17 Best Kodi Addons for Movies & TV Shows [Top Picks]

Are you looking for Most Popular Kodi Add-ons for Movies & TV Shows? Although there are many Kodi add-ons you can find that serve movie entertainment for the users, there will always be the best among the others. Here we have collected the best ten movie add-ons for you looking for a fully-featured movie streaming platform.

In this article, we will be covering the most popular Kodi add-on for Movies & TV Shows in April 2024, including Bollywood movies in a separate section. So without any further delay, let’s get started!

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Top 10 Best Kodi Add-ons for Movies in April 2024


NetFlix is one of the most popular streaming platforms globally. The good thing is that it is also available on Kodi. However, it is not an official Kodi-Addon. Therefore, use it with caution. You can log in with your original account and take advantage of the Kodi platform to watch your favorite shows.


Installation is straightforward. You have to enable “Unknown Sources” as any of their third-party Kodi Addons. After that, install the Kodi Repository by heading to:

The page will provide you with a CastagnaIT Repository Zip file in the installation section depending upon your Kodi build. After installing the Repository, go to:

Install from Repository’ and navigate to CastagnaIT Repository > Video Add-ons > Netflix. Click on the ‘Install’ button to finalize the process.

Finally, you are done with it. Just login to your Netflix account and enjoy it.

Repository URL:

Atlas Movies

If you are bored watching only mainstream movies from Hollywood, then trying Kodi add-on, which gives you a broad range of international picks, is a great thing to do. Atlas Movies surely is suitable for those who are searching for anti-mainstream movies.


You can find Chinese, Indian, Thailand, and even South Korean (growing popular right now) by installing Atlas Movies in your Kodi platform. What makes this offering more appealing. It is the fact that all of the movies come with 1080p quality. This Repository only hosts three Kodi add-ons such as Made in Manilla, Atlas Movies, and Simply Lovely Brotherhood.

Repository URL:


You can watch several of Hulu, Netflix, and even Amazon Prime Video through Original add-on. To sustain this add-on’s exceptional performance, the developers always give an update with new content regularly. This add-on is so powerful to get a fully working link because it is embedded with scrappers to scrapes the sources.

The repository URL address where you can find the Original add-on is on It has available programs Neptune Rising, Guillermo Tell, SportsDevil, Mobdro, Original, Placenta IMDB, TMDB, YouTube, and many more add-ons for entertainment purposes.

Repository URL:

Entertain Me

The Entertain Me add-on’s best thing is that this software provides its users with many newly released movies in the cinema. To avoid the users from getting a non-working link, Entertain Me has reliable scrappers that can scrape the link to get fully working ones.

The repository URL address where you can find the Entertain Me add-on is on The Repository also brings a wide variety of web-series codes such as – XXX-O-DUS, Yify Movies HD, Fight Club, Nemesis AIO, FapZone, Entertain Me, Adult Swim, and many more add-ons that provide entertainment content.

Repository URL:


If you are only looking for regular movies or TV shows for your Kodi platform, then choosing the official Kodi add-on is more than enough. The advantage of using official add-ons is that it will not get any illegal issues that make the add-ons shut down. You can also easily find this add-on on the official Kodi repository.

FilmRise is an official add-on you can find in the official Kodi repository. Just type the word “FilmRise” on the search button. Kodi application will show you the add-on’s name that you have typed on the screen. Next, click on the add-on’s name and directly install FilmRise. Please note that you have to create an active account to install this add-on.

The official Kodi repository has different official add-ons that serve entertainment from verified sources. You only need to click on the name of the add-ons and let the platform install these official add-ons for you; there are iPlayer, Twitch, SoundCloud, Crackle, WWW, FilmRise, Youtube, Plex, PopcornFlix and other add-ons.

Repository URL: N/A

FilmOn Simple

The repository URL address where you can find FilmOn Simple add-on is on This Repository also has plenty of various wonderful web-series programs such as FilmON, EarthCam, Simple, USTVcatchup, USTV Now Plus, DJ Akademiks, and many more Kodi add-ons for entertainment purposes.

If you are searching for independent and educational movies, then FilmOn Simple may be very familiar to you. This add-on is quite simple, with up to 40 different categories. If you like to watch documentaries and indie movies, this add-on is the best fit. You can also watch a live TV program through this add-on.

Repository URL:

I Am Ego

“I Am Ego” was very popular back then since this is one of the long-time Kodi add-on developed by the unofficial developer. Although “I Am Ego” had been disappeared for some time, it has come back to the public with almost the same features. You can get a sizeable library of movie titles. I Am Ego will give you multiple sources for movies link, cartoons, and TV shows.

The repository URL address where you can find the I Am Ego add-on is on It has plenty of various excellent web-series programs such as SportsDevil; I Am Ego, Flixnet Connect, Resistance, MetalGear, and many more Kodi add-ons for entertainment purposes.

