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43+ BEST Free Sports Streaming Sites (+Top Premium Services)

If you’re looking for the best premium sports streaming sites and best free sports streaming sites then you’re in the right place.

We have lots of premium and free live sports streaming sites for you to look at.

Our list should make it easier than ever to look at all your sports streaming options in one convenient place so that you can make the best decision possible when it comes time to finding the right free or premium sports streaming site for what you’re looking for.

The most important thing, especially when considering a premium or paid sports streaming site is to ask what sport or sports you care most about.

We all have limited budgets so it’s important to consider which sports you most want to watch before choosing a premium streaming site.

And even if you want to go the free route, you also have considerations related to inconvenience, reliability, and the need to protect yourself online.

So, if you’re an NFL fan, for example, you probably want a streaming site or streaming service that caters to the NFL.

These days, most major sporting leagues have their own OTT sports streaming services available.

Many give access to live games and matches, coverage and news, original content, and discounts on any PPV events.

If you’re a big baseball fan, then MLB TV would be a great option, as the streaming service is dedicated to anything on Major League Baseball.

And maybe you’re a casual sports fan that just likes to catch a game every now and then or you’re a hardcore sports fan that likes to watch everything.

Then maybe you don’t have to go for the niche channel and can look at a more general channel that has everything.

In that case, you’ll have options like:

  • Fox Sports
  • Hulu TV
  • NBC Sports
  • CBS All Access

Or lots of other options at your disposal that give a wide range of sports content.

The key to looking at any sports streaming service to identify what you’re looking to get out of it.

Free sites are an option but can be a pain, as anyone who’s dealt with them knows.

For paid streaming sites, you want to get the best value for your money no matter where you’re looking. There’s something out there for every sports enthusiast without having to signup or pay first to see if it fits your needs and tastes.

That’s why we’ve compiled our list of free live sports streaming sites and premium sports streaming sites. can act as your cheat sheet as a reference point to get at exactly what you’re looking for.

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A VPN will allow you to encrypt your traffic, hide your IP address from anyone who might be watching, and keep your identity and information safe. 

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Common questions

Let’s take a look at the most common questions pertains to free sports streaming and premium sports streaming services.

Is it necessary to pay for live sports streams when I can just watch them for free without signup?

We’ve asked these questions plenty of times ourselves.

Is it worth spending your hard-earned money when you can just watch one of the many free live sports streaming sites out there?

We have plenty of free streaming sites listed in this article if that’s what you’re looking for, but we’ve also gotten used to paying a small bit for premium sports services.

It really boils down to a confluence of different factors:

  • convenience
  • dependability
  • user interface and user experience (UI/UX)
  • security
  • quality

Free live sports streaming sites are rarely near the level of quality offered by premium sites and apps.

A paid service has dedicated teams that ensure your viewing experience is as good as possible and they’re also motivated to keep improving the product.

Free sports streaming sites usually just aggregate links and are really just a conduit to deliver advertising and will pummel you with ads and popups that cover the viewing window to try and get you to click on something.

With a premium site, they don’t want their customers to be disappointed and leave, so they ensure that you’re happy enough to stay subscribed.

If there’s an issue with design, interface, or quality, a premium sports streaming site will make sure that those concerns are addressed and work to fix them.

Due to this competition, we have ever-improving sports streaming sites of all kinds.

Moreover, many premium sports streaming sites offer not only live streaming like free sites, but also archived games and matches, commentary, news and analysis, original content, documentaries, video-on-demand, and more.

Where can I watch/stream NFL games in HD?

Like many sports leagues, the NFL can be difficult to watch because of the contracts that determine what networks can broadcast what games.

Many teams tend to play more commonly on certain networks. For example, NFC teams tend to play more on FOX while AFC teams are more commonly on CBS.

If you’re a hardcore fan of your favorite team chances are you already know which network your team is most commonly on.

CBS has a sports streaming network, as do FOX, NBC, and DirecTV.

NFL Game Pass is an interesting service for those who really like to get down to the details of each game.

The service works by diving deeper into each game, tracking player stats, and dissecting the game at a greater level of detail than most other services.

If you’re able to watch games live, then NFL Game Pass could be a useful service, and each game can be viewed after they air, without commercials and other ads.

You can also replay or pause the best moments on command.

It’s much better suited for the hardcore fan than the fan who consumes the NFL only casually.

How can I stream sports?

