15+ BEST Anime Torrent Sites [Ranked]

Anime has a very vast and separate fan base in the whole world. Its fanbase includes people of almost every age group, including me. I follow the Dragon Ball series the most, along a couple of other series like Death Note and Naruto. And f you have clicked on this article, you are probably also one of the anime lovers.

Though many online streaming options are available from where you can watch any anime for free, many of the anime lovers prefer to download it first to enjoy it later.

Also, some of the anime enthusiasts love to collect all the episodes by downloading them. And for such cases, anime torrent repositories are the best.

Torrent downloading is not a hassle anymore. It is now really very easy to downloading stuff than it used to be.

And anime torrent has a separate space in the torrent world. It is so popular that many popular torrent websites like The Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrent, etc.

have made a separate Anime section. Here I have listed some of the most popular Anime torrenting websites you can use to download high-quality anime content.

In this article, we will discuss the best Anime Torrent Sites. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

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Top 15 Best Anime Torrent Websites in 2024


No needs to introduce the Kickass Torrents. It has a prevalent and reputable name in the world of torrent files downloading. The website has a separate fab-base of torrent users. It has seen so much potential in the anime content that Kickass Torrent has a separate anime section that promises KAT’s reliability to download Anime via torrent.

Katcr -Best Anime Torrent

The Anime section of the website is not made to have any new changes in the looks. It just looks just like the rest of the Kickass Torrent website. The website has a Khakhi-colored interface, which is not so appealing, in my opinion, but it doesn’t matter as long as the content is top-notch. Currently, has monthly page views of 2.2 million.

Working URL:

#2 AnimeToSho

Yes, the website has a lot of Anime to show. It has a decent look, which could feel a bit girlish to some users as the website has a pink color accent. I am not a fan of such a color scheme, but it changes from person to person.


Anime ToSho is a one-stop solution for the Anime Torrent lovers. This is a single that mirrors most of the torrents posted on other popular anime torrent websites like TokyoTosho’s anime category, Nyaa. Si’s English translated anime category, AniDex’s anime category, and many more. The website has more than 1 million monthly visits, and it doesn’t ask for any account registration to access or download the Anime.

Working URL:

#3 9Anime

Well, 9Anime not any anime torrent website but is more like an online streaming service dedicated to Anime. But it has an honorable mention because many of the anime lovers don’t like to download the Anime to watch them. For those, 9Anime is such a great place, and you can try this website for that purpose.


9Anime is a very modern-looking website, just like one expects from an online streaming website. It has a blue-black colored theme along with a straightforward and easy interface. It is an FMovies subsidiary just for high-quality anime streaming.

9Anime currently has a monthly page visit of more than 34 million, which is a considerable number, and you can also become the part of this anime-living crowed.

Working URL:

#4 AniRena

It’s an arena of amine where a wide variety of high-quality animes are available in different genres. It has a pretty friendly interface and mainly focuses on providing regular high-quality anime content.


It has a wide variety of categories to browse through to have the best possible anime experience. The website has sections like Drama, Anime, RAW, Manga Music, AMV, and much much more. For the users reach, It has a monthly visit score of 400k+ and also has the facility to register on the website if you want to but is not required t access any of the torrents.

Working URL:

#5 HorribleSubs

HorribleSubs is a well known and established brand in the Anime Torrent market. Every single Anime lover has HorribleSubs mentioned in his list of best anime torrent websites. And I am just amazed to know that you were just unaware of such a great anime paradise.


HorribelSubs believes in simplicity as the website’s homepage not so fancy and loaded with each and everything. If your area minimal design lover, then HorribleSubs is just a perfect match for you.

Currently, the HorribleSubs website is serving 11 million visits per month, and it also doesn’t restrict its users to have a registered account.

Working URL:

#6 AnimeTorrents

It has a very straightforward name, as you can see, which depicts its dedication towards Anime. AnimeTorrent is a private BitTorrent website which a massive collection of Japanese Anime.


The website has a massive amount of Anime Movies, Anime TV Series, OVA (Original Video Animation), Manga, and Light Novels. Talking about the content’s quality, all the available content is in DVDRIP, BDRip, Blu-Ray, and HD (720p/1080p) quality for each user.

The website is currently having an approx. 450k page views per month, and AnimeTorrent doesn’t require any account registration to access the anime content. However, if you want to use its features like forum discussions and IRC Chat, you will need an AnimeTorrent account.

Working URL:

#7 AniDex

Another viral anime torrent website with tons of Anime along with other high-quality content like Manga, Music, etc. is AniDex. It has a very reputable name in anime torrents with regular updates of all the animes you regularly follow.


The AniDex is the destination where not just Anime but other high-quality stuff related to Manga, Music, Light Novels, Games, Applications, Pictures, etc. are available in a huge amount. But the true anime lovers don’t have to be worried about any of the compromise in the Anime content.

