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15+ BEST Online Sports Betting Sites (List)

If you’re looking for the best online sports betting sites in May 2024, we’ve got plenty of options for you. 

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • Best online sports betting sites in the US (California, Michigan, Florida, and other states)
  • Best online sports betting sites in the UK
  • Best online sports betting app
  • New online sports betting sites
  • Top rated, top 5, and top 10 online sports betting sites
  • Legal online sports betting sites

Online sports betting sites are more famous than ever. Many countries worldwide are establishing their online gambling markets and continuing to develop every day.

Sports betting is the act of predicting sports results and placing a bet on the best outcome.

The degree of spots bet upon differs by culture, with a massive majority of the wagers placed on boxing, baseball, association football, hockey, mixed martial arts, American football, auto racing, basketball, and track cycling at both the professional and novice levels.

Online sports betting can also include non-athletic events, such as political elections and reality show contests.

It is not usual for online sports betting websites to offer bets for entertainment events like the Oscars, the Emmy Awards, and the Grammy Awards.

Can I legally bet on sports online? 

Yes. In the past, for those of us in the United States, it has been kind of a pain to bet on sports unless you were physically located in Las Vegas. 

But in today’s world, it’s easier than ever to bet on your favorite sports. 

Through loosening regulations and new apps and technology, the barriers to entry are lower than they’ve ever been. 

No longer is there a need to put in a lot of work or interact with any shady people or shady websites to get your sports gambling in. 

It’s now easier and safer than it’s ever been. Now there are lots of excellent and credible sites that can handle everything for you. Now it’s just a matter of focusing on getting your betting right instead of dealing with all the other hassles. 

These days, you can put your money on the line without needing to leave your house. 

Sports betting sites and apps have made placing your bets easier, more convenient, and safer than ever before. 

All you need to do is choose which gambling site(s) or app(s) you’d like to join, sign up, fund your account (some sites you don’t have to fund before a bet), and place your bets. 

However, whatever you do, always go in with caution. Never bet money you can’t afford to lose. Gambling addiction is real and can lead to personal ruin for those who go down that path. 

So it’s always important to have important boundaries. 

Which online sports betting site is the best?

This always depends on the person. Each betting site is unique in its own way. And sometimes you might want to have accounts at several to take advantage of line differentials. 

So, when it comes to payouts, odds, and other objective criteria, that stuff I important. The best sites are the ones that result in the best chance of you winning money and being able to receive timely payouts. 

Of course, there are other factors to consider as well. 

You want a site that’s well-designed and will give you a good UI/UX. If a site is confusing and has a bad user interface, it can be harder to trust versus one that puts in the effort to give their customers a great experience.

So, the best online gambling sites and best sports betting apps are professionally designed. 

Many sites also go the extra mile. For example, the best online gambling sites and apps offer up-to-the-second coverage of the games and matches they take bets on. 

This ensures you’re kept up to speed with how all your contests are going. 

And you’re not just looking for news and coverage, but stats can be great too. 

Some of the better sites also keep player and team stats to help you reference. 

Of course, you should also do your own research with third-party sites as well. After all, the sports book isn’t providing this stuff just for your benefit, they’re doing it because they believe it’ll help encourage more bets. 

We have plenty of online betting sites to choose from, so please check out as many as you can to find the best online gambling service before committing money to any of them. 

What sports can I bet on with online betting services?

If it’s a spectator sport in some form, then there’s a good chance it has bookmakers making a market in them. 

Any sport out there has people who’d like to bet on it. It’s just a matter if there’s enough volume to get a market going. 

To have success in sports betting, you’re going to want to focus on the sports that you’re most knowledgeable about. 

You need to have an edge somehow. The expectations are built into the line. So you need to have a view that’s out-of-consensus and be right in order to make money. 

So you’ve got several options in terms of the sports you can bet on:

  • NFL and NCAA football
  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Hockey (NHL and other leagues)
  • Boxing
  • MMA (UFC)
  • World football / soccer (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS)
  • Cricket
  • Horse racing
  • Tennis (WTA)
  • Golf (PGA)
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Winter sports
  • Online sports (esports)

So there are lots of gambling services that can appeal to your niche of expertise. 

Some gambling sites and apps are stronger in some sports than others. 

Some services are broad and offer betting in just about everything with a huge range of wagers available (including in-game betting and props). 

Others tend to focus on just a few. 

So, you’ve got to figure out which sports you want to bet on and which betting sites best cater to this need. 

Is online betting legal in all jurisdictions? Can I get in trouble?

This is not an easy question to answer. It depends.

In the United States, for example, there is no federal law that bans internet gambling. 

There are, however, federal laws concerning how gambling winnings may be paid out. 

And in the US, there are often different laws that exist between states and the federal government when it comes to online gambling. The same is true for other gray areas like marijuana. For example, even though cannabis is illegal at the federal level, it’s still permissible to use weed recreationally in some states.

So, when it comes to the legal status of online gambling, it’s best to check with the legal status as it pertains to your country and, in the US, your state – or region, state, province or other relevant municipality in whatever country you reside.  

