What Annual Returns Did Dan Snyder Make Selling the Washington Commanders?

Dan Snyder bought the Washington Commanders in 1999 for $800 million.

He sold them in 2023 to Josh Harris for around $6 billion.

How much did Dan Synder return selling the team?

$6 billion can also be expressed as $6,000 million.

1999 to 2023 is 24 years.

To find the return we divide the totals, take it to the power of 1 over the number of years, and subtract 1.

The expression (6,000/800)^(1/24) – 1 can be simplified as follows:

(6000/800)^(1/24) – 1 = (7.5)^(1/24) – 1

Using a calculator, we can evaluate this expression to be approximately 1.0713 – 1.

Therefore, (6000/800)^(1/24) – 1 is approximately equal to 0.0713.

As a percent, we find that Dan Snyder made 7.1% nominal annualized returns selling the Washington Commanders.

However, we also don’t know how much cash flow Snyder made over the years owning the team, which would change the calculation.

The Green Bay Packers are the only team in the NFL that makes their finances public, so we don’t know this amount for the Commanders.


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