Yahoo is shutting down “Yahoo Groups” soon, data will be wiped out by December 14

Yahoo announced on Wednesday that the company will gradually close the Yahoo Groups website, which has been operating for a long time. Users will no longer be able to post new content from October 21 to this site; by December 14, previously published content will be permanently deleted. The company released note by saying, “You need to save any content you uploaded before that date.”

Yahoo Groups

To recall, the Yahoo Group was launched in 2001. It is essentially a combination of a mailing list and an Internet forum platform. Individual groups can interact on the Yahoo Group website or interact via email. In the 18 years since the Yahoo group had gone live, countless niche communities have settled on this platform. Today, as Yahoo prepares to gradually close the site, users are looking for ways to save their group history.

Yahoo pointed out, users can download data from the privacy tab of the site. Some users are sharing links on Reddit for automated crawlers. Further, the company stated in the announcement that the Yahoo group website will continue to exist, but all public groups will be private and require administrator approval to join.

In addition, administrators will have access to a limited set of group settings, but most features (files, links, photos, attachments, mail history, etc.) will be turned off. According to Yahoo, users can still interact with their groups via email.

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