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Marketer Storytelling: How to Sell Products By Telling Stories

One of the first things you learn as a marketer is that stories are a great tool to drive sales.

And if you want to add that Star Wars factor – or Harry Potter if you will – to your marketing, here are the three most common frameworks to write stories.

Storytelling technique #1 – The hero journey

You’ll find this pattern in many cinematography masterpieces.

Here’s a three-part framework to come up with yours:

– Departure act

The hero embarks on a journey to achieve a goal.

– Initiation act

The hero faces various obstacles before the story reaches the climax.

– Return act

The hero overcomes the obstacles and returns after achieving the goal.

The hero can be either a customer or the founder.

Storytelling technique #2: Before-after-bridge

This focuses on addressing the customer’s pain points, painting how life is like without those problems.

And finally, telling them how they can achieve the transformation.

Here’s how to do it:

– Before

Break down their current state addressing their problems and challenges.

Tip: When you describe the problems, talk in the first person. Don’t tell them they have a problem. Nobody likes to be admonished or criticized. Tell them you (or a customer) had the problem they have, and they’ll identify with the story.

– After

Explain how life is without those problems.

– Bridge

Provide them with the solution, and bring them to the greener side.

Storytelling technique #3 – The four Ps framework

– Promise

Find your customers’ problems and promise you can solve them.

– Picture

Tell them how’s life without those problems.

– Proof

Show them the data, research, demonstrations, and social proof behind your promise.

– Push

You built desire and gained proof. Now it’s time to make them take action.

Use a strong CTA to make them buy.

How to use these stories

Try to write a short story for your product following each one of these frameworks.

Then test them to understand which one works better for your product.

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