3 Automobile Technologies That Will Change Our Lives

Technologies are rapidly evolving, and the automobile industry does not lag. Manufacturers are investing considerable financial resources to introduce the most innovative solutions in the cars they produce.

What is the future of the industry?

Which technologies should drivers expect in the nearest time?

Will these innovations have an impact on the used machines?

Let us find responses to these questions.

Advanced Solutions Vs. Used Cars

Not everyone can afford to buy a brand-new car from a dealer, and the market for used machines is vibrant. And it does not matter how far technologies have already reached — there are particular acquisition rules one cannot ignore.

For instance, if you are going to buy a vehicle, carrying out a car or motorcycle VIN look up is a must. Besides, it is necessary to study a vehicle’s history carefully. To better understand how the market will change, let us check what manufacturers have prepared for us.

●     Volvo Will Detect Drivers’ Alcohol Intoxication

The Swedish company is thinking about how to teach its cars to effectively detect not only the signs of driver’s fatigue, which can lead to a dangerous situation on the road, they are also working on a system for detecting alcohol intoxication.

If Volvo understands that you are drunk, and no warnings stop you, the system will take more aggressive action — it will slow down the car, send a signal to Volvo on Call support, and even turn off the engine to stop a vehicle completely.

●     The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Has Augmented Reality

The updated S-Class sedan from Mercedes-Benz has been recently presented. It is equipped with an AR-HUD head-up display that supports augmented reality.

Now driving this innovative car will resemble a computer race where dynamic arrows show you where to go, useful tips appear, or you can see how much is left to the next car or the next turn. The auto also has voice control and distinguishes 27 languages​.

●     Cadillac Releases Face ID Keyless Opening System

Recently, the premiere of Cadillac XT4, an advanced modern crossover, has taken place. It implements the function of opening a car without a key, which is called Face ID. Thanks to it, opening the car will now be easier than ever.

Cadillac has learned to recognize you by sight. When the owner approaches his Cadillac, the system reads the smartphone signal using the Bluetooth protocol and opens the door. The ignition will be unlocked, and the engine can be started by pressing the button. Alternatively, a keyless entry can be made using a password or fingerprint.

How Can Technology In Cars Make The Road Safer?

The increasingly urban nature of our world is creating a growing need for safer roads. With more people using cars, getting around becomes more complicated. That’s why technology in vehicles can make the road safer.

By monitoring road conditions, these systems can provide real-time updates on the state of a road and alert drivers to potential dangers. They can also automatically adjust speed and braking to keep drivers safe. And connecting cars to other vehicles and infrastructure can better coordinate traffic and help reduce congestion.

All of this means that there will be fewer accidents. But, of course, you should still always know what to do in a crash. If you’re in a car accident, do your best to stay calm and avoid leaving the scene. Try to assess the situation and figure out what happened. Call for help if you need it. Stay with your vehicle, if possible, so you don’t get lost or injured. If it is safe to do so, get the other driver’s information and any information about the accident. Keep a record of everything: phone numbers, names, etc. Once you can do so, call your car or motorcycle accident lawyer for advice about what steps to take next. 

The possibilities are endless: by making roads safer, technology in cars can make the world a better place.

Final Thoughts

With the view of the above three innovations expected in the nearest future, it is possible to say that in several years, automobiles with these technologies may appear in the market for used vehicles. And no matter what car you choose to get, installing car mats from Simply Car mats can help ensure the durability and saleability of your car.

Even if you cannot acquire a newly-released car, wait for a while — and you will have a chance to drive a car from the future.

To take advantage of the latest automotive technologies, you might wish to sell your old vehicle and get yourself a new one, whether leased or purchased outright. This can also reduce costs long-term in terms of maintenance, convenience, safety, and reduce the overall headache that can come with owning and operating an older vehicle.

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