What Category of Phone User do You Fall Into?

The mobile phone has become so much more than simply a means of communication. Instead, it is a device that can accomplish any task, or satisfy almost any craving or desire. Future generations may not even realize that its primary function was once to make phone calls. With the diversity of options available on handheld devices now, different types of phone users have emerged. Do you fall into one of these categories, or do you consider yourself more of an all-round smartphone owner?

The Entertainment Junkie

One of the most common uses of the smartphone is as a means of entertainment. Films, television series, games, and other forms of visual leisure can be accessed easily, and from almost anywhere. For example, entertainment has become a popular way to pass the time when commuting, on the toilet, or during breaks at work. Games have been particularly successful on smartphones, and it is estimated that 66 percent of all users have at least one gaming app installed.

The vast amount of entertainment options online mean there is something for everyone’s taste. One notable thing about the mobile industry is the fact that it has brought about a rise in hubs that provide users with a lot of choice. For example, casinos like Betway have a wide range of table offerings; such as blackjack and roulette, along with numerous slots from different genres. This way, it can attract a broad demographic. Similarly, the Apple Arcade for iPhone and iPad users has an eclectic mix of titles that are enjoyed by users with different interests. This on-demand model of providing hundreds, if not thousands, of titles all in one place has become one that has somewhat taken over the modern entertainment industry.

There are other incredible entertainment options that can be accessed from the portable screen. These include a wealth of different video streaming services, each with its own unique content. For example, Amazon Prime has options like The Man in the High Castle and The Grand Tour that can only be watched by its subscribers. Music apps like Spotify provide endless tracks for people to listen to as well.

If you’re the type of mobile user that has a few of these apps installed, you could be considered in the entertainment junkie bracket.

The Lifestyle Enhancer

A massive amount of mobile users turn to lifestyle apps as a way to improve or enhance their daily existence. These can range from health and fitness options, to shopping apps that have clothes, accessories, and food delivered directly to the door. It has never been easier to access numerous things that can lead to a more fulfilled existence.

Getting things delivered to the door via the touch of a few buttons has become a common instance in the mobile era. Most mobile users will use a few lifestyle-enhancing options, and then there are others that push it to the limit. Aside from food services like Deliveroo, it is now possible to get things like clothes straight to the door. Some people may have thought that this was an industry that couldn’t be made more convenient by the internet. But apps like ASOS allow people to see what clothes look like virtually in the app, and then try them on at home.

If you are someone who has numerous apps to make life run more smoothly, you could be considered to fit in the lifestyle enhancer group.

The Online Socialite

Social networking sites existed before the smartphone era, but they exploded during the mobile boom. Indeed, the rise of both industries occurred in tandem, highlighting just how important each was to the other’s success. Facebook is obviously the best-known example here, and the platform that was conceived by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 is installed on 79.9 percent of its 2.7 billion users’ phones. This can be used to post pictures, have discussions, or simply keep in touch with friends and family.

The success of Facebook led to a wide range of other options, giving online socialites more freedom of choice when it comes to how they communicate online. For instance, Instagram is almost purely used for sharing photos, while Twitter is an option for those who prefer to read and share opinions. Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other messenger services are more useful for keeping in touch with close friends, families, and colleagues.

YouTube is another hugely successful example that spans entertainment and socialising. Users can keep in touch with each other on the platform, but it is mainly used to give people a pedestal upon which they can freely share whatever content they choose.

Nearly every mobile user will have one or more of these apps, but it’s the online socialite that uses them all to their advantage. If you’re an outgoing person who likes to keep in touch with a lot of people, you may fall into this category.

It is clear that the mobile industry has bred a few different types of user, underlining how there is something on there to suit everyone’s preference. Of course, it is fine to belong to all of these categories, or none of them. This simply highlights the amount of variety out there.


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