7 Types of Social Media Platforms (Categories)

Below is a categorized breakdown of the main types of social media platforms:

Social Networking Platforms

These platforms are primarily designed to connect people and foster relationships.

They allow users to create profiles, connect with friends, family, or professionals, and share updates, photos, and videos.

Examples of these platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, and VK.

Media Sharing Networks

Media sharing networks are platforms where users can upload and share various forms of media such as photos, videos, and live streams.

These platforms often emphasize visual content and offer tools for users to create and edit media.

Instagram, YouTube, and Flickr are popular media sharing networks.

Messaging Networks

Messaging networks focus on private and group messaging, allowing users to communicate through text, voice, and video calls.

These platforms often offer features like end-to-end encryption to secure user communications.

WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber are well-known messaging networks.

Discussion Networks

Discussion networks are platforms where users can engage in discussions on various topics.

These platforms often host forums, communities, or groups where users can post questions, share opinions, and discuss their interests.

Reddit and Quora are examples of discussion networks.

Blogging and Publishing Networks

These platforms allow users to publish articles, blogs, and other written content.

They often offer tools for users to write, edit, and format their content, and features to engage with readers through comments and likes.

Medium and Tumblr are popular blogging and publishing networks.

Creative Networks

Creative networks are platforms where users can showcase their creative work, such as art, photography, and design.

These platforms often host communities of artists and creators, offering a space for users to share their work and connect with like-minded individuals.

Behance and DeviantArt are examples of creative networks.

Virtual Community Networks

Virtual community networks are platforms that host virtual communities where users can create avatars, participate in virtual events, and engage in community activities.

These platforms often offer features like virtual economies and gaming elements.

Gaia Online is an example of a virtual community network.

The video below condenses it down into 5 main types:

5 Types of Social Media Platforms Explained

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