It’s common to stream content on a computer, but premium sports streaming sites offer other ways to view content as well.

Most premiums sports streaming service packages also come with an app. This allows you to watch content from your smartphone or tablet. And many of them work with Smart TVs and Roku as well.

That means you can watch on the go as well as stream the game from whatever device you’d like, as long as it’s connected to the internet.

I want to watch sports games in 720p, 1080p, or 4K HD without any ads… what do I do?

Our list of premium sports streaming sites will give you a great start on your options.

Any premium streaming service worth your money won’t show you ads because you’re already paying for it.

So let’s take a look.

Best Premium Sports Streaming Sites and Apps for May 2024

To make your sports streaming job easier, we’ve provided our list and some short descriptions of each.

When sports are on TV, you can rely on these sports streaming sites to be better than the traditional options at delivering quality sports content.

NBC Sports

NBC has a sports streaming option, and it’s the only sports streaming service authorized to stream all events that air on NBC.

NBC is well-known in the US for its broadcasting of various sports, including Olympic Sports.


This sports streaming service covers baseball.

You can watch nearly every MLB game in HD quality with just a few exceptions that are only available in standard definition.

There’s also live radio commentary for most games, and archived content is available throughout the season.


The National Hockey League (NHL) has its own official sports streaming site for fans who love to watch ice hockey games.

Most games are available in HD quality with a few exceptions, and there’s live radio commentary for every game across the country.

In addition to fan-favorite features like Hockey Fights and Overtime Shootouts, you can also watch archived content from past seasons.


The official sports streaming site of the NBA presents you with sports games to stream regularly throughout the year, including some pre-season coverage and replays.

You can also see commentary, live sports radio, original videos and content, and you even watch playoffs.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is a sports streaming site designed for the NFL fan.

You can watch all 256 pre-season games and 255 regular season games, in addition to watching replays of classic NFL games from years past.

If you’re a stickler for details, you can also track player stats throughout the game.

There’s even an option for access on mobile devices, which means you can catch up on sports while away from your TV or device at home if need be!

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a sports streaming service that has access to sports across all major sports leagues including American sports.

If you’re an expat based in the UK, this sports streaming site is for you!

FOX Sports

Fox Sports has its own sports streaming services, and Fox Sports Go is one of them. It has a lot in common with the FOX Radio streaming app in terms of offering live audio commentary for sports games, but it also lets you watch some live sports events too if they air on Fox Networks at the time!

FOX sports offers sports commentary that includes major sports like football, baseball, and golf.  The sports streaming site also lets you watch sports events in the US including college sports like basketball.

CBS Sports HQ

CBS sports has its own sports streaming site within which you can find most of the sports it hosts.

You’ll get access to watching most NCAA games on this streaming service. You can even check out NFL match highlights before all games air besides other special content that’s available only on the CBS sports hub.


Dazn streaming focuses heavily on boxing and MMA sports.

There’s also pre-season options like MLB baseball, NFL football, and NHL hockey available to watch along with international sports like cricket, rugby, tennis, golfing events, baseball games (in Japanese), Gaelic sports matches (in Ireland), darts matches (in the UK), basketball matches (in Australia), cycling races (in France), hockey matches (in Canada), and much more.

Sling TV

Sling sports sports streaming service is not free – it’s an add-on to your normal sports package.

However, it offers something unique that few of the sports streaming sites afford you- live sports games on ESPN.

If you’re into sports across all leagues of play, Sling TV is the sports site for you.


F1 sports has coverage that includes sports and games across all seasons, and it also offers live sports events on Sky sports, which is a sports streaming service in the UK.

You can watch sports packages if you sign up for F1 TV Access or you can purchase one-off races as well at any time of year.


DirecTV sports streaming service is similar to sports sites like Sling sports and PlayStation Vue sports in offering sports packages for sports fans.

There’s a range of sports across all sports leagues available for watching, including an NFL game every Thursday, pre-season games in August (MLB baseball), MLB playoffs (MLB baseball), NHL hockey (NHL) Canada, NBA basketball (NBA), NASCAR racing, Soccer (UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League).

It’s also well-known for its NFL Sunday Ticket service that’s been available for decades.


Hulu sports sports streaming service is an excellent option if you’re new to sports streaming sites.