Repository URL:


You can rely on your necessities toward entertainment, mostly movies, through this Kodi add-on. Alvin has arranged its software with a neatly set of sub-categories. You can easily search for popular movie titles that have been released recently in the cinema. Therefore, Alvin has become one of the best Kodi add-ons you better have.

The repository URL address where you can find the Alvin add-on is on It includes web-series programs such as SportsDevil, Alvin, tvONEm TVTap, Plex Free, TAZ,  and many more Kodi add-ons for entertainment purposes.

Repository URL:

Nole Cinema

You can access various entertainment content from Nole Cinema, such as TV shows, movies, sports-related videos, music, live TV channel, cartoons, anime, and other appealing streaming options. You can even watch stand-up comedy specials from popular TV channels.

Since this add-on is all about movies, it has international movies and mainstream movies from Hollywood. The repository URL address where you can find the Nole Cinema add-on is on There are programs available such as Destiny, Cinema, The Mad Titan, DeathStar, Kratos Reborn, The Red Queen, and many more.

Repository URL:


Numbers is a newly released Kodi add-on that provides its users with a wide range of movies, documentaries, TV shows, cartoons, music, fitness video, and more entertainment content. These add-ons are also embedded with boxsets, curated collections, and TV shows that have network-type.

The repository URL address where you can find the Numbers add-on is on It includes programs such as Numbers, Beatport, Hypersonic IPTV2, FDJ.HD, Kiddo, Aptoide, and many more Kodi add-ons for entertainment purposes.

Repository URL:

Guillermo Tell

It is one of the best add-ons that highly popular among the global Kodi community. It provides its software will all-in-one add-on. There are more than 30 content categories available in this add-on. Guillermo Tell also presents the users with a wide variety of movie playlists based on the niche categories. You can have regular DC and Marvel movies or any other niches here. Live TV channels with cartoons and documentaries channels are also easy to access if you use Guillermo Tell.

The repository URL address where you can find Guillermo Tell add-on is on There are plenty of excellent web-series programs, including Neptune Rising, Guillermo Tell, SportsDevil, Mobdro, Original, Placenta, IMDB, TMDB, YouTube, and many more add-ons for entertainment purposes.

Repository URL:

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Best KODI Build for April 2024

Bollywood (Hindi) Movies Add-ons

You can also dive into other types of entertainment channels you can access from Kodi add-ons. These international Kodi add-ons enable you to enjoy non-American TV shows and movies. For you who are just bored to watch mainstream Hollywood American TV movies, Bollywood (Hindi) movies may give you another sense of contentment.

Here are the top two Bollywood (Hindi) Movies Kodi add-ons you can use in 2024:

Bollywood Movies

This Bollywood movie add-on is a long-time add-on that provides Kodi’s users with various Indian movies. You can watch the latest blockbuster movies, either the old ones Bollywood movies are always available in this add-on. Bollywood movies add-on provides a lot of Indian film fans with the best service you can ever imagine.

There are numerous options for movies you can choose from this add-on from several parts of India. You will also always get a fully-working link to watch the latest movies coming to the cinema because Bollywood movies add-on depends on plenty of scrapers. It also integrated with Youtube as a reliable video source that presents you with a vast selection of Bollywood movies. Its Repository brings web-series programs such as Aliunde, cloud TV, Bollywood Movies, SportsDevil, TVTap, etc.

Repository URL:


ErosNow is one of the most popular and favorite choices for fans of this type of cinema. This add-on provides its users with numerous high-quality TV shows and Bollywood-related movies. Therefore, we can say that this add-on stands out among other options of good add-ons options for Bollywood-related films and TV shows.

If you like to watch all the Indian movies from the latest blockbusters to the older ones, you can reckon on the ErosNow add-on. ErosNow gives its users with plenty of Indian movies from their entertainment industry, Bollywood. You can also activate the filter feature embedded in the add-on to get the most decent movies and TV show for you.

If you want to watch a particular title of Bollywood movies from ErosNow, you can use a search tool. You only need to type the movie’s exact title or any keywords from the title in the search tool. You can only find the ErosNow add-on in the same Repository because the URL address is direct ZIP download form.

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Top 5 TV Shows Kodi Add-ons in 2024

The official options above mostly give you the ability to watch plenty of movies, including live TV, but not most of them provide the TV shows program. As you can see, there are many people out there who like to watch and enjoy TV shows at their house.

Therefore, this on-demand TV shows need to be fulfilled by a special add-on in your Kodi platform. Despite there are many add-ons that provide you with the ability to present TV Shows, but here we have summarised the best four of them:

1. Neptune Rising

Since Neptune, the Rising add-on is not an official and legal Kodi add-on. Therefore the probability to be taken down is always there to happen. And this happened in 2019, where the Blamo repository that hosted Neptune Rising was suddenly being taken down. Many users of this add-on were disappointed since this add-on was trendy and favorite to all people back then.

