How to Write Product Descriptions

Here’s a simple framework on how to write product descriptions. The model works well for products with functional features, but it can be applied to almost anything.

Let’s check it out:

1) List all the features of your product

Example for a lightweight down jacket:

  • Quality zippers from YKK.
  • 2 inner pockets.

2) For every feature on your list, explain the benefit it provides


  • Quality zippers from YKK → The zipper doesn’t break.
  • 2 inner pockets → Extra hidden storage.

3) State the benefit of the benefit


  • Quality zippers from YKK → The zipper doesn’t break → You don’t have to waste money changing the zipper.
  • 2 inner pockets → Extra, hidden storage → You can feel safe because your valuables are out of sight of pickpockets.

The final step is probably where the money is

Users must be guided by the hand. They will not consider how your product will ultimately benefit them.

You must show them.

Another tip is to include emotional benefits in step three (if possible)

That will make your conversion rates increase even further.

In this case, the feeling of safety provided by the extra hidden storage is a good example.

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