How much do odds matter in betting?

Odds are essentially the game itself. 

All good bettors understand the concept of expected value. There’s a probability of being right and an award for being right. To have winning results over time, that must exceed the probability of being wrong and the penalty for being wrong. 

For example, let’s say you’re playing a game and you have a 20% chance of being right and a $100 reward for being right. And you have an 80% chance of being wrong and a $20 penalty for being wrong.

Is that a bet worth making?

From an expected value standpoint:

Expected value = 0.20 * $100 – 0.80 * $20 = $20 – $16 = +$4

You have a positive expected value. So, if you can cover the prospective $20 loss, if you play these odds over and over again you’ll have winning results if your process is correct.

It also means games where you have a high probability of being right but an insufficient reward relative to your loss when you’re wrong aren’t worth playing. 

Once bettors understand the concept of expected value you’ll know it’s not always a good idea to bet on what’s most probable. 

Just like many bettors won’t play the lottery. The ticket is cheap and the upside is high, but you have negative expected value. 

How often do the odds change?

Some online sports betting sites change the odds more often than others. Patiently monitoring these adjustments can be a useful way to find value on one side of the bet, but this method can take a long time for casual bettors.

If you are interested in placing your bets without fear of better odds coming up after an hour, you can search for a book that takes a “set and forget” oath to their lines.

How early are the lines released?

Some online sportsbooks may release the odds weeks or days before the game day, while others tend to do it near. If you are a confident and knowledgeable bettor, placing your money down early can continually secure better odds.

But if you are a novice to betting or you find yourself betting on a sport you are not familiar with, it is advisable to wait until it is nearer to the game day to place your wager.

If you are interested in betting on baseball, basketball, or hockey, you will notice much fewer variations in line release times.

On the other hand, if you are interested in combat sports or football, you might want to pick a sportsbook that releases its lines before the game day.

How much of a cut does the Sportsbook take?

All online sports betting sites take a commission to handle your bet (called the vigorish, juice, or vig), but the price differences between individual games and books.

Over an extended period, the difference in vig can be the same as the difference between suffering a load or gaining a profit.

Odds of 110 are usually standard for totals and points spread. This implies that you must bet up to $1.10 to get $1.

Books that collect more than this are considered expensive, while those that repeatedly offer odds at 105 are usually considered a value.

If you are planning to place some bets casually, these changes won’t have much effect. On the other hand, those planning to bet continuously will realize that the toll a high vig can take on their bankroll over time.

How are sports betting odds calculated?

Betting odds represent the probability of an event occurring.

So you’ll be able to calculate how much money you can win on a particular bet. 

So if your odds are 5:1, for example, that means for every $1 you bet, it will give you $5 if you win (plus your $1 initial bet returned). 

Therefore, there’s a 1/6 chance of this taking, or about 16.7%. 

The calculation is: 1 / (1 + 5) = 1/6 = 0.167

It’s important to take everything into account to determine whether you’re making the best bets possible. 

Gambling is risky and it can sometimes seem less real when it just seems like random numbers on a screen, like it’s gamified. 

So always take your odds into consideration, focus on what you know, and make the best calls possible.

Outside that, we hope you have fun and can make some money at whatever sports betting sites and apps work best for you.

How Do You Select Real Money Sports Betting Sites?

There are many things to learn about online sports betting. There was a period when a few online sportsbooks operate, most of which give a measured set of odds on major sporting events.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of surprising real money sites available that provide thousands of lines every day.

One of the essential things when betting online with real money is your safety. Before joining any of the sports betting sites, it is necessary to know that the money you withdraw and deposit is safe and secure.

Below you will find the process involved in how you review and rate online sports betting sites.

The Sports Betting Site’s Payment System

All online sports betting sites use a payment system. Essentially, this is the method that these sportsbooks use to process your real money withdrawal and deposits. A Respectable sports betting site will take strict measures to make sure that its members are protected.

A site with a safe parent system is one of the first things we look for. In each online sportsbook review, we mention precisely the methods of payments accepted to collect your winnings and put money into your betting account.

The Odds Available

Another thing we look for in sports betting sites is precisely the betting odds they offer. The more odds a site provides, the better the website. You can also compare a new online sports book’s odds with another few online sports betting sites.

You may find an online sportsbook that offers thousands of daily odds. If the odds are not competitive with others, the site is probably not worth joining.

Customer Support Options

Customer support is one of the most neglected online sports betting site attributes. It is, unfortunately, that this is one of the most useful tools available.

It is the simplest way to have any problems you encounter solved fast while betting online. A live chat feature is included in today’s best online sports betting sites.

This allows you to communicate with a website representative immediately. We usually don’t recommend registering on a sports betting website that only offers email support.

It is favorable to join sites that offer fast and efficient customer support 24/7.

Design and Overall Functionality

The last point we are intensely focused on is website design. The online sports betting sites operated nowadays offer their members a modern user interface, making it extremely simple to find the best odds you are searching for and place your wagers.

The design of each of these sites will affect your complete online gambling experience.

