Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Cases Review

The iPhone 14 Pro might be the most expensive phone on the market right now. You should take the necessary steps to safeguard it if you are one of the few who can buy it. The use of a protective case is one option for this. The fall will destroy glass or damage your iPhone. It’s good to spend a few dollars on a quality case because your new iPhone might accidentally fall at any time. The case gives you peace of mind that your iPhone won’t be broken if it accidentally drops from your hand. Your expensive iPhone 14 pro deserves a top-quality case. The right protective case protects your iPhone 14 from drops, dirt, and scratches.

But there are hundreds of iPhone cases, which can make it hard to choose the best one. So, we’re here to help you out. Mkeke’s selection of iPhone cases is the best way to protect your iPhone 14 pro. It protects it from damage caused by normal wear and tears while beautifying it. Mkeke has been offering high-quality cases for over eight years. This review will give you a better idea if the Mkeke Phone 14 pro case is right for you by exploring its main features. Let’s review the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro cases in detail.

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Cases Features

Design and Material

Mkeke iPhone 14 case is sturdy because it is made to provide powerful protection. Also, it has gone through a lot of testing during the design and production stages. So, Mkeke for iPhone 14 Pro gives it a wonderful design while protecting it from all facets of your daily life. The practical design makes it easy to text, call, take selfies, or play games. The most recent iPhone 14 Pro features a vivid appearance in each color option. If you want a simple, transparent, shock-resistant case for your iPhone 14 pro. The Mkeke case is your best bet. It is made of HD TPU, which is a clear material that is resistant to sweat, stains, and oils.

The Mkeke case has a raised bezel that is 3.9 MM high and a hollow bumper design for extra protection. It works as a shockproof airbag in case of a fall. Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro case is drop-tested to 1,550 feet to ensure military-grade protection. The camera and display have higher bezels for added military-grade drop protection. It is well-made and has precise cutouts so you can get to all of your device’s ports and buttons quickly. It also works with wireless charging.

Transparent and Fade-Resistant

The lightweight and high-definition polycarbonate used to make the Mkeke case. It features a scratch-resistant laminate coating on both the inside and outside. This slows down the process of fading, which is when the texture yellows over time. Moreover, it maintains the original flawless clarity and transparency of the casing. Also, the case’s transparency helps to maintain the camera’s clarity and visibility.

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Case Protection Capabilities

The most significant features in phone cases are protection and sturdiness. This Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro case makes your phone tough enough for any situation. This is possible because of a number of things. The phone case is made of strong material and has a sleek design. But the bumpers in the four corners add an extra layer of protection. The 3.9 mm raised corners to protect the ceramic shield, glossy-matte back surface, etc.  

This case also protects the camera, screen, and flashlight. The safety lip’s thickness of 3.53mm perfectly encircles the camera cluster. This simple design keeps the lenses from getting broken, scratched, or dirty. The Mkeke case is resistant to drops and is shockproof, thanks to the material and structure. The combination of construction and material technology makes it military-grade protection.

Slip Resistant

The case’s elegant design and polish make it a pleasure to hold and carry. This prevents your iPhone from slipping and becoming damaged. The Mkeke iPhone 14 pro case safeguards your expensive smartphone from accidental crashes. The iPhone 14 is a premium device, so it deserves a protective case that won’t slip into your hands.

Anti-Yellow Feature

The problem with transparent cases is that over time, heat and sunlight can cause them to turn yellow. The casing starts to get yellow and unclean at this point, requiring a replacement. But, Mkeke offers a transparent case with an anti-yellowing external layer. This is achieved by high polycarbonate and scratch-resistant coating. These materials make it easier to remove the yellowing on the Mkake case.

Eco-Friendly Case

It’s not simple to find a transparent iPhone case that doesn’t harm the environment. Mkeke will help you solve this problem for good. But, all Mkeke cases have the “Climate Neutral” certification. This shows the product’s production eliminated all pollution. The certifications for climate neutrality are another reason to invest in Mkeke. It’s good for the environment because it doesn’t utilize polluting plastic. This means that the Amazon Climate Pledge has formally approved this case.

Color Options

The Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro series has both clear and colored cases. There are currently more than eight color options for the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro range of cases. They are gradient blue and black, gradient, clear, and gradient white. Also, it is available in gradient transparent black, purple-blue, green, and pink purple.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

Its small size makes it lightweight, easier to hold, and more fashionable with a flat design. The Mkeke case weighs only 30.90 g, which is very little (1.09 ounces). This item does not much increase the phone’s overall weight. It is simple to spot and use the phone buttons because of their unique spacing’s. They are also solid enough to keep you from accidentally pushing the buttons. The case is simple to install and remove thanks to the stretchy material and narrow fit design.

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Case Pros and Cons

  • The sleek, non-slip grip makes it easier to call, text, and take selfies.
  • Its military-grade protection prevents scratches and damages
  • This case has a scratch-resistant coating to keep it from turning yellow over time.
  • The raised camera lips safeguard the phone’s back.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro is simple to install and remove.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • This case is eco-friendly.
  • This iPhone 14 Pro case prevents scratches, wear, and yellowing.
  • The product has Amazon’s choice label.
  • Few users aren’t happy with how transparent it looks.


The Mkeke iPhone 14 pro case is simple in design but still sturdy and easy to use. It is lightweight, slim in design, and incredibly pocket-friendly. The Mkeke cases arrive with transparent covers that make it easy to use the camera. This is the best case on the market for your iPhone 14 Pro if you value its protection above all else. Also, it works with facial ID and wireless charging connectivity and is eco-friendly. The Mkeke case is a good bet if protecting your iPhone from drops is your top priority.

This Mkeke case is great if you have an iPhone 14 Pro and want a simple, reliable protective case. It has a sturdy design that will keep your iPhone secure from drops, and it scores high marks in every category. Also, the way it’s made lets you enjoy the beauty of your phone. Best of all, it’s cheap enough to buy without worry. We hope our review of Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro cases will help you decide on a new case for your beautiful phone.

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