3D Verification and Dating Sites: Is It Possible to Connect Them?

A new form of identification is becoming more pronounced in the world today. It is known as 3D verification, and it could become the most powerful and effective means through which to secure websites and buildings in the future. We are going to consider the benefits of this form of security and examine its applications to dating sites in the future.

Benefits of technologies nowadays

When considering the 3D verification process, we have to understand how it works. Essentially, this process is a facial scan that takes into account the unique geometry of a person’s face. It is more detailed and less fallible than existing facial recognition software that only uses 2D.

In some cases, low-quality 2D facial recognition software can actually be fooled by a picture of a person’s face. That is not the case with 3D verification because it takes into consideration the depth of a person’s head and face.

The process is implemented by a facial scanning tool that requires a range camera to find the depth in a picture. In that sense, it is more difficult for people to take part in 3D verification than it is for 2D, which simply requires a functioning camera.

They still work in similar ways, taking a picture and matching it up to what is on record to determine if they are a proper match. Understanding how this works is crucial to seeing the potential benefits of using it with a dating site.

3D verification and online dating

Online dating has a big overarching problem that no company has solved: scammers. Too many people make multiple profiles on a dating site and use that as a means to scam people out of money, pictures, or other valuables.

That being said, online dating sites can use this form of verification to stymie the attempts of scammers and maintain a safe dating site. When you use 3D verification, you can only sign up for a single profile, and all your information is linked to your face. Thus, that level of verification makes it far more difficult for scammers to get involved, and it makes online dating far safer.

Safer dating online

The dating site’s users tell us that they are more protected thanks to 3D verification and feel completely safe online. Everyone wants to experience a safer form of online dating. The verification that is involved with a 3D picture of one’s face is a major barrier to entry for some of the scammers that try to get on dating sites.

Another thing to remember is that using an online dating site with 3D verification is safer in other ways, too. It also ensures that nobody else can take your dating profile! They have to log in using the information that you provided. There is no way to use your 3D face format without you adding it!

Lower hacking risk

Another benefit of using a 3D verification for a dating site is that it can cut down on the number of hackers that are going to access the site. Since one person will be tied to a single account, hackers will have fewer capabilities to log into different profiles. Fewer profiles mean fewer ways to get into the site for hackers.

Hacking attacks will also become more obvious to the people that are using the dating site. The older forms of hacking were all predicated on fooling people with their identity. Sites that use 3D verification will not have to worry about such issues.

Protect you from scams

Lastly, the best thing about 3D verification is that it works to protect you from scams by scaring away people that would like to get involved in illegal activity. Scammers thrive in anonymous situations, and that is not something they will have any longer when these systems become more commonplace. Even if someone tried to do a scam, they still logged in with their face. As such, the website will have the power to take their face and personal information and report them.

Sites will have the power to identify those involved and pass the information on to the police who can arrest the individuals. The threat of being discovered and having your face plastered all over the media is enough to deter most low and mid-level scammers.


The bottom line is that the future of online dating is looking better with each passing day. The new technology is bolstering the way that people find dates and stay safe from their romantic partners. With that in mind, it’s best to look for sites that are offering 3D face verification in order to ensure that you have the safest and best experiences around. More companies are offering this resource, and it’s bound to become more common as time goes on!

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