9 Ways to Instantly Generate Content Ideas

Does this ever happen to you? You open your laptop to create some content. You have your hot coffee on the side, about to get yourself energized. You stare at the screen, and you realize you have nothing to write about.

Your mind is a blank space.

The next time this happens, we’ve compiled a list to help you get through them.

They’re quite practical and straightforward. Let’s jump into them:

1) Look at replies

Go where your community is most engaged, and see what they do. What are the most common questions they ask? What are the posts and topics with the highest engagement?

2) Make your customers your BFFs

Get to know 3 or 4 of your customers. Befriend them naturally. And every now and then ask what’s on their mind, or get their opinion on the content you shared lately.

By the way, befriending 3 or 4 of your customers can have many more advantages than getting content ideas.

3)  Read through customer support tickets

Look for the most common or recent pain points that come up. Write something that gives them a solution.

4) Ask your sales team for FAQs

Uncover the reasons why customers don’t buy. And create a post where you address these objections.

5) Join your customer’s point of view

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

What do they want?

And if YOU were a customer, what would you want to see?

Business can also be about solving your own problems, then using the solution to help others.

6) Listen to recordings of sales calls

You’ll get not only topic ideas, but you’ll also hear their tone of voice, language, and get a sense of their lifestyle.

7) Check Google Search Console

See what readers are searching for on your website and identify the queries that generated impressions but no clicks.

8) Tune into a webinar

Maybe it’s a competitor brand. Or a brand you like. The point is to see how they structure the content and stick around for the Q&A part to see if one of these questions inspires you for a post.

9) Collect and repackage content

Take the content you’ve created on a given topic, and bundle it into a larger guide.

Also, consider other forms of content, whether it be Twitter threads, YouTube videos, and other forms of content that go beyond just blogging.

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