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15+ BEST Gaming Streaming Sites (List)

Gaming streaming sites are massively popular in this day and age, as it’s easier than ever to watch top gamers record themselves playing popular games as part of a live stream.

Gaming streaming sites are popular in not only the US and Europe, but China and other countries as well with top gamers featuring live streams of the most popular games to entertain and educate their audiences.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions, then dive into the top live gaming streaming sites.

What online gaming streaming sites can I watch the best video game players play the most popular games?

The most popular live gaming streaming sites are Twitch, YouTube, and DLive.

You can watch plenty of top gamers playing the most popular games on these channels.

And we cover lots of other platforms below as well.

Which gaming streaming site should I subscribe to?

It’s up to you which online gaming streaming site you want to use to watch the best video game players play the most popular games.

Different gaming streaming sites offer different features that might be useful or attractive for you. Down below we’ll look at some of the top gaming streaming sites available today

What are the most popular games to watch on these sites?

The most popular live streaming channels, if we use Twitch as an example, are:

  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • Minecraft
  • Counterstrike
  • Overwatch, and
  • Season 04

But going off new editions of the game, Call of Duty (e.g., Warzone, Modern Warfare, etc.) is probably the top watched live-streamed game on these sites.

Minecraft is nonetheless rising up in popularity as well.

But the general idea is that no matter what game you’re looking to watch gamers live stream, you will probably be able to find it on at least one of the gaming streaming sites listed below.

Do I need an expensive computer to use these gaming streaming sites?

To watch a live stream, you don’t need an expensive laptop, desktop, or fancy smartphone.

The sites are pretty intuitive and the ability to watch a stream is really no different than watching YouTube or any type of stream (e.g., movie, TV show).

However, if you’d like to be a gaming streamer yourself, you may want to consider upgrading to a better setup, such as:

  • a monitor with a higher refresh rate (ideally 100 Hz or better)
  • a sizable monitor can help (27″ to 43″ monitor is common)
  • a quality graphics card
  • a webcam

All of these, however, can be considered investments where you can potentially monetize your channel.

How much will it cost me to watch these experts play video games?

It depends on the website, but most don’t charge for membership. Some will require payment for content upgrades.

But a lot of content is free or ad-supported, like standard YouTube content.

Can I make money on gaming streaming sites?

Yes, you can make money on gaming streaming sites if you become a professional streamer – or even an amateur like most gaming live streamers.

There’s potential to monetize your gaming live steam by:

  • accepting donations (offering perks for certain amounts donated)
  • subscribing to premium memberships ($5 per month is common)
  • selling ad space on your channel page or videos
  • having your own products and services to sell

Who are the best streamers in the world?

Some of the best gaming live streamers include:

  • Nightblue3
  • Hafu
  • Mitch Jones
  • Summit1g
  • DrDisRespectLIVE – aka Guy Beahm
  • TimTheTatman

Jaryd Lazar (known as Summit1G) has been a pro gaming streamer since 2010 and is now one of the top gaming live streamers today. He has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and even more followers on Twitch. And currently, he does not only live streaming but also gaming content for YouTube.

Another popular gaming live streamer is Nightblue3. His real name is Hamish Paul and his Twitter handle is @Nightbloo. He’s been live-streaming since 2010 and has over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. And he live streams a variety of games including: Call of Duty, Destiny 2, Overwatch, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Best Gaming Streaming Sites in 2022

Let’s take a look at the best gaming streaming sites in 2024.

#1 Twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular gaming streaming sites in existence today, with over 10 million broadcasters currently using it to display their gaming live streams to fans around the world.

Twitch is one of the most popular gaming streaming platforms out there, mostly because it has been around since 2011 before most other gaming live streamers even existed.

It was acquired by Amazon back in 2014 for upwards of $970 million in cash.

However, gaming video content on Twitch is more than just live streams; it’s also archived gaming videos that are watched by more than 2.2 million viewers daily (such as the most popular gaming live streamers like PewDiePie).

Users have the option to subscribe to their favorite live streams or gaming channels for around $5 per month, which allows them to chat with others during a gaming live stream with extended emotes and other perks not available to normal non-subscriber users.

Social media marketing experts can monetize their gaming streaming channel via advertising spots sold onsite that run between 1-3 minutes in length. And they can earn even more money running affiliate marketing links at the end of live streams (e.g., promoting WoW gold or other gaming items).

So, clearly, Twitch is one of the best gaming streaming sites that offer multiple ways to earn money live streaming and video archiving gaming content for millions of users around the world.

My First Twitch Check: How much do small Twitch streamers make? was launched back in June 2011 by co-founders Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, aiming to be the premier live Broadcasting platform for all types of gaming content around the world.

