SolarMovie Alternatives, Best Sites Like SolarMovies [Top Picks]

There are thousands of moviegoers out there who have switched from theaters to the internet as a way of watching new movies.

Therefore, if you’re not familiar with SolarMovie, you should now. Read more to find out its usability and what it has to do with entertainment. Once you know more about it, you’ll find it a very useful resource to watch movies online. However, there are also other sites that can work as SolarMovie alternatives in case SolarMovie doesn’t give you everything you expected.

What is SolarMovie?

So, what is SolarMovie?  It is one of the best home-based online streaming for all the latest movies you can watch straight from your PC or laptops.  Anywhere you are, the movies are available to watch f your daily entertainment activity.

Just like Netflix, the movies are high resolution without annoyance from online advertisements.  Not only can you watch online movies for free, but you can also watch them offline.

Your favorite TV shows are also accessible on the SolarMovie platform.

Besides movies in English, you can also find movie content from South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

SolarMovie Unblocked Working Proxy & Mirror Sites in June 2024

SolarMovie’s official website is not more working anymore, similar to other movies streaming websites Putlocker, Fmovies, 123Movies, YesMovies & MovieRulz.

But there are some new working proxy and mirror Solarmovie sites available to deliver a similar experience.

However, you may get some unusual ads, but that can be avoided by using an adblocker. We don’t have any other way to access SolarMovie apart from these mirror sites.

Here is the list of some working SolarMovie Proxy/Mirror domains in 2024:


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Top 14 SolarMovie Alternatives in June 2024

However, other sites like SolarMovie offer the same quality of online movie streaming for you to consider checking them out.  In case there are some movies or TV shows you don’t find available on SolarMovie. Then these other SolarMovie alternatives will make all eyes and ears ready for a long weekend.

So, get some popcorn and cold drinks ahead of time for some movie watching or back-to-back episodes of your favorite TV shows.

#1 YesMovies

The best thing about YesMovies is the various languages they provided for multi-ethnic groups. They have over 21 different languages, such as English, Korean, Hindi, French, etc. Therefore, the countries that support YesMovies include the United States, Asia, Europe, Japan, Korea, UK, France, and many more.


Streaming-wise, it’s good quality and very easy to find the movies you want to watch.  The movies are divided into different genres and search bars to make it easier for you to locate.  Once you find that perfect weekend movie, go ahead, click the play button to start your free streaming, just like at SolarMovies.

Working Domain:

#2 PrimeWire

Another good SolarMovie alternative in case it breaks down is PrimeWire. There’s more to it than movies and TV series. PrimeWire also provides online music streaming. By creating your account on the site free of cost, you can enjoy many movies and music on the platform.


The movies, TV shows, and music are divided into categories based on their genres, dates, new releases, and the most popular ones.  Anywhere from thriller, musical, comedy, adventure, animation, drama, sci-fi, and many more are available to click once you find what you’re looking for.

Working Domain:

#3 MovieWatcher

Next on the list, we have MovieWatcher for your online movie streaming. Their collections of movies and TV shows are in 720p and 1080p quality. The videos are also available for you to download for offline viewing.


The site is unavailable and blocked in some countries. But if you are in the USA, Canada, and the UK, you can have all the site access.  Watching videos from this site can be viewed on all gadgets, including your smartphones.  Hence, this is a good SolarMovie alternative since it is a free registration and free streaming.

Working Domain:

#4 Hulu

With a monthly subscription starting at $7.99, you can enjoy thousands of movies and TV shows only on Hulu. With free online movie streaming like SolarMovie, issues like poor and slow connection can happen many times. But, with paid online video streaming, there will be no restrictions and no form of disruptions.

Hulu is rated one of the best-paid streaming services last year and continues to grow in viewers and subscribers.  Even when it’s a monthly payment system, people continue to use their service for their worldwide channels such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and many more.

Working Domain:

#5 PutLockers

PutLockers are at its best for their free online movie streaming. It is one of the best SolarMovie alternatives when it doesn’t work correctly. The site is very user-friendly and efficient to use.  Top ratings of new and old movies are available for you to choose from.  Because sometimes, top-rated movies are the first thing that viewers are looking for.

From A to Z alphabetical list of movies to every movie genre you could think of, are available here on PutLockers.  Just like SolarMovie, their movies are also high resolution.  Thus, at PutLockers, cartoons, Japanese anime, and even Korean dramas are available for you to enjoy.

 #6 WatchMoviesFree

WatchMoviesFree is also another SolarMovie alternative. It’s an excellent online streaming site and has movies that are of high quality. Whatever movies you want to watch or are curious about new releases, you can check this site out.


Hence, there are news articles you want to read to get to know the site better, and they update the news once in a while.  From all the different movie genres, WatchMoviesFree also added other countries and their famous movies and also the year it was released. It’s quite an interactive and functional site.

