How Gaming Enthusiasts Can Choose the Best Smartphone?

Anyone who is a fan of online gaming has likely taken full advantage of the ability to access these platforms away from home through the use of their mobile phone. Now that many companies are beginning to roll out models equipped to handle 5G wireless connectivity, some users are thinking about an upgrade in order to take full advantage of such lightning-fast transmission speeds.

However, there are countless different makes and models on the market. What are some game-specific concerns that you should address in order to make the most relevant decision? Let us take a look at two important categories as well as the impact that each may have upon your overall experience.

Display Size and Resolution

In the modern world of smartphones, many developers have embraced the notion that bigger is better. Screens of up to seven inches or larger are now becoming commonplace. Not only does this provide users with the ability to stream their favorite films and television programs, but UHD technology has now become a reality.

In terms of gaming, another critical matric to consider is known as the refresh rate. This rate is defined as the number of times a display refreshes its content per second. Older smartphones were known for rates of 60 to 80 frames per second. However, we are now witnessing frequencies as high as 160 or even 240 times each second. Why is this important? Those who play fast-paced games such as hack-and-slash platforms will benefit from the realism associated with this technology. So, be sure to consider refresh rates when making a purchase.

All About Performance

Performance is another key metric to address. Of course, this will depend upon the primary use of the phone and what types of games you wish to play. Games such as Andar Bahar are not likely to require a fast-based CPU in order to function normally. However, the same cannot be said in terms of more memory-laden bundles such as three-dimensional RPGs, first-person shooters, and MMORPGs. So, here are three performance concerns to address when examining a specific make and model:

  • The type of processor and its associated speed.
  • The brand of GPU is present.
  • How much on-board memory (RAM) is offered.

Those who are on a limited budget can also purchase an entry-level model with a strong processor. They may be able to upgrade their on-board memory at a later date when needed.

Finally, make it a point to physically manipulate a handful of models in order to get a feel for the ergonomic qualities of each. How easy is it to handle? Can it fit snugly into your pocket? What is its weight and might this affect your gameplay? All of these questions are subjective and yet, they are very important to address.

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