Since then, it has grown exponentially to become one of the most popular gaming streaming platforms online.

#2 YouTube

YouTube needs no introduction. In the gaming niche, it’s a live streaming and archive site owned by Google that was created as a response to Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch.

Gaming video content on YouTube (mostly archived gaming videos) is watched by over 50 million viewers daily.

A gaming live stream can be started from inside the YouTube app, making it really easy to use the same platform for both gaming live streams and video archiving. The chat feature includes an option where you can log in with your existing Google account, making it easier than ever before to interact and communicate with potential customers and subscribers alike.

The most popular live streamers actually earn more profit via advertisements running on their gaming channel pages than they do through direct donations from fans watching them play games during a live session.

#3 DLive

DLive is a gaming live streaming and gaming video archive site recently launched by Huya, which is a live streaming platform subsidiary of Chinese tech giant Bytedance.

It’s been speculated that DLive could potentially pose as a threat to Twitch live streams if they were to launch some type of business model where gaming streamers can earn money from simply live streaming on their platform (unlike other live streaming sites like YouTube, where content creators have to rely mostly on ad revenue).

While the site has yet to offer anything that would instantly appeal to millions of current Twitch users worldwide, it might be a good idea for web marketing experts interested in gaming live streams to keep their eye on this particular live streamer website, considering the parent company’s impressive track record of success via other live streaming sites.

#4 Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is a live streaming site that was created in order to compete with Amazon’s Twitch gaming platform.

Gaming video content on Facebook is watched by more than 2 million daily viewers, but it’s limited to archived videos (meaning you can’t live stream while playing games like on Twitch, for example).

However, the social media platform gives users the option of linking their Facebook profile with their live streams or gaming broadcasts on external websites like YouTube or Twitch via Facebook’s built-in metadata tags.

This would allow gamers to keep all of their potential fans and customers up to date on their latest activity no matter where they’re active at.

The most popular gaming live streamers have the potential to earn big bucks live streaming, which is especially appealing considering that Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide.

However, this social media platform doesn’t offer much in terms of customization or features for live streamers at this time, but they are expected to roll out new ones in due time.

#5 Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a gaming live streaming site that offers live streams, video archiving, social interaction, and gaming communication between streamers and their audience.

The most popular live streamers earn more money via Bigo Live’s “star mission” system, where viewers can actually purchase special powers for their favorite broadcasters in order to help them advance through different levels of gaming challenges to unlock bigger prizes (titles, emojis, etc.).

More often than not, this makes it easier for viewers to feel like they are helping to support the gaming channel they are watching rather than simply having fun while the broadcaster plays his or her games.

#6 gaming live streams and video archives cover the events of competitions (like gaming tournaments) organized by different multi-gaming organizations all over the world.

The website captures and records gaming footage from several gaming consoles and PC games, including CS:GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends. is also known for its constant updates on tournament news and results as they happen.

#7 GosuGamers

GosuGamers live streams and G

gaming video archives cover gaming tournaments for gaming titles like CS:GO, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

The website is known for its detailed statistical data on players (including their latest match history) as well as the large eSports events they cover via live streams (usually in collaboration with other gaming news sites).

#8 AfreecaTV

AfreecaTV is a popular gaming streaming platform based in South Korea that was first started by Korean entrepreneurs back in 2006 as a small start-up company that specialized in selling gaming equipment online.

However, it didn’t take long before the site’s founders realized that gamers were more than willing to spend time watching other gamers Livestream their gaming exploits instead of actually gaming themselves.

As a result, AfreecaTV’s gaming live streamers are able to earn revenue via several different business models, including direct viewer donations, channel sponsorships, and channel subscriptions.

#9 GoodGame

GoodGame is a gaming platform that brings together video game players, tournaments and gaming competitions (aimed at both professional gamers as well as novice gaming enthusiasts who are interested in learning about the gaming experience).

Live streamers on this site can make money via channel sponsorships, channel subscriptions, and viewer donations.

However, they cannot use other gaming streaming sites like Twitch or YouTube to live stream their gaming exploits because GoodGame’s videos are only available on its own website.

#10 Smashcast

Smashcast is a gaming live streaming service owned by Hitbox, and they allow gaming broadcasters to live stream directly from the client of their choice (no plugins required).

As such, Smashcast can be considered as a direct competitor for most live streamers who currently live stream via Twitch or YouTube.

The difference is that broadcasters on Hitbox have the option of earning real money for simply live streaming whatever it is they’re playing at any given time, which is not something you’ll find just about anywhere else online these days.

