Common Copywriting Mistakes on Course Landing Pages

Below are five common copywriting mistakes course creators often make on their landing pages.

These tips are useful for landing pages in general, not just when it’s about selling courses.

Don’t use your course name as the headline of the landing page

The headline is the most important element of a sales page. And your product’s name isn’t so appealing to be used as a headline, most likely. Call out your audience’s desires and pain points, and tell them how your course benefits them.

Don’t jump straight into introducing your course content

Warm up the readers first by getting empathic with them. Use stories, get intimate with their problems and desires. Build a relationship before starting to sell your product.

Don’t put the burden of figuring out the benefits on your prospect

Many course creators include all the logical details about their course. But they don’t tell the reader how this will help them. You must do this work. Explain to them how every feature of your course will help them achieve the transformation you promise.

Not enough or no proof

Proof is probably the element in your landing page that will have a higher impact on the conversion rate. Back up every claim you make. And never make promises bigger than your proof.

Proof is built in different ways: Testimonials above all but even case studies, demonstrations, reasons why, specifics, explaining the mechanisms. If you don’t have testimonials yet, let some beta-testers try your course for free. Then ask for a review to use in your copy.

Don’t shy away from long content

People don’t necessarily have a short attention span. They have a short consideration span. This means that they’ll leave the page if they’re not getting what they wanted or expected.

If you can keep their attention, they’ll keep reading instead of bouncing or checking something else. And the more time they spend on your page, the higher are your chances of persuading them into buying.

Hence, instead of focusing on keeping the copy short, focus on keeping it interesting. Focus on what the reader wants and give it to them as best as possible.

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