Top 8 Best TikTok Alternative Made in India Short Video Apps

TikTok is a China-based popular video-sharing app, or you can say a social networking service. It has more than a billion registered users worldwide, with India being its number one user globally. But recently India has taken stringent action against this app and has banned the TikTok services completely. Now no one in India can access the TikTok app.

But putting the data privacy issue aside, TikTok was a great escape from the daily monotonous life. There was some seriously good content available on TikTik along with some of the most talented peoples. Everyone admires the talent and want to watch their favourite content creator back. Additionally, TikTok was convenient to watch tons of videos shortly and continuously. Just keep swiping up and get new content with every swipe.

But it is a bitter truth that the talent we were watching TikTok can’t be seen there as the whole platform is banned. But if there is hope, there is a way for sure. Yes, this article could be that hope for you. In this article, I am going to provide you with some of the best TikTok alternatives that you can use as a viewer or as a content creator. Let’s get started!

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Top 8 TikTok Alternative Indian Apps to Replace TikTok App

Mx TakaTak

If the name makes you remind of Mx Player, then this is not your fault. Actually, the App has been made by MXP Media, a company whose Mx Player could be your favourite media player. I was a user of Mx Player for a long time when I used to store offline videos for entertainment purposes. The same company has made its own short video sharing app called Mx Takatak which is a pretty funky name just like its content.


The App has a substantially large amount of good quality video content for entertainment. The Mx Takatak’s logo and name, both are quite similar to TikTok as well. And yes, the App has been made by the company to serve the users who were using Tik Tok and Like before their ban in India. The App is capable of meeting its soul purpose, and you can easily use the Mx Takatak app as a Likee alternative.


In the list of Indian short video sharing app, Josh is a new add up. The App has been made by Dailyhunt, which is a very popular Indian news app. Because of being a subsidiary of Dailyhunt you can easily trust and rely on the App for best in class quality and trending content. The App is very similar to the rest of the short video apps and hence is simple to use.


This App is available in various Indian languages Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, etc. This App is also capable of providing trending English content as well. Josh also provides the facility to shoot, create, edit, and upload your own amazing videos to the internet audience. Definitely give this App a try in place of the Chinese TikTok app.


Roposo is among India’s largest video sharing and video creation platform with millions of registered users. It is an India specific video sharing application, loaded with content in more than 10 Indian languages. The content available on Roposo has been classified in more than 25 different channels, including fashion, comedy & jokes, homemade healthcare solutions, entertainment, singing, sports, news, etc.

Roposo App

The app can also be used for your photo and video editing by using the provided video filters, GIF stickers, and lots of effects. With these effects, you will be able to create awesome videos having slow-mo, time-lapse, portraits with natural light, studio light, etc. Additionally, it also has access to many TV channels that you can watch for free. It has more than 50 Million Downloads with a user rating of 4.2 out of 5.


The name “Moj” has been inspired by a Hindi word “Mauj” which means “Joy”. And yes, the App is actually made to provide joy to its users. The App has a very straight forward and pathetic look like most of the short video sharing apps do have right now. But it’s not a deal-breaker as long as the user experience is smooth and user friendly.


The Moj app is the subsidiary app of Sharechat which is just specifically made for Likee and TikTok like video sharing experience. The Sharechat comes with a bit broader video content approach which might be a bit confusing to some regular Likee users. For such users who want a similar experience, the Sharechat’s Moj app could be a nice Likee alternative.

Share Chat

Many of the TikTok users were used to browse the app just to find some awesome statuses or Shayari contents. And if this is the case with you as well, then ShareChat is the best alternative to your daily TikTok consumption. Even I would suggest ShareChat over TikTok for these purposes.  But not just statues and Shayaris, ShareChat is popular for its great content. ShareChat is an Indian App and has been made specifically for Indian.

ShareChat Made in India TikTok Alternative

You can join various niches including, WhatsApp Status, English Speaking, Pubg Gang, food lover group, Ask from Love Guru, General Knowledge & Current Affairs Students, Memes, etc. It has more than 250 million users on ShareChat with content in 15 different Indian languages. You can also share your content on ShareChat and get famous. It has more than 250 Million Downloads with a user rating of 4.6 out of 5.


In the race of gathering TikTok users after its ban in India, Chingari is yet another famous name. The app has a straightforward and user-friendly interface for both content consumers and content creators. It is a completely Indian app made for Indian. Chingari brings the same swipe-up navigation system that allows you to navigate through videos.

Chingari App

This app available in various Indian languages like Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, etc. also includes the English language. According to the company, the app reached the latest milestone of 25 lakhs downloads from roughly 6 lakh downloads in just ten days. This is a clear indication of the popularity of the app. You can use this application as a very nice “Made In India” TikTok alternative.


After the ban of TikTok in India, the Mitro app got a lot of popularity. This app is the most look-alike alternative to TikTok along with the tag of “Made in India”. It could be possible that while using the app, you will be experiencing that you are using nothing but TikTok. After getting a lot of popularity, the app got so much popular many of the popular content creators can be found here. Just like TikTok, the Mitro app has been made to make the user showcase its talent and innovative ideas to the internet world out there.

MitRon App - Best TikTok Alternative

The user wouldn’t find any difficulty in shifting from TikTok to Mitro. The app is very easy to use, thanks to its clean and easy to use interface. It provides a very seamless video watching experience. If you are a content creator then, Mitro is a “must use” recommendation from me. It is just as effective as TikTok as of now, and the app’s popularity is a plus point for you. The Mitron app has got more than 5 million downloads in less than a month when TikTok got banned. There are more than 10 Million Downloads with a user rating of 4.2 out of 5.


Triller is an entertainment platform built for creators to share excellent content in the form of videos or audios. It is an awesome platform to show your talent to the world by capturing flawless videos and sharing them in seconds. The app provides all the latest sounds and music for trending challenges.

Triller -TikTok Alternative

This platform has been used by various well-known personalities including, Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, Rae Sremmurd, Rita Ora, Kevin Hart and more.  Triller provides a straightforward and unique video editing experience. Just shoot the clips of your video and just tap on the Triller button. It will quickly edit the clips together, making it a single video. It has more than 10 Million Downloads with a user rating of 4.3 out of 5. However, this isn’t a Made in India app, but it can definitely replace the TikTok with this one.


There is always an option. The TikTok ban has made many of its famous competitors into the limelight that they deserve. There are so many TikTok alternatives out there. But we listed some of the best options in this article.

You can use any of these or even all of these as the TikTok alternative. Each one of these has its speciality, and you can go with any of these apps whose working suites you the best. What are your thoughts? Please do let’s know in the below comment section!

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