‘Slash Your Housing Costs’ Book Review (James Kennedy)

James Kennedy’s ‘Slash Your Housing Costs’ is a great resource in today’s economy, offering readers innovative and actionable strategies to reduce their housing expenses.

Not just for those who are financially strained, but also for aspirants of homeownership, this book delivers a wealth of practical advice that goes beyond mere budgeting.

Holistic Approach

Kennedy’s approach is refreshingly holistic, going into an array of housing concepts that stretch beyond the conventional.

The book covers topics such as diverse housing models—including co-living, tiny homes, and even mobile living like van life—providing a spectrum of choices for a personalized living space. It goes further by equipping readers with savvy negotiation tactics for rent and purchase deals, and even touches on the potential of international relocation.

A major plus is the book’s deep dive into the nuances of homeownership, including property taxes, mortgages, and insurance, along with actionable insights into home maintenance and improvement—offering a roadmap to cost-effective home enhancements and savvy financial decisions.

Sustainability is not overlooked, as Kennedy highlights the intersection of eco-friendly practices and economic efficiency, advocating for the use of sustainable materials and solar power investment.

Kennedy also promotes minimalism and downsizing as not just a cost-saving strategy, but as a lifestyle choice that could lead to a more fulfilling and simplified way of living.

Challenging the “Home Is an Investment” Belief

Kennedy challenges the conventional wisdom that a home is an investment while overlooking inflation and carrying costs.

The author is not against homeownership or traditional housing, but believes it’s important to be more mindful about housing expenses and the value you’re getting for the money.


The strengths of this guide are manifold:

  • Its comprehensive and structured layout makes navigating complex topics intuitive.
  • The advice is grounded in practicality, offering immediate takeaways for implementation.
  • Easy read. Well-structured with no walls of text.
  • The inclusion of real-world examples adds a relatable and human touch to the strategies presented.
  • By addressing future trends, it equips readers with knowledge to stay ahead in the dynamic housing landscape.


However, readers should consider:

  • Geographic specificity: Some advice may be tailored to the US market, requiring additional research for international applicability.
  • The volume of information is extensive and may require selective reading to focus on the most pertinent advice.

Overall Rating

We’d give it a 5/5, with the caveat that for an international audience we’d give it a 4/5 due to some parts of the book being US-centric.


Housing is too expensive and can literally consume your entire financial life. Slash Your Housing Costs works every angle, situation, and possibility to cut costs and even make money from your home.

Slash Your Housing Costs is not just a book about saving money; it’s a roadmap to a more intentional and fulfilling life.

James Kennedy empowers readers to take control of their housing situation and make choices that align with their values and long-term goals.

While the sheer volume of information might feel overwhelming initially, the book’s practical advice, diverse perspectives, and real-life examples make it a sound resource for anyone seeking to sift through the complexities of the housing market and create a more affordable and meaningful living experience.

Read it and help you live better.

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