how to promote a podcast

How to Promote a Podcast

If you want to promote your podcast and boost your podcast listening, this study from Facebook will help you do that.

First of all, you can’t boost a podcast natively.

Also, episodes aren’t available as posts in the Ads Manager.

But here’s a loophole: When you re-share a podcast, Facebook gives you the option to re-share with a clip.

And when you do it, that post is eligible for promotion.


  • The post isn’t available for Instagram because of the clip’s dimension.
  • The post isn’t available for desktop.

Here’s how to set up the campaign

  • Objective: Reach. The objective and optimization don’t matter much as you can’t optimize for podcast listens.
  • Audience: Page followers.
  • Placements: Mobile. News Feed and Video Feeds only.

Some errors in the Ads Manager, however, makes you feel skeptical that the campaign will work

But when checking the preview of the ad from a mobile device, everything was fine.

The results

It seems that Facebook hasn’t yet sorted out how to report metrics for campaigns that promote podcasts:

a) The Ads Manager doesn’t report on engagement, reactions, link clicks, or video views. It only reports reach, impressions, and clicks (all).

b) Podcast Listens: A podcast post will show how many listens it received. But there’s no track of this number in Insights or the Ads Manager.

Is the ad working?

You can always look at the number in the podcast platform to double-check that the ad is still driving listeners.

Recording podcast episodes

There are tools you can use to record podcast episodes.

Podcastle is a Google Chrome extension that is used to help record in-browser podcast episodes.

The tool itself has over 100,000 installs and a 4-star rating on the Chrome Web Store.

The company runs on a freemium business model, with three different subscription packages that give users access to more features.

Others in this space

Podcastle is part of the AI-powered multimedia creation meta trend.

The AI-powered multimedia creation market is currently worth around $10 billion.

  • Let’s Enhance uses AI to improve image quality.
  • KinetiX uses AI to automate much of the manual labor involved in animation.
  • Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool capable of paraphrasing the same set of text in 7 different ways.

Bottom line?

You can’t promote a podcast with Facebook Ads, but there’s a loophole.

It can work, but the option comes with some limitations.

You can experiment with this loophole, and see if it works.

Moreover, this is likely a short-term issue and Facebook will provide more options to promote your podcast.

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