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Best Working Kodi Sports Add-ons to watch Live Sports [Top Picks]

Amazing Kodi sports add-ons are one of the many great benefits of being part of the community of Kodi sports streaming. One-stop entertainment in the form of free TV movies and shows is at the top of the list. You need to install the free app of Kodi on your Firestick or other compatible devices. After that, install your third-party or official streaming add-ons you like.

Sometimes different add-ons allow you to access various content such as live sports, Online TV shows, and even free movies. Thus, Kodi is a go-to for all your sporting needs when you allow yourself to get rid of monthly cable bills and other pricey subscriptions just for your entertainment. Several of the most amazing add-ons are very easy to install and use on Kodi.

This article will give you the detail the reasons why Kodi is a great place to watch live sports and on-demand content of replay. We will also explore some of the very best sports add-ons currently available in the library of Kodi for international sports fans of American Basketball, Football, Baseball, MMA fighting, Grand Prix racing, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Boxing, and many other varieties of events of sporting.

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How do Kodi Sports Add-ons work?

Kodi sports add-ons sometimes do not work and many other add-ons because the content is not usually Live and recorded. Live feeds for Kodi can be a hit-or-miss based on how well these addons are maintained.

An add-on can work amazingly on a specific day, but it can be down the next day. So, the add-ons are improving all the time. Below are the most considerable choices currently available.

If you find one which works well for you, you can share it in the comment section. Using a great VPN with Kodi is always suggested for security and privacy. When using Kodi and another free streaming app, it is recommended to use an encrypted VPN to hide your online activities, location, and identity.

Before Installing Third-Party Kodi Add-ons

When you install add-ons of third-party on a new Kodi install, you need to remember that you need to enable unknown source first in Kodi’s system settings.

If it is new to Kodi, you will see a good write-up and more adjustments and tweaks to make your experience in sports streaming top notch. You can read our article about this to check all the details about the Kodi Unknown Source guide.

It will be a step-by-step guide to successfully installing Kodi with the best VPN and activating the unknown source.

12 Working Kodi Sports Add-ons in 2024

So, here are the top 10 best sports add-ons for Kodi that we have collected for you in 2024. Let’s check this out!

#1 Boom!

BOOM! is one of the best sport Kodi add-ons for 2024. It is a popular third party add-on that allows Kodi sports fans to watch content in fantastic picture definition. It is well-known as one of the most surprising sports Kodi add-ons nowadays, with several types, which include boxing, golf, football, MMA, motorsports, AceStream Sports, and many more. The BOOM! Repo is the home of this fantastic new Kodi add-on at the moment.

#2 Just Sports

The next Kodi add-on is Just Sports. It features three things: sports, sports, and sports! With an enormous amount of live working streams, the sections of Just Sports include Multi-link, Sports Channels One-click, Replays, and Game Center. We strongly recommend it for all sports fans of Kodi around the world. Make sure to check in to look for links that are working approximately 45 minutes before air time.

#3 Sports 365 Live

Sport 365 Kodi add-on can help you watch live sports not only nationally but also internationally. We should thank the team at the QWER repo. There are many live streams to match, and games can be sourced on Sport 365 Live IPTV add-on, including tennis, soccer, F1, football, boxing, hockey, cricket, basketball, biathlon, and boxing. Access the list of streams displayed that are active and click on the game link you want.

#4 Rising Tides

Rising Tides IPTV Kodi add-on can help you enjoy every favorite sport live with outstanding quality streams. This add-on updates daily. Here, you will find almost every sport, including Motorsports, NFL, golf, football, boxing, cricket, and many more. Those sports can be found on Rising Tides.

Rising Tides is an amazing third-party Kodi live sports add-on that is originally from the Mullfabz repository. It is now available in the Lazy Kodi repo too. You can watch a lot of international TV channels anytime, anywhere with Rising Tides.

#5 Sports Devil

Sports Devil is the most popular Kodi add-on for live sporting replays and events and free streaming. You will be offered a wide variety of IPTV HD sports streams. It is sometimes considered the leading Kodi all-in-one sports add-on for every sports fan. Sports Devil has earned its title as one of the most amazing Kodi add-ons of all time!

Even when the links of Sports Devil are not working directly, many of the other amazing Kodi sports add-ons in this list need it as a dependency for its useful functions. When links do not work as you are expected, make sure the VPN you use is adequately linked through a geographical region that can watch the broadcast you want.