It offers sports coverage across all leagues, and there’s a good range of sports available too including NFL football (NFL), NBA basketball (NBA), MLB baseball (MLB), soccer (UEFA Champions League or UEFA), golfing events (PGA Tour) US, cricket matches, horse racing, rugby, Aussie rules football, and more.


NOW TV sports streaming service is just one of the sports streaming sites that offers sports coverage across all sports leagues.

It also includes horse racing sports events like The Derby and rugby sports games like Super XV Rugby Union sport game in Australia for NRL rugby league sport game fans who are into Australian Rules Football.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is an excellent sports streaming service that also offers great general entertainment packages as well.

You’ll get over 80 channels for usually around $45 a month with the basic package and 120+ channels for $50 a month with the Fubo Extra plan.

Not only will you get sports packages like NFL RedZone , but you’ll also get local sports channels, including regional sports networks.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a close cable competitor and its sports offerings are pretty good as well.

YouTube sports sports streaming service is just one of the sports streaming sites that offers some sports coverage across all sports leagues.


Hotstar offers popular English Premier League soccer matches as well as top Indian Premier League cricket matches and the Big Bash League.


ESPN+ is another subscription-based sports streaming service that gives its users access to exclusive sporting events including boxing matches and eSports competitions.

It’s not a cable or satellite provider – instead, it’s an add-on to your existing network TV subscription with channels like ESPN, Disney Channel, and ABC.

It offers regular sports programming like pre-game coverage to sports news about all things related to sports. It also covers some non-traditional sports like rugby matches for example.


The official sports streaming site of the UFC presents people with an opportunity to stream sports including mixed martial arts (MMA).

You’ll also be able to see additional content like behind-the-scenes interviews and much more.


FITE TV is a sports streaming site that offers sports coverage across all sports leagues.


Showtime boxing sports events are also broadcast on the sports channel Showtime.


If you’re into Motorcycle Grand Prix races, MotoGP is the top service.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is most known as being part of the “Big Three” along with Netflix and Hulu.

But it’s slowly building up its sports content as well to help attract sports fans who might be holding out from subscribing.

Paramount Plus

Paramount sports sports streaming service is just one of the sports streaming sites that offers sports coverage across all sports leagues, with an emphasis on television sports like professional wrestling.

Final word on premium sports streaming sites

If you’re a sports fan and looking for either sports streaming sites or sports channels, then all of the sports streaming services mentioned above could be your answer.

Choose sports streaming sites that offer sports coverage across all sports leagues and that also include additional content such as behind-the-scenes interviews and much more.

Now if you’re not interested in paying for premium channels, we have an entire list of free live sports streaming sites as well.

Let’s take a look.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites for May 2024

This section is solely dedicated to free sports streaming sites.

What are the best sites in 2024 for watching sports for free with no signup?

The best free sports streaming sites are always in a state of churn.

For one, sites are always popping up, coming down, and changing what they offer.

And it naturally depends on what sports you’re looking for. Some are stronger than others.

We can, however, be a bit more sure when it comes to what comes with a great free sports streaming site.

First, you want something that has live sporting events. Sports are one of those things that have to be seen more or less live.

You also want a stream in the best possible quality. For a free site, you don’t necessarily expect 1080p, but you do expect something of relatively decent quality so you can see what’s going on.

You also want a site that’s relatively thorough. Ideally, it should have as many live sporting events as possible. Or at least ones that you care most about. Some cater to sports that have small fanbases.

Moreover, you want the best free sports streaming sites to have an intuitive user interface and be well-designed.

Some also offer more than just streaming. Some allow you to interact to discuss games and teams. Many also offer schedules of upcoming games.

What kind of HD sports events can I watch on free sports streaming sites?

The sports you can watch are basically anything that has interest. Wherever there’s demand and it’s being televised, there’s probably a stream for it somewhere.

Whenever it comes to free sports streaming sites, it’s best to choose a few different ones to rely on.

Whenever one free sports streaming site doesn’t have what you need, your backups might.

The best way to ensure you never miss a game is to have several sites that work. You might have your go-to plus a couple just in case.

Of course, you can always bookmark this article for easy reference in case you need to refer to it in the future. It’d be nice if one site works forever and you never have to come back here again (:D) but things are always changing.

The thing with free sites is that copyright issues can sometimes cause authorities to clamp down, which results in shifting domains. The same is true with movies and TV shows.

