Reasons to Pursue a Career in Technology

A career in technology is a highly desirable path for many people. In fact, more and more of our jobs involve some sort of technical aspect to them, so if you are looking for a career that is ‘future proof’ you are looking in the right direction. Of course, technology has so many different aspects to it that we cannot say that there is one single route into a career in tech, but there is no doubt that the field keeps growing and job roles open up all the time. Have you been on the edge of entering a career in tech for some time? Well, here are a few reasons to make the leap and get involved. 

The Industry is Ever-Growing 

As many traditional industries start to dry up, tech is one that continues to see consistent growth – just as we mentioned in the initial paragraph. Thousands of new jobs are expected to open up in the next decade, so if you are thinking about getting into a career with the longevity factor, this is certainly the direction to be looking in.

Of course, you still need to be willing to do the work and ‘upskill’ yourself on a regular basis. Otherwise, there will be people waiting in the wings who are willing to take up the more modern tasks that you are not trained for.

Work from Anywhere 

While Silicon Valley is still the spiritual home of technological jobs, there are plenty of areas around the world where you can go to get a job in this field. Not only this, but the big shift to working from home has meant that many offices are springing up all over the place.

Unlike some jobs where you need to be physically present to do them properly, this is not going to be the case with many technological jobs in which you just need a laptop and a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Of course, they are not all this simple, but there is no doubt that a career in tech provides the opportunity to travel and develop a sense of adventure along the way too. Certain aspects of the tech industry are also positive in terms of the work/life balance offered.

Various Routes of Entry and Career Paths

Unlike some jobs, which have a very specific route of entry, this is not the case for many careers in tech. Obviously, there are the traditional routes too like getting an online Masters in Data Science, but this is by no means the only way that you have to enter. There are various less formal programs to enroll in, and you even have the option of teaching yourself if you are this type of learner.

Plus, there are the various internships and apprenticeships that can act as a clear way to progress your way up the ladder. As well as varied routes of entry, there are also plenty of different career paths that you could follow. For example, web development and IT support are poles apart, but they would both be considered ‘jobs in tech’. Ultimately, you have to decide on what your particular strengths are and match them up with a job accordingly.

High Salaries 

It is surprising to get this far through the article and not yet talk about salaries! There is no doubt that the top players in the tech industry can command high salaries – simply down to the fact that their skills are so in demand. That is not to say that every job in tech comes with an enormous starting salary.

You still need to be willing to work your way up over time. While the salary isn’t everything in a job role, it certainly helps to provide you with an extra incentive to enter a career in tech.

Clear Career Progression 

Closely linked to the point that we just discussed, jobs in tech have more of a sense of progression over time, which is what many people look for in a career. Rather than being stuck in a dead-end position, you always have the opportunity to advance your skillset to move through the organization.

Often, the job roles are clearly defined and you can tell that you are making progress when you move through the ranks from a ‘junior’ position to something more ‘senior’ or you become a ‘middleweight’ after languishing as a ‘lightweight’.

Opportunity for Creativity

If you think of some of the most innovative companies in the world over the past few years, many of them are from the world of technology. When some people imagine a career in tech, they automatically think of drearily inputting numbers into a spreadsheet, but in many cases, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The tech companies have helped to shape the world as we know it these days, and there are few signs that their influence will diminish anytime soon. If you have this creative desire in your heart, moving into technology may well provide you with the ideal outlet for it.

Transition Between Careers 

Even if you decide not to stay in tech for your entire career, it will certainly not look bad on your resume that you have worked in this sector. You are more than likely to pick up some transferrable skills that you can pass onto others. Perhaps you may even teach your skills to the next generation.

There are also opportunities to move from one tech-based job to another, so you are certainly not boxing yourself in by taking a career in tech. In fact, you are likely to see a lot more doors starting to open, and you can be the one to decide which one you walk through.

Pursuing a career in tech is the ambition of many people, and there are certainly plenty of reasons why this is a worthwhile endeavor. The points above represent just a few of the pull factors that draw so many people into this exciting and innovative field which is packed with possibilities.

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