Alleged Nubia Red Magic 5G real machine exposed with new gaming projection function

ZTE Nubia launched multiple gaming-oriented smartphones last year. They will expand this by adding more smartphone in the portfolio. ZTE co-founder & President of Nubia brand Ni Fei has already confirmed that 5G gaming smartphone is already on the way. It will use the latest Snapdragon 865 chipset under the hood. He also suggests 144Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling, which makes it first Nubia phone to go beyond 120Hz.

Today, Ni Fei demonstrated the new wireless projection feature for its upcoming Nubia Red Magic 5G phone. According to the released video, the wireless projection or screen mirroring function was working very well without any significant lag. The gameplay was indeed very smooth. This screen mirroring option can prove handy for those seeking mobile gaming experience on a bigger display. The delay between mobile and TV screen is minimal, making it an overall decent gaming experience.

Alleged Nubia Red Magic 5G leaked image
Alleged Nubia Red Magic 5G leaked image

Subsequently, a new Nubia device spotted that was used to play the game to perform this demo. It was indeed hidden behind in a particular protective case which didn’t eventually reveal the device appearance. There are bright chances that it could be the new Nubia Red Magic 5G smartphone. Looking at the current image, we can only say that it uses a taller display ratio more then 18:9, which has been mainstream nowadays. Rest of the details are unknown yet.

The company has already confirmed that it will be powered by Snapdragon 865. You must be aware of; Snapdragon 865 comes with dual-mode 5G connectivity to switch between 2G to 5G. Besides, a recent 3C listing confirmed 55W fast charging support for Nubia device carrying model number NX659J. Rest of the configurations are yet unknown. For further information, stay tuned with us!

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