Samsung Galaxy Z leak suggests dual-hinge foldable design similar to TCL Prototype (Updated)

Samsung is holding an event for February 11 in the USA, where its next Galaxy “S” lineup will be showcased. In the meantime, some rumours suggested that the company will also reveal the next-generation foldable smartphone called Samsung Galaxy Z Flip at the same event. Now, we have a new leak coming from Chinese social media Weibo that shows an official-looking promotional material of alleged Galaxy Z.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Leaked Promo
Alleged Samsung Galaxy Z Leaked Promo

According to the provided image, the Samsung foldable machine seems to arrive with a dual-hinge foldable design. If you might be aware of, we had reported about TCL dual-hinge foldable prototype offering a unique design. Alleged Samsung Galaxy Z phone appears to replicate the TCL prototype device. At the present scenario, the TCL tri-fold device hasn’t yet commercialized.

Hence, Samsung could be early adopters to bring that kind of mechanism to the commercial market. Keep in mind that Samsung holds a patent for tri-fold phone. But still, it is far away to become reality. Moreover, we can’t confirm the authenticity of the current leak as it comes from the concealed source. Hence, you can take it with a pinch of salt.

Some earlier leaks had pointed out a typical clamshell Flip phone is on the way resembling what we have seen with Motorola Razer. This device is expected to have Snapdragon 855 SoC and 3300 mAh battery. Rest of the specifications are yet unknown. We have to wait until its official launch, which isn’t far away.

The mentioned device can be announced alongside the S20 series. Which is scheduled to go official on February 11 in an event held at New York, USA. However, there is no confirmation whether the current leak belongs to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or it is another “Z” lineup device going to launch near future.

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