What is an OTT Platform?

Searches for OTT Platform on Google are up 24x in the last two years.

So what exactly is an OTT platform?

Over-the-top means any streaming media that cuts out traditional TV and cable providers.

In the US, 82.4 million households stream an average of 100 hours of OTT content per month.

And the number of households plus the total hours spent watching OTT content have both increased by more than 20% since 2020.

OTT trends

OTT Platforms are part of the Niche Netflix’s meta trend.

83% of total viewing time on streaming platforms is made up of:

  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Amazon Video
  • Hulu, and
  • Disney+

But dozens of startups are now launching OTT streaming services to compete with the Netflixes of the world.

Which is the reason behind growing search interest in the term OTT platform specifically.

Upcoming players in this space include:

Shudder the Netflix for horror movies (search interest is up 138% since 2017).

Britbox has thousands of episodes of popular and niche TV shows that premiered in the UK (searches are up 80x).

Crunchyroll is a video streaming service for anime (searches up 325%).

CuriosityStream – is an on-demand streaming platform that focuses on documentaries and non-fiction shows (search interest is up 354%).

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