a song.

!pause – Pause playing a song.

!add – Add a song to your playlist.

!remove <#channel> <song_id> (Replace with valid song id) – Removes a song from your playlist or someone else’s if you specify #channel as @mention and the person’s ID)

!status [song_id] (Replace with valid song id) – Displays status of current playing and removes it from your queue if you include the optional argument after the command)

!stopall – Stop all music.

!playlist [add/remove/clear] – Displays your current playlist or allows you to add a song with the add command and clear your queue with the remove command if it exists.

!volume <1-100> – Changes the bot’s volume in your Discord server. If no number is input, the Discord Rythm bot will use the Discord volume level for its own volume, which defaults to 100%. You can also change the bot’s volume by typing !volume discord 50.

!status (Alias for !status [song_id]) – Displays status of current playing and removes it from your queue.]]


How is Rythm bot spelled?

We hope we’ve spelled it right in most of this article, as Rythm bot is actually a misspelled version of rhythm.

Normal rhythm has two H’s, while Rythm bot has only one H.

You often see it misspelled as Rhythm bot, rhytm bot, rythym bot, or ryhtm bot.

You might even occasionally see rhytm bot, ryhthm bot, and other variations.

Rhythm on its own is a hard word to spell. We might even venture that close to half of all native English speakers would have trouble spelling it and get all kinds of crazy variations like rythm (correct for the bot name), rhytm, and others.

So using a purposely misspelled variant as a product name was a risk they decided to take on.

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