LG patents three-layer wrapped foldable smartphone

LG just wins a very interesting patent for a three-layer foldable device. Indeed, the company seems to be planing a smartphone with a three-layer wrapped display. Usually, we see a single fold display on the current foldable smartphones, but the future is planning something different for us. Below the schematic diagram is given to know how this new tech will look alike.

Source: Ice Universe/Weibo

As per seen in the provided image, a foldable device is wrapped in three layers, and a pencil can be inserted in the middle. The first look of this device appears to be really impressive.  But the sad reality is that most of the patents are filed to secure the intellectual property and never convert into reality. Besides, we don’t have any additional information available for this device, neither we have heard any progress from the company. Apparently, the concept is very cool, but it doesn’t seem to be practical in the current scenario. Hopefully, we can see something very unique from LG Electronics in the coming years.

Image Credit: Letsgodigital

Although this isn’t the first patent, the company had latterly filed another patent for a wrappable fold smartphone, but with a different concept. That concept was showing a wrap around its edges and a magnetic snap to keep the display attached to the backside of the handset.

Essentially, the company is just experimenting with different designs, which they find best-suited, they will go ahead with it. As far as the name is concerned, the company has already filed trademarks with EUIPO to secure three names: Flex, Foldi, and Duplex. Therefore, the company is supposed to pick any of these name.

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