Which Are the Most Expensive Things That Can Be Purchased with Crypto?

People were initially drawn to Bitcoin as a decentralized means of payment, just like using cash or bank accounts. However, the volatility of cryptocurrency values has created ideal conditions for them to be traded like investments such as oil and valuable metals. There are, however, lots of opportunities to purchase costly things with crypto coins. In this article, we will showcase some incredibly expensive purchases that have been made with Bitcoin over time. So, if you are planning to trade Bitcoin, start investing in a reliable trading platform like immediateconnect.nl

Some Costly Things Bought with Bitcoin

The Biggest, Baddest Gaming PCs

Video cards are often used for mining cryptocurrency, though did you know they could be utilized to create graphics and visuals as well? The best gaming PCs provide a powerful system with advanced capabilities; however, these devices do not come cheaply. Fortunately, by using the crypto mined from GPUs, purchasers can buy real gaming PC equipment—Newegg accepts Bitcoin! Just one bitcoin is enough to get hold of some of the world’s finest computing hardware from renowned brands like Dell Alienware HP Omen, Razer and so on—ideal for your esports career generated through crop royalties.

Basketball Season Tickets

Crypto fans and sports enthusiasts alike will be happy to hear that the Golden State Warriors NBA team accepts payments in cryptocurrency. Season tickets are offered for 1.02 BTC presently with home games being acquired shortly thereafter. The management has declared their support of cryptocurrencies which means other teams might follow suit — so lobby your favorite team today. Cryptocurrency is an exciting way of using technology to purchase items all over the world as well as purchasing sporting event tickets such as those offered by the Golden State Warriors. Experts support football fans but also encourage everyone else to take advantage of this growing trend and benefit from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin!

Citizenship in Paradise

It is possible to sail on the magnificent South Pacific Island country of Vanuatu using a boat you bought using cryptocurrency, and in case you love it there, why not make use of your extra bitcoin to be a citizen? Vanuatu continues to be the world’s very first country to give citizenship through Bitcoin in recent years. Additionally, Antigua and Barbuda located in the Caribbean are also accepting payments through this digital currency as they attract housing businesses while gaining visa-free access to other countries. Prices are pegged on US Dollars given the volatility of Cryptocurrency but buying citizenship with BTC would usually cost less than local pricing options.

A First-Class Education

Bitcoin’s rise to the mainstream has opened new opportunities for students around the world, with many universities now accepting crypto payments. The faculty of Nicosia in Cyprus, accepted bitcoin for The very first time in 2013, and King’s College became The very first US Faculty to do so, to The European School of Technology and Management in Berlin, Germany, along with Lucerne Faculty of Applied Arts and Sciences, Switzerland, The power of cryptocurrencies could be utilized to obtain a great education for prospective entrepreneurs.

Switzerland has always had an open acceptance of cryptocurrencies making it an ideal place for those seeking to start their venture in this dynamic field. Choosing one of these institutions is sure to be advantageous for any prospective student wanting to explore (the unlimited potential) of its associated tech or capitalize on its successes.

Private Planes

The best have always been aware of the usage of private planes, and today the new generation of bitcoin millionaires is signing up for the best club. Olivier Janssens, a member of the Bitcoin Foundation, allegedly chartered a private plane from PrivateