‘The Empath’s Guide to Understanding & Surviving Narcissism’ Review

Christine Kennedy’s “The Empath’s Guide to Understanding & Surviving Narcissism” is a must-read for anyone who has ever found themselves overshadowed by the presence of a narcissist or toxic person.


Kennedy expertly navigates narcissistic behavior, offering readers not only a deeper understanding of the traits and tactics of narcissists but also providing practical strategies to cope with and ultimately thrive beyond the toxic influence of such relationships.

What sets this book apart is Kennedy’s ability to translate complex psychological concepts into accessible, actionable advice.

Each chapter is crafted with clear explanations and relatable examples that illuminate the often confusing behaviors of narcissists—from their manipulative financial control to their strategic charm in social settings.


The book’s strength lies in the level of information it provides without being wordy or too long, addressing various scenarios, including personal relationships, workplace dynamics, and family structures.

Kennedy’s style is also very easy to read and organized.

The book also excels in its holistic view of the narcissistic spectrum, addressing various types, from overt to covert, and their unique challenges.

Kennedy’s compassionate tone and empowering message resonate throughout the book, making it a source of comfort and a tool for recovery. She encourages readers to establish boundaries, rules to apply for various situations and types of narcissists, and prioritize their emotional well-being.

The sections on dealing with narcissists (also the most in-depth) and understanding their behavior are particularly transformative, guiding survivors to reclaim their lives and identities.


While the book is rich with psychological insights and strategies, it could be further enhanced by including more first-hand accounts or case studies from those who have successfully navigated out of toxic relationships. These real-life examples could provide additional relatability and inspiration for readers.


“The Empath’s Guide to Understanding & Surviving Narcissism” equips readers with the knowledge to recognize narcissistic patterns and the courage to protect and heal themselves. A definitive guide in the field of personality disorders, this book is a great resource for those seeking to escape the shadow of narcissism and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.


Kennedy deeply understands the roots of narcissism, their behaviors and tactics, and strategies and rules for how to handle toxic people. Beautifully written and an important read relevant to everyone.

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

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