#6 Sportowa TV

Sportowa TV is international add-ons of Kodi sports from Mbebe Repo. The sections include LiveTV.Sx, Sport 365 Live, Crickfree, Live Looker, TVP Sport, and, Strims World, TVCOM, SportsBay, and Live Channels. Every section has its links to find a game. Hence, if one of the links does not work, another one might work well.

#7 Gridiron Legends

The next amazing Kodi add-ons for sports fans is Gridiron Legends. From the Dynasty of Nole repository, Gridiron Legends is the most amazing Kodi add-on to watch American football online at the moment. When you want to catch a live football game, watch replays of matches and even check out several reels of highlight, this add-on has amazing working streams of both.

You will see streams of the NFL and NCAA matchups and even XFL (before known as the Lingerie Football League rather than Legends Football League) games. There are many live streams during football season, along with full replays of previous games of football.

Along with all the replay and live American football action, Gridiron Legends finds a million fantastic sports movies in a particular entertainment type. These include every single thing of classic boxing movies like “Rocky.” North American football is the ultimate event in this add-on, but don’t worry because you will find more sports varieties. You can even stream every the mayhem of NCAA March Madness.

There is fight coverage for UFC fans, wrestling, and boxing. You can also see the NBA, NHL, and MLB along with international football and rugby. A keen sports event to stream in many parts of the world like England’s Premier League can be found in the Gridiron Legends of Kodi add-on.

#8 Limitless Live IPTV

Limitless comes from a repository of Luxury Kodi that serves you more working live streaming sports network compared to any other Kodi add-on at this time. With every live sports broadcast, Limitless can access cable TV channels of every kind from around the world. You will be able to watch the news as it unfolds along with TV series and movie networks as they are broadcast or the same day in the original country.

It has on-demand choices within Limitless. From Hulu catalogs, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix to 24/7 Catchup TV, this add-on is perfect for any sports fans. The real-debris integration is also fantastic when you use high-speed private server streams while watching on-demand replays and video.

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#9 CCLoud TV

CCLoud TV Kodi add-on has a good collection of live TV streams from TBS, AMC, ESPN, HBO, and more than 40 other live channels. It has almost all the channels of live sports, including IPTV Sports. Beyond its holy grail of streaming channel, this Kodi add-on works right from any browser, so you don’t need to jailbreak your device.

#10 Selfless Kodi Add-on

Selfless is a new all-in-one add-on of Kodi, which serves you with free live TV shows, sports, and more. Housed in the Bookmark Repo, Selfless has an extensive playlist that includes channels of USA, video on demand, 24/7 shows, Sports Heaven, WWE Live, UK Channels, Olympic 2018, and live games. We strongly recommend installing the latest Sports Devil Kodi add-on before accessing the links on the add-on of Selfless Kodi.

#11 Sports Replays R Us

If you like sports roster interviews, game highlights, sports replays, or maybe sports documentaries, then Sports Replays R Us is a fantastic add-on option. With a bit of help from your friends at Sports Replay R Us, you will get access to many sports content types with excellent picture quality. This sports add-on is from the Gen-Tec media development team. Each sports fan should have this fantastic Kodi sports add-on to support the live sports add-ons in their collection.

#12 Just Sport

Just Sports Kodi add-on highlights a lot of sports world! With a fantastic amount of live working streams, the sections of Just Sports include Game Center, Sports Channels One-Click, Replays, and Multi-link. We strongly recommend it for every Kodi sports fan around the world. You need to be sure to check in to get working links approximately 40 minutes before air time.

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Final Thoughts

Kodi media center is one of the greatest things for the sports fan! It is revolving and trying to be better every day to make everyone feels excited about their favorite sports shows.

One of the things that make Kodi such a precious media center is not only because it is free but also the add-ons available to be installed anywhere, anytime. Sports add-ons for Kodi are in a state of evolution, and of course, they are not flawless. With this statement, there are some and more things are being created at the moment.

When we talk about the add-ons, Kodi provides a lot of them. Unfortunately, add-ons can go down for several reasons. Kodi has come a long way in the past few years and becoming better day by day.

At the moment, relying solely on Kodi for the sports you like maybe a challenge, and it is quite hit and miss. Most likely, the reason for a Kodi sports add-on script shows error or failure means a stream source site is being shut down.

You always need to be sure to find out the latest repo sources of Kodi. It is also a fantastic idea to always have several add-ons above installed.

By doing this, you will always have a backup plan to avoid missing an important match or game. Ensure whether your system is updated or not with Kodi’s current stable version for maximum success when installing any add-ons.

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