Working Domain:

 #7 WatchFree

From thrillers to fantasy, documentary to romance, and other genres, if you are a fan of them all, WatchFree gives it all. The site is also on their way to making it more accessible for everyone worldwide to enjoy free entertainment.

At WatchFree, a wide variety of free streaming video collections get regular updates with all the latest movies and series you can find easily on the site’s platform. Moreover, it doesn’t require any registration to watch the content.  You only need to find and watch the movies you’ve been waiting for with some friends or siblings.

#7 GoMovies

With GoMovies, the site’s appearance is the twin of SolarMovie. They both have the same movie selection on both platforms. One difference between the two websites is the Night Mode on GoMovies to make it easier to spot things.


Again, when one has a small error and doesn’t work like it usually does, you can switch to another.  Since they both have the same features on the site’s platform, it will be easier to find the movie you watched and get back to it quickly.

Working Domain:

#8 IOMovies

IOMovies is one of the best SolarMovie alternatives as of 2024. It offers free online streaming without any registration or signup. The videos are available for you to share with other people easily.


You will find which movies or TV shows you’ve wanted to watch with a straightforward navigation system.  When you’re not sure what to watch, you can click on the latest and top-rated films of the year.  Make sure to check out the Suggest Me section to determine the best movie choice for you.

Working Domain:

#9 CMovies

Another SolarMovie alternative you should try is the CMovies online video streaming. It supports various countries in the world. So, wherever you travel, you can watch movies online, including countries like the United States, the UK, Korea, Japan, Europe, France, China, India, etc.

As for the movie genres, you can find anything that you like, from adventure movies, comedy, romance, dramas, documentaries and many more are available for you to play.  When you have a movie or TV series in mind, you can go to the Request section to place your movie selection.  Thus, your experience in watching live streaming from your PC will be in HQ and HD.

Working Domain:

#10 TvBox

From old to new movies, you name it, TvBox is available to meet your entertainment needs. Plus, TvBox is a community-based database and online video streaming popular like SolarMovie, PutLocker, or PrimeWire.

Therefore, search your favorite movies, new releases, and the Upcoming and Suggestion movies, are all listed on TvBox.  If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones or other TV series, go ahead and search those to watch their back-to-back episodes.

#11 AllMovie

The most complete of them all and the best SolarMovie alternative is the AllMovie online video streaming. It’s an all in one place for entertainment since it provides videos on demand and streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes movies and TV shows online.

Before you pick one of your most wanted movies to watch with your friends and family, read the articles and recommendations on the site.  There are probably other suggested movies to watch that are better.  Thus, the videos are high resolution, and the speed is excellent.

Working Domain:

#12 Movie4u

When you want the source of recommended movies and top-rated movies of last year or the previous years, Movie4u offers the best alternative to SolarMovie for online video streaming. It is a non-registered or signup free web for you to watch movies online anytime and anywhere. Have your laptops with you at all times in case you have some free time for your daily errands.

If you’re into Bollywood, then you’ve come to the right place.  The movies are dubbed in Hindi in high resolution, of course.  Besides, useful entertainment links are available, such as YouTube, Limetorrents, and Mp3.

Working Domain:

#13 RainierLand

With too many ads and popups, RainierLand can be a bit tricky to watch their videos. However, when you have an ad blocker app, you can use it to keep you away from unwanted ads while watching your favorite TV shows or movies.

But, the good thing is, RainierLand is a very user-friendly online streaming service.  This means you can find movies and TV shows so smoothly and all organized into different categories.  Hence, when you don’t know what movies to watch, you can search them under the Most Viewed movies, Best Rated movies, or the latest movies.

#14 House movie

Like other free sites, the downside of one online streaming site, the House movie, is supported by online ads. If you’re new to this site, you can block the ads using the ad-blocking browser to unblock all ads.

Thus, the site is divided into categories, just like SolarMovie, where it has new movies, popular movies, every genre, and even TV series.  Like other top online streaming sites, Housemovie also gives a good experience of online movie watching.

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So, the bottom line is that even more sites could be part of the best SolarMovie alternatives. Because the thing with online video streaming services, sometimes there can be poor connections or the web is completely shut down due to a virus or any other reasons.  You should then find site alternatives to continue watching, especially when SolarMovie breaks down during the middle of the movie.

From the 15 site alternatives mentioned above, you can easily download for free, download with subtitles, or enjoy premium features online.  And yet, you can also enjoy your movies in HQ and HD.  What makes the sites even more interesting is that the movies are supported in other countries and are available in different languages.

So, as soon as SolarMovie breaks down, go ahead and try these alternatives. Maybe you already have a favorite site? Movie fans need to find the best alternatives.

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