#11 Beam

Beam burst onto the scene in 2016 and has quickly built up a loyal following thanks to its innovative platform that allows gaming streamers to directly interact with their viewers while gaming.

Unlike popular destinations like Twitch and YouTube, Beam doesn’t utilize external servers for file hosting, which means low latency and lower risk of dropped connections.

Another cool feature is Game Channel Grid – a custom layout for viewing Videos at different resolutions, enabling streamers to live stream at high resolutions without affecting those who live stream on lower-end gaming systems.

In addition to this, Beam users have the ability to live stream gameplay from any PC or console thanks to Beam’s “Play nice” policy which allows gamers to use their favorite third-party broadcasting software tools of choice – no extra fees required.

#12 Azubu

Another popular broadcasting site is AzubuTV, which was first launched back in 2010 by Tobias Sherman, Martin Clancy and Yvette Martinez de Castro at the London IBC Media Innovation Center for Global eSports coverage.

Azubu started out in 2011 as a live stream site, but has since expanded into video archiving services where it offers exclusive gaming content (such as gameplays and gaming tutorials) for paying subscribers.

Azubu is a multi-game streaming website that focuses on optimizing streaming for eSports and gaming. It’s full of useful features like screen annotations and having access to past broadcasts that allow viewers a chance to catch up on anything they may have missed.

However, it should be noted that unlike popular sites Twitch and YouTube, Azubu has a relatively smaller gaming community at this time, but they are doing their best to change that with their latest release of a software client.

Streamers can earn 30% of revenues generated by advertisements displayed on their channel pages, while viewers can subscribe to individual channels for $5 per month to access special emotes they can communicate with other users throughout the gaming session.

Since most people are not experienced or knowledgeable about how best to set up their own streaming channel, they’ll only be able to monetize revenue after pooling together enough viewers watching their archived gaming videos.

#13 DingIt

DingIt’s tagline says it all: “Watch your favorite games and relax.”

Here you can watch your favorite eSports and games, live streamed by gaming professionals, influencers, and gaming enthusiasts.

You’ll also get gaming coverage on DingIt TV, highlights clips, videos, giveaways, and face-offs between the best players that are currently active in eSports.

On top of that, gamers can chat with others while watching their favorite live streams to share tips tricks strategies ideas suggestions feedback requests etc., which makes this particular gaming live stream site quite unique compared to other live streamers out there right now.

#14 Imzy

Imzy is a social media platform established in early 2016 by former Reddit employees Dan McComas and Jessica Moreno.

Since its launch last year, Imzy has attracted “thousands” of users who are interested in the platform’s Gaming focus, Gaming events Gaming forums Gaming recommendations Gaming content Gaming channels, etc.

All of this can be found on Imzy’s social media platform which is organized into different verticals (i.e., gaming, music, pets, etc.), each of which has their own subcategories that are tailored to the interests of people who use them.

So if you’re looking for something similar to Twitch TV but specifically catered towards other gamers, for example, then you might want to check out Imzy now.

Gaming Platforms for Tournaments

Z League is a gaming platform that organizes Call-of-Duty Warzone tournaments.

The platform has been used by more than 1 million players to date.

Recently, the platform started organizing Fortnite tournaments as well. Z League currently offers 62 Fortnite tournaments.

Z League is part of the skill-based matchmaking meta trend.

According to Apex Legends’ chief developer, a skill-based matchmaking system increases player retention, competition and play hours.

Many major game titles have implemented skill-based matchmaking systems in their multiplayer mode.

And evidence suggests that matchmaking more tightly on skill leads to greater gaming enjoyment and 4-6x less quitting.

This is why platforms that provide effective skill-based matchmaking services are gaining steam.

Other examples in this space include:

  • Toornament
  • Challengermode, and
  • CheckMateGaming


Twitch is one of the most popular live streaming and video archiving sites among web marketing experts who want to grow their customer base worldwide.

YouTube is also a good live streamer website for users that don’t require a full suite of tools or features to host their gaming content online.

DLive might be a platform worth watching if they’re able to offer a business model similar to Twitch where live streamers can earn money from fans simply by hosting a live session from the platform itself.

Azubu is another live streaming website that is starting to gain momentum, especially after their most recent release of a social media platform that allows viewers to chat with one another while watching gaming live streams together.

DingIt provides gaming fanatics the opportunity to spectate different titles and sessions, events, eSports tournaments, gaming channels etc., so it definitely deserves some attention for new users who are interested in understanding what kind of value it’s offering online.

Imzy caters more towards other gamers by providing them with an all-in-one place where they can share their thoughts about various topics while watching or archiving some of their favorite live streams on the site.

So if you’re looking for something gaming-specific, make sure to check these gaming streaming sites out!

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