Lenovo Tab M7 vs Amazon Fire 7

Amazon Fire 7 vs. Lenovo Tab M7 – Tablet Comparison

Here in this comparison, I am going to discuss the Lenovo Tab M7 vs Amazon Fire 7 tabs along with their features, specs, price, etc.

Lenovo Tab M7 or Amazon Fire 7?

When it comes to budget tablets, many companies have come and gone. But all these tablets being in the budget tablets market segment, have failed to woo many customers.

But two tablets in the budget tablet segment have cut out to make a name for themselves and also make sense when it comes to price. These two tablets are Amazon Fire 7 and Lenovo Tab M7.

There has been a steady decline in the sales and revenue earned in this market segment of all the powerful brands. The market is very competitive, brands have failed to live up to technological expectations and also reduce their process to an extent where they can sustain for long and as well as earn profits.

The fixed costs involved are very high, putting together the considerable research and development costs also compounding their prices and cutting does on benefits.

Comparison – Lenovo Tab M7 vs Amazon Fire 7

Here I am going to compare all the features, price, camera, screen, etc of both the tabs i.e., – Lenovo Tab M7 vs Amazon Fire 7.


Manufactured by two top have managed to keep their costs to a minimal level and hence sell at lower prices in the $50-$60 range. Their performance has hit a high and stands in close competition with highly famed products.

Their low price is not compromising their performance features. They can very smoothly perform surfing and browsing requirements and also can be used for reading, entertainment, and more productive photo and video applications as well.

These two tablets have excellent features, and they can be easily differentiated and contrasted based upon these features which are as below.

Screen Size

This parameter is very crucial when one decides to choose a tablet. The screen size of tablets, the rich experience, and the color schema all define the critical customer experience.

Both these tablets are under the 8-inch screen size category and have excellent readability under daylight conditions. Thus, one can have a good reading or video watching experience when using any one of Amazon Fire 7 and Lenovo Tab M7.

Battery Life

Another significant and crucial feature in tablets, especially the budget ones, is to check for the battery life offered by them. We never prefer those gadgets that have short batteries that die out when we are at work in them.

Test results show that the Lenovo Tab M7 fares better when battery life is in comparison. It has excellent backup and can last about half a day when browsing is being only being the work, while it sustains about 612 minutes of video watching at a stretch.

The corresponding values for battery longevity of the Amazon Fire 7 tablet are 528 minutes of web browsing and about 522 minutes of video watching.


The Lenovo Tab M7 supports almost all, if not all, the apps of the Google Playstore while the Amazon Fire 7 helps all the apps develop for Amazon devices.

Camera Experience

The Lenovo Tab M7 has a 2 Mega Pixel Camera on the rear and a 2 Mega Pixel Camera on the front as well. The Amazon Fire 7 tablet also has a 2 MegaPixel camera on the back but sports a VGA camera on the front for selfies.

Summary – Lenovo Tab M7 vs Amazon Fire 7

Both tabs are suitable for those users who are looking for a budget Tablet with decent features.

Both tablets, Lenovo Tab M7 & Amazon Fire 7, offer great features with a budget price tag.

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