AniDex is currently aggregating a total of 800k+ pageviews monthly, which is a huge number. This is because there is no account registration required to access the torrent features of the website.

Working URL:

#8 Anime Layer

Anime Layer is a Russian anime torrent website with a ton of anime content available and the addition of new and fresh content regularly. The website is also pretty modern in looks as it has a more natural look thanks to the more GUI-based interface. The site the first on this list, which also shows the poster of the Anime on the homepage.


It helps a lot in locating the Anime and also gives a more eye-pleasing look to the website. The website has four sections, i.e., Anime, Music, Manga, and Drama, loaded with a lot of high-quality content. The website also provides the facility to filter the Anime based on the size, date of upload, etc., to provide more convenience.

Anime Layer is currently gathering 200k page visits, which is not that much compared to the other picks in the list, but I personally liked the way the website looks. It also doesn’t ask for any account registration except for the forum and feedback.

Working URL:

#9 Anime Ultime

AnimeUltime is definitely one of the ultimate places for anime lovers. The website is pretty classic looking with a dark-blue theme.  But this one is one of those picks on our list that also provides the Anime posters on the website’s homepage.


AnimeUltime is a French anime torrent destination whose personal favorite feature is that apart from providing the downloadable anime torrents, it provides the content to stream online. It provides a variety of content in sections like Anime, drama, tokusatsu, etc.

The website has average monthly page views of approx—900k with no mandatory account registration.

Working URL:

#10 TorLock

TorLock is one of the most popular and most used torrent websites and guesses what, TorLock has a dedicated Anime section, which is just a paradise for Anime lovers. It has a straightforward-looking torrent website with nothing fancy and no graphics at all.


The good thing is that TorLock only provides the verified anime content so that you get the best in class experience. Not just animes, but TorLock is loaded with a ton of every possible torrent file that one can imagine. Yes, it’s that big.

TorLock currently has a total of 2.2 million page views monthly with no mandatory account registration.

Working URL: (Only 18 or over Explicit Content and Ads)

#11 Shana Project

I personally liked the way its UI has been built. Although it has just a classic no-image look, it still looks pretty nice. It has regularly updated sections which just dedicated to high-quality Anime. Hardcore torrent anime downloaders will find Shana Project a convenient platform as Shana has more seeders than any other popular anime torrent website.


The website basically works on providing the available data on Anime Toshokan with just more convenient ways of downloading the torrent and more number of seeders. The Shana Project website is currently getting approx. 250k+ monthly page views, and it also provides the facility of registration f you want to have one.

Working URL:

#12 BakaBT

You might already have heard about BakaBT before if you’re in the anime fan-based from quite a while now. The website is actually not available for everyone to access as its developers have made to BakaBT in such a way you will require an account to access it.

And here is the twist. You need to be invited to create an account BakaBT. And how do you get invited? Well, you go to the interview. Now, don’t feel worried about the word interview; it is a fairly simple process. This is to make sure that you are a true anime fan. BakaBT is handling average monthly pageviews of 400k+, made y the true anime lovers. And for sure, you will require an account to access BakaBT.

Working URL:

#13 Nyaa

Nyaa is another very popular anime torrent repository that provides the anime torrent to the anime fans for quite a long time. The Nyaa homepage is just as simple and classic as any other torrent website.


The Nyaa website has a numerous amount of sections for Anime. But it has many categories that a user can use to search for the desired Anime like Literature, English-subbed, etc. It also has a dedicated Drak Mode toggle, which a good thing to have for the night use.

Nyaa website is currently handling more than 34 million monthly traffic and non-mandatory account registration.

Working URL:

#14 1337x

Many of the popular torrent websites have started, including a separate anime section on their homepage. 1337x is one such website where along with the rest of the torrent files, you can munch on high-quality animes as well.


No need to explain the interface as it is already a trendy torrent website. But for some of the new torrent users, 1337x is just every simple but imageless torrent website with a color accent of black and red. The website currently has a monthly page visit of 14.5 million with a facility to create an account.

Working URL:

#15 The Pirate Bay

Another viral torrent website with many monthly users and a huge torrent database is The Pirate Bay. This website is also acquiring the field of anime torrent. The Pirate Bay has also made a separate anime section just for those who want to have torrents of popular Anime.


The website is loaded with a lot of torrents that you can use for downloading your desired Anime. Different torrent links refer to different qualities and different downloading destinations you can choose for your Anime’s derived quality. Currently, the website is enjoying an average monthly visit of 30 million with a really huge number, and hence the website is fully dedicated to regularly updated content.

Working URL:

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There are definitely a lot of options out there for anime torrent services. In my personal opinion, websites like HorriblelSubs, Nyaa, and AnimeToSho are some of the best anime torrent websites. But for some reason, if you don’t want to try these websites, I have also mentioned some other options you might have already checked in this article.

Lastly, if you are using torrent to download Anime and don’t other purposes, you should try some online anime streaming services. It will definitely save a lot of downloading time and storage as well.

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