FORM Smart Swim Goggles: The Peloton of Swimming?

FORM’s intro of the swim personal trainer

Everyone knows it’s easier to stay on the fitness path when working out alongside a friend or trainer. Gyms regularly see a lot of new memberships after New Year’s and then the motivation of many peters out by Valentine’s Day.

How many would stick to it if they had an extra push from someone or something?

Runners regularly go together and sometimes have “rabbits” during competition to keep pace for the first part of the race. Rowers have coxswains to guide and motivate them. For cyclists, an enthusiastic Peloton instructor might push you to put that little bit of extra effort into a spin class.

Since their 2019 intro, FORM has been updating features and delivering great new swim workouts and experiences.

Now, FORM has updated its goggles to put a virtual personal trainer right in your goggle.

As such, they have become like Peloton for the swimming world.

FORM’s Smart Swim Goggles can now provide swimmers with challenging exercise sessions with its subscription-based Workouts feature.

These include everything from shorter interval training to longer endurance sets. These are all delivered using their intuitive heads-up-display (HUD).

FORM Smart Swim goggles

Through the FORM mobile app, subscribers can choose from hundreds of workouts.

These can be uploaded straight to swimmers’ goggles. Once a session is completed, your progress is saved and synced automatically. This enables swimmers to track what they’ve done over time and identify areas of improvement.

This is a clear improvement in the product over tracking metrics.

Vast array of workouts

The selection of workouts offered is comprehensive but somewhat overwhelming.

More experienced swimmers will be able to cut through to what they need, depending on if they’re a sprinter, mid-distance, or distance.

Workouts are split into:

  • short, medium, and long distances
  • categories like speed and technique, and
  • the desired intensity level of intensity: low, moderate, or high

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