But there are lots of free sports streaming sites that cater to all the big, multi-billion-dollar sports leagues:

  • American football (NFL, NCAA football)
  • Football (EPS, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAA basketball)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • MMA (UFC)

But there are also sites that will cater to more niche interest sports, like winter sports, volleyball, darts, racing, and even bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

And there are free sports streaming sites that specialize more in a single sport, like NFL Bite when it comes to NFL.

They are sometimes more reliable at finding a certain game relative to the more diversified sites.

Is it safe to watch free sports streaming sites?

We would never knowingly list a site that had problems with viruses or malware.

We only list sites where we’ve seen live, reliable streams.

But sites also change. So it’s always a good idea to make sure you browse these sites safely.

Having a reliable VPN is important, which encrypts your connection and protects you against potential hackers. We personally use NordVPN.

They are the top on the market in our opinion and they often have discounts as well so you can get a great deal.

A good VPN essentially makes you anonymous and invisible on the internet and enables you to safely browse your favorite sports streams for free.

Can I also watch free live sports on my smartphone?

Some free sports streaming sites work on mobile. Some work better than others.

But, unfortunately, most of these sites do not have apps like the premium sports streaming sites.

The best ones do have responsive designs on mobile so if you want to watch on your smartphone or tablet it can be an option.

It can also be hit or miss depending on your phone and, of course, your internet connection (WiFi signal, data).

So, you’ll have to check out any site that could look interesting for yourself. But at least they’re free. And they’re all below in one place.

So, let’s take a look so that you’re prepared when the time comes.


VIPLeague is a sports streaming site that helps viewers from across the globe find their favorite sports to stream in HD.

Their list of offerings is broad and includes:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Motorsports
  • Boxing
  • UFC and MMA
  • Cricket

And more…

It is one of the most popular free sports streaming sites globally.


VIPBoxTV is comprehensive and has links from a variety of different sports.

It has streams from virtually everything.

TheFirstRow / First Row Sports

This has been under a variety of names over the years as the whack-a-mole game continues, but TheFirstRow or First Row Sports is one of the oldest in the free sports streaming business.

It’s another site that has just about everything.


LiveTV offers lots of free sports streams.

It’s not the most popular free sports site out there, but could be a useful backup.


SportSurge is one of the newer free sports streaming services.

It offers sports like football, basketball, hockey, and motor sports.


LiveSoccerTV is a top of integrated platform when it comes to soccer (football).

It provides news, information, and live streams.


720pStream is a popular site where you can find most links to all the most popular games and matches.

As the name implies, the streams are intended to reach a certain quality as well.


YourSports has a huge content archive offering live sports streaming.

NBA Bite

NBA Bite is designed for NBA fans.

If you’re looking for free live NBA games online, NBA Bite could be your best bet if the more diversified sites are letting you down.


MamaHD is another free sports streaming site that offers a wide range of sports.


MyCujoo specializes in football / soccer matches from around the world.

But you can find many other sports as well.


FromHot is an IPTV website.

It offers a large content library outside sports.

So if you want sports plus something extra, FromHot could be an okay option.

As the name implies, it sounds like a cricket site.

It does offer cricket matches and much more as well.

LiveSport is a quality website that offers football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and many others.


Jokelivestream has lots of sports from around the world.

We like it and think you’ll enjoy it as well. sometimes has UFC and boxing PPVs and also host many games from the Big Four North American sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL).

But its selection can be limited.

That said, its streaming quality is fairly reliable even if it’s not as strong as it once was.


StreamWoop offers live sports streaming, highlights, and replays.


Sport-Stream appeals to a broad sporting audience.

It’s not a common go-to since other sites are so popular, but they’re all worth trying out.

Stream East

Stream East has live games and has lots of stream from the Big Four North American leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL).

LS Hunter (LS Hunters)

LSHunter focuses on sports, so it’s a site worth checking out.


Crickfree doesn’t have the largest list of sports streaming links available, but it has enough that can make it a quality site to consider.

Kodi Addons

We have an article dedicated to kodi addons for sports streaming, located here.


Live sports streaming sites can be a great way to watch sports without cable TV.

But quality and variety vary between sports and sports fans can notice the difference.

Free sites are great, but you want something that’s reliable, dependable, safe, and has a great user experience.

Still, there are lots of free sports streaming sites out there that do a pretty decent job and it’s worth finding one that fits your taste.

If the free sports streaming services are too much hassle, there are many premium networks out there that provide live events and more at a reasonable monthly price.

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