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7 Ways to Turn Your Podcast into Written Content

Are you into podcasting? Are you looking to get more mileage out of your podcasts – e.g., articles, blog posts, and other forms of content media?

Content repurposing is an important strategy for any business reliant on content to get their message out there. Podcasts are one of the areas where this is commonly underutilized.

It would boost your ranking in the search engines. Or you might want to share it on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Medium, or anywhere else where written content is the go-to.

We’ve got several tips for you on how to turn your podcast into written content.

The Q&A

This works well for interviews of a thought leader, or someone recognized in your industry. To make it work, cut down the transcript to focus on the substantive parts of the conversation.

The list

If your podcast contains at least 5 interesting tips, ideas, or tools, you can turn it into a list.

People love listicles, so these kinds of posts always grab attention!

After all, this post is none other than a list, and you’re here reading it, right?

The news article

Does your recording include some newsworthy information, metrics, or insider reveals?

Then you can write a news article from it.

The deep dive

This is about creating a detailed and informative story gathering information from different podcasts you’ve recorded.

It could take more time, but you might end up with a highly detailed piece about a topic that can help you position yourself as a leader in your space.

People also love linking to data, which can be great for your SEO.

The brain dump

This is a comprehensive re-sharing of thoughts, ideas, or predictions from a podcast.

The SEO boost

If you have a blog post that is ranking well, but needs a refresh, you can update it with content from a podcast closely related to it.

The mindset shift

Content repurposing can take an angle where it will help the reader learn “how to” do something.

It could be tactical and include specific steps on how to execute a process or it might go a more conceptual route for those who want some insight into their mindset shifts.


You should have a few ideas for how to repurpose your recorded podcast content. Sometimes, critics refer to this process as regurgitation, or a form of recycling – building on top of what already exists in order to create something new by expanding upon themes or topics explored before.

When picking one, think about the channel you’ll want to use it on as well as the type of content your podcasts contain to make sure that they are a perfect match.




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