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Top 6 Tech Myths of All Time

Technology evolves fast, and we’re more reliant on it than ever before. When everything from our phones to our ebooks needs to be looked after using the best practices, it’s no surprise that some tech myths have proven to be incredibly resilient against facts.

Many of the most prevalent myths about technology stem from some element of truth but have become outdated as our technologies have advanced. It’s easy to fall for many myths, especially when some of the most tech-savvy people we know repeat them with authority.

If you’re wondering about the biggest tech myths that people still believe, here are the top five that you might even still believe yourself.

Free Online Services

If you still think that platforms like Facebook or Google are free, then you’re mistaken. If something is given to you for free, then there’s a good chance that it’s you that’s the product. Facebook, for example, hordes more data about you than you can possibly be aware of, and it sells that data to businesses and governments.

They even claim that they don’t, but this is probably untrue. Google might not sell your data per se, but they certainly use it to generate income, and they don’t even have the ‘don’t be evil’ motto in their code of conduct anymore, so who knows what they could be using your data for.

This means that there is no such thing as a free online service, as you’ll be paying for it with your data and information.

Overnight Phone Charging Kills Batteries

This is one of the myths that’s based on outdated knowledge. Older, nickel-based phone batteries that were found in earlier model cell phones did need a lot more care when it came to recharging habits, but newer batteries definitely don’t.

This is as prevalent a belief as those old myths about casino’s pumping oxygen into gambling rooms. Utterly nonsense. You might enjoy reading about these casino myths if you still believe the oxygen story, but as for batteries, this is a myth that used to be true but has been proven false now. Lithium batteries for the win!

Macs are Virus Proof

This is still believed by most people, and even Apple has claimed in the past that their computers can’t be given a virus. While it’s more difficult for hackers to break into a Mac, it’s perfectly possible. It’s just not usually worth the hassle because it is a little bit more challenging.

This means that if you are a Mac owner, make sure to invest in some anti-virus and other security features to keep your device and data safe because if you don’t, you’re leaving your device at risk of a cybersecurity breach.

Data Can Be Erased with Magnets

If you’re throwing away an old computer or phone, you might have been told to run a magnet over it first. It’s widely believed that this will help to erase any data, but it’s patently untrue. It definitely won’t work with an SSD, but it can work with an older HDD if you have a super-strength magnet. That magnet in your local vehicle scrapyard won’t do the job either. It’ll need to be medical equipment levels of strength.

So if you’re upgrading your PC and want to dispose of your old one but are worried that vandals will be able to access your data, the best way to protect it is to ensure that it’s unretrievable. This means to destroy and dent the hardware as this will make it near impossible to access any leftover data on it.

More Megapixels = Better Pictures

This myth is still perpetuated by makers of digital cameras, but megapixels have nothing to do with photo quality. Megapixels are about memory, not picture quality.

To get better pictures, you should be looking at the sensor type, the size of the lens, the processor, and the optics. Megapixels might let you zoom in more, but they have nothing to do with clarity.

Turning Off BlueTooth And Wi-Fi Will Save Battery

This is a myth that might surprise people, but turning your Bluetooth and other connectivity services on your devices will not save any more battery than if these services were on.

This is because Bluetooth and Wi-Fi only drain your devices when they’re connected to something and actively working, meaning that if it’s just turned on but not connected to anything, it’s not going to cause your battery any harm.

Myths about technology are surprisingly resistant to change. If you still believe any of these old myths about your tech, it might be time to start doing some research.

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