Simpleshow Elevates Audience Engagement with AI-Powered Interactivity 

With the launch of a new interactive video page, simpleshow is taking video engagement to a new  level. Interactive video elements allow the viewer to be more connected to the content, improving their  experience and ultimately how well they retain the information. 

January 18, 2024 – The explainer video platform, simpleshow, is known for the simple creation of  explainer videos using the power of AI. Now with a new interactive video page, elements including  video synopsis and link integration, interactive quizzes, and video performance analytics are built  into the platform.  

All powered by AI, these interactive elements are automatically generated, keeping the video  creation process simple and easy. The project creator can customize the video synopsis, add links  to include a CTA or additional information, and even personalize the interactive quiz question to  check knowledge, gather opinions, or even collect data.  

In addition to these audience-facing interactive elements, the new video page also includes video  performance analytics, giving the project creator more insight into page views, video views, and  results from the interactive quiz. These analytics provide valuable data that allow for continued  optimization. 

These updates take the video viewing experience from passive to active, significantly improving  how the audience interacts with the video.  

Karsten Boehrs, CEO of simpleshow, emphasizes simpleshow’s unwavering commitment to  enhancing clients’ communication strategies. “No matter what our clients need to communicate or  what area of their business they are communicating about, the ultimate goal is effective message  delivery. We know that higher engagement means better retention and the addition of these  interactive elements creates a more memorable experience for the viewer.” 

Custom designed for a multitude of business uses, the interactive video page is now available to all  simpleshow users. 

About simpleshow: simpleshow is the pioneer platform for digital products and services around explainer videos. Guided  by the mission to make modern communication simple and concise, the market leader enables everyone to explain  complex topics in a clear and engaging way. The AI-powered SaaS solution, simpleshow video maker, allows users to  create professional explainer videos in more than 20 languages within just a few clicks. A magic that comes from years of  experience in producing tens of thousands of videos and eLearning courses in over 50 languages. The simpleshow team  caters to clients from offices in Berlin, Luxembourg, London, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Large international  companies value simpleshow as a partner for the ability to provide simple, effective explanations.  

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simpleshow gmbh | Am Karlsbad 16 | 10785 Berlin | Germany 

Contact person: Erin Hmielewski | Phone: +1 239 691-0705 

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