You need to patiently look through every one of the sports betting sites pages and make sure that nothing crashes. As long as these sites possess a durable design that makes it easy to find what you are searching for, they are outstanding to play.

Real Customer Reviews

People review all sports betting sites to test out each of the characteristics, customer support, bonuses, and everything else they have to offer. Still, they also listen to what other professionals have to say.

There must be a good reason for an online sports betting site to have a bad online review among users. So it is best to keep a close eye on chats and forums to see and hear the opinions of their personal experiences.

When a betting site’s customer service is lacking, there usually is a bad review surrounding the specific site. On the other hand, it is noticed that whenever users have nasty negative comments toward a particular website they have been using, they are only angry about losing many placed wagers.

So it is advisable to patiently investigate any comments that you find online to ensure that they are right.

How does Online Betting Site Bonuses Work?

If you have already researched a few sports betting sites, there is a chance that you come across a promotion. In case you are not aware, online sports betting bonuses are promotions that the sites give to their players.

In most cases, these bonuses come in the form of a  first deposit welcome bonus.

There is an excellent way to increase your betting money. Sometimes, these bonuses can also pose an obstacle when you want to withdraw your winnings.

Can You Take Bonuses From Sports Betting Sites?

It is based on the website. Reputable and trusted sports betting sites will usually offer great bonuses to both existing and new users. Some sites also provide bonuses that do not provide little to no help.

This is because of the term called ‘a rollover requirement.’ It means that after you get a bonus, you will be required to bet a specific amount of money before you can withdraw your money.

Now and then, these rollovers are high that many users will never ask for a payout.

Betting Sites by Sport or League, Which is the best?

Most of the top best online sports betting websites offer odds on every significant sporting event worldwide.

Below are only a few of the leagues, events, and sports that people can wager online.

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • NBA Finals
  • World Series
  • Indy 500
  • Football
  • Premier League
  • Super Bowl
  • Baseball
  • March Madness
  • World Cup
  • Hockey
  • Masters
  • Horse Racing
  • Wimbledon
  • Esports

How to Choose the Best Sports Betting Site for Beginners?

The foremost thing is to ensure that you join a reputable sports betting site. Legal online sports betting sites offer a wide range of payment methods and great odds.

Once you find a good site, you can start placing bets. It is advisable that, in the beginning, you should stick to betting on sports you are familiar with and understand.

This will visibly increase your chances of winning. It is also an excellent idea, to begin with, a small bet before working on larger wagers.

Along the way, you can develop your betting portfolio for various sporting events.

US sports betting

If you are US-based searching for the best online sports betting site for real money, you can try one of the sites named above.

When searching for sites for residents from the United States, you should pay attention to things like secure banking options and fast payouts.

You can also see each particular state’s rankings to ensure that you find a safe site for you.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites

1) FanDuel

FanDuel Group is a US-based gambling company that offers the following products:

  • sportsbook
  • daily fantasy sports (DFS)
  • online casino (non-sports, if you choose), and
  • online horse race betting

2) DraftKings

DraftKings is a US-based daily fantasy sports contest and sports betting company.

DraftKings enables users to enter daily and weekly fantasy sports-related competitions and win cash prizes based on your performance.

3) BetUS

BetUS is a US-based sportsbook that offers the following:

  • sports betting
  • live in-game betting
  • horse race betting
  • online slots
  • online casino

4) BetOnline

BetOnline offers sports betting, online casino games (including poker), and horse race betting.

5) 1xBet

1xBet offers betting for sports, poker, and online casino games.

The company has gotten its name out there with high-profile sponsorships with European football clubs, including FC Barcelona and FC Liverpool.

6) MyBookie offers live sports betting across a variety of sports (NFL, UFC, NCAA football, MLB, boxing, tennis, and more).

It also offers an online casino and racebook.

7) Bet365

Bet365 is one of the most popular betting networks globally.

It is very popular in the UK and caters specifically to the sportsbetting niche.

8) Betfair

Betfair, like Bet365, is one of the leading gambling sites in Britain. 

Betfair provides fixed odds betting, online bingo, online casino, and poker.

9) Bovada

Bovada is an online sports book, online casino, and offers online poker. 

10) Unibet

Unibet covers all major sports league globally, from the UK, US, Brazil, and Australia. 

11) Bet-at-home

Bet-at-home is pretty much as it sounds. 

They’re a European online betting and gambling company that focuses on user experience.

12 FonBet

FonBet is a betting platform that’s well-known for being one of the first to offer betting on e-sports, such as CyberFootball and CyberHockey. 

13) WilliamHill

WilliamHill is one of the most popular and oldest betting companies globally. 

It has a diverse range of betting products and a huge customer base.

14) SkyBet

SkyBet is a UK-based platform that focuses on the sports betting market. 

15) BetMGM

BetMGM is an online sports book offering sports such as:

  • NFL
  • NCAA college football
  • NBA
  • College basketball
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • and more

It also offers an online casino, offering:

  • Slots
  • Table games
  • Live dealer
  • and other exclusive casino games

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