Using LinkedIn for a Product Launch: Can It Work?

A product launch on LinkedIn? The main idea is to treat LinkedIn like Twitter. But, that’s not necessarily self-explanatory.

Here are the details:

A lot of marketers complain about the big amount of whacky content on LinkedIn

That’s an advantage! It means it’s easier to stand out.

Be bold

Everyone is bold on Twitter because it’s the culture.

On LinkedIn everybody stays formal because they worry about their boss and the site naturally has a more professional be-on-your-best-behavior ethic to it.

This means that if you can be mildly polarizing, you’ll stick out like a black stallion in a flock of white sheep.

Be consistent and patient

Try posting every day for 30 days before the launch.

This helps build an audience.

Use your profile effectively

Use the “featured section” of your profile to add CTAs.

Prepare your one-shot

The day of the launch, publish a post promoting your new product early in the morning (7-9 AM). Immediately after, ask people on your other social channels (e.g., Twitter, Discord, Facebook) to support it on LinkedIn. This engagement boosts the reach of the post. But don’t abuse this practice.

Engage as much as possible

On launch day, spend as much time as you can answering comments, DMs, and emails.

Hit your email list

One hour after the 7-9 AM post, follow up with your email list.

Collect social proof in real-time

Take all the positive comments on the LinkedIn post and add them to the sales page in real-time. The more comments you add, the higher the conversion rate should go.

Final word

LinkedIn is definitely under-used for marketers. Especially in the B2B space.

And this underutilization may be a good thing for those considering product launches on the social network.

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