How to Solve the Problem with a Weak Mobile Signal?

If you are a business person, it is important for you to always stay in touch, no matter where you are: at home, in the office or out of town. It is also important to stay in touch with family and friends.  Far from the repeater, communication leaves much to be desired. Have you ever had to climb a hill to get a signal? And even then the caller is heard intermittently or not at all. However, if you choose Virgin mobile signal booster, you will definitely get satisfaction with the quality of signal. 

First, why is there no cellular signal and 3G Internet in the countryside? As a rule, it is due to a number of factors: 

  • the features of the terrain;
  • the metal roof;
  • the thick walls of the house;
  • the distance from the base station.

What can improve cellular communication in any area?

Cellular operators are constantly expanding their coverage area, and mobile phone service providers are entering the market non-stop. However, very often in cottages or country houses, and sometimes even in a city apartment, there is no coverage at all, or its quality is insufficient for the normal use of a mobile phone as intended. Today it’s not a problem, with the help of UCtel you can try Virgin mobile signal booster and forget about inconsistencies with mobile signal forever! 

In such a situation, a special device called an amplifier, repeater or repeater will help to fix the situation. Its task will be to receive a bad signal from the main station, amplify it, and then create its own coverage area, and the area will depend heavily on the characteristics of the device. There is no doubt that a home amplifier will be a very useful purchase.

Signal booster ​​will ensure high-quality communication in the country, regardless of the distance to the repeater. Thanks to this compact and useful device, you will always be in touch.

How to choose the right booster?

When choosing a mobile signal booster and Internet amplifier, take into account the size of your cottage, its floor space, wall and floor materials, as well as (if necessary) the possibility of laying a cable between the repeater unit and its antennas.

An important factor when choosing a GSM repeater model is its power. The optimal power is determined taking into account the distance to the base station and the dimensions of the object itself. You need to know that for long distances from the city, it is better to immediately choose a more powerful model. You can always contact the UCtel service, they will advise you in detail and help you choose the optimal model, taking into account:

  •  capacity;
  •  amplification factor;
  •  type of external antenna;
  •  type and number of internal antennas;
  •  reasonable price.

Selection of such a device as a booster is based on specific application conditions. This is the provision of stable coverage in a private house with the number of rooms from one to three, a city apartment or even in a car, where a large repeater radius is not required, the purchase of completely different types of amplifiers is required. The communication standards that are supported will also matter, namely the frequency bands that will be amplified. Next, we listed the main aspects regarding the choice of amplifiers for specific tasks.

What are the main aspects in choosing a signal booster? 

At first, you need to understand your needs, and for a permanent mobile interior, you will need the most powerful receiving antenna, as well as a repeater that supports standards in the form of 3 and 4G. You can use a fairly inexpensive repeater to boost cellular coverage.

The standards of operation of certain operators will be clarified directly with the operators, and the fact is that any of them is capable of using frequencies on 900, 1800, and 2100 MHz. For one-time strengthening of communication, as well as Internet connections, you should buy combined devices that can work in several frequency bands.

The gain will depend on the ability of the equipment to provide good coverage at a certain signal level that reaches the place of installation of the repeater from the base station.

The signal level in the home will be determined by using several phones at once or even one mobile phone. The better the coverage, the less powerful the amplifier is needed. Check the signal, if on the smartphone screen the communication level will be displayed as 1-2 divisions of the scale, when the test is carried out indoors, and all the divisions are visible on the street, then you need a Repeater with a coefficient of about 65 dB.

If the signal is weak both on the street and in the house, then you need an amplifier with a power of 75 dB or more. When choosing an amplifier, options with a factor of less than 60 dB should be excluded, because their functionality is very limited. For example, there may be interference with the operation of the device if there are several devices within the network.

Types of signal boosters you should know about

Most often you can find an external amplifier. This option is for any case, which is installed on the street as high as possible (ideally in an open area).  An external antenna will be required to receive the signal from the base station of the cellular operator.

An internal booster is needed to stabilize the signal, as well as to strengthen the transmission in the room where it will stand. Some models of amplifiers have a built-in antenna, while others require the inclusion of an autonomous option.

When installing antennas, you should remember that their signals can cross each other, and this will lead to the appearance of radio interference and a strong decrease in the amplifier’s level of operation. It looks like bringing the microphone up to the loudspeaker in working condition, and for this reason the antennas will be as far apart as possible.

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