But this problem had been solved, and you can see that it is now available online again because of Mr. Freeworld. The best thing about Neptune Rising, compare to other add-ons that have the same purpose, is you can operate this add-on to sort TV shows either by individual episodes or by seasons very quickly.

This add-on provides you with the ability to present TV shows and also movies. So you don’t need to install other Kodi add-on to watch movies from your home. This add-on is so powerful to get a fully working link so you can enjoy every episode or season of the TV shows from Kodi. Many of the videos have HD quality as well.

The repository URL address where you can find the Neptune Rising add-on is on This Repository also has plenty of various wonderful web-series programs such as Neptune Rising, Guillermo Tell, SportsDevil, Mobdro, Original, Placenta, and many more add-ons for entertainment purposes.

2. Bumblebee

Bumblebee add-on offers a wide variety of menu, which will help you categorize each channel and TV shows based on the standard you set. It can be said that the menu regulated in Bumblebee is arranged very neatly to give the users the best experience of home entertainment. The users can set the type of TV shows they want to watch based on TV networks, languages, genres, etc.


The bumblebee hosted by the Nitron repository also integrates with several types of online services such as IMDB or TMDB. Through these online services, you can keep updating what a TV show that popular now is. You have to note that the Bumblebee add-on is keeping updating regularly to improve the performance. If you search for any particular title and click on that title, this add-on will explore the web’s available sources. It can be a guarantee that almost all the links presented in the Bumblebee web service are fully-working.

You can easily choose the quality of videos you want to play; there are 720p files, 1080p, and even 4K files that work just fine. Another best thing about Bumblebee is this add-on actually can search up for movies as well. The repository URL address where you can find the Bumblebee add-on is on This Repository also has plenty of excellent web-series programs such as Bumblebee, SportsDevil, Trek, Borg, Smaug, and many more add-ons for entertainment purposes.

3. ReleaseBB

If you want to experience the newly released add-on for your Kodi platform, then ReleaseBB can be one of the best options for you. It can be said that this add-on is still new since it was only released a few months ago. Although the ReleaseBB add-on is still new, this web service cannot be underestimated because it features a wide range of menu and facilities.


Since ReleaseBB released, this add-on gained high popularity among other Kodi community because of its abilities. In ReleaseBB, you are getting TV shows updated regularly and plenty of movies with different categories. If you want to narrow the option down, you can select the particular category and the sub-categories below it.

In terms of quality, ReleaseBB will mostly provide you with different variety of videos such as 720p, 4K, 1080p, and HDTV options together with a sizeable of curated collections. The repository URL address where you can find the ReleaseBB add-on is on

This Repository also has plenty of various wonderful web-series programs. You can find ReleaseBB, Skyline, PelisPlus TV, WebCams, and many more add-ons for entertainment purposes here directly. Thus, ReleaseBB is one of the best add-ons for watching TV shows daily from your home.

4. UK Turk’s Playlists

If you want to experience one of the legendary add-ons that still exist in the Kodi platform, then search up for UK Turk’s Playlists and install it in your devices. You can find this amazing and legendary add-on directly from the repository URL address In this Repository, there are two available add-ons that you can download, SportsDevil and UK Turk’s Playlists.


It can be said that UK Turk’s Playlists is one of the most recommended add-ons for those who search for fully-working entertainment shows from your home. Here, you can watch various daily entertainment shows, such as live cams, TV shows, movies, TV channels, documentaries, radio, cartoons, concerts, fitness videos, and many other shows.

What makes UK Turk’s Playlists can keep working until now is because of their regular maintenance to improve the performance of the web service. You may often face problems when searching up particular movie titles or TV shows, such as non-working links. It surely will make you disappointed and piqued.

Therefore, UK Turk’s Playlists will do regular maintenance to fix every non-working link on the website. You can see various types of movies and TV shows from the UK and Turkey through this add-on.

Otherwise, there are many famous international shows with great content you can watch either. When you open this web service, you will encounter a grid of icons that greet you. If you want to enjoy all features offered by UK Turk’s Playlists, you need to use a VPN service to unblock the specific features.


The list is long for working movies and TV Shows add-ons for Kodi. But we have tried to list the most popular ones. There are alternative options available such as Netflix, Oracle, PopcornFlix, and many more to replace these add-ons. Therefore, do let’s know whether these are working for you. Otherwise, we will update the list with new once.

Your response is important to us to serve you up-to-date Kodi Addons. Because the only the downside of using Kodi is that various repositories stop working from time to time. So, we can’t take a guarantee whether still these add-ons are working or not. What are your thoughts? Please do let’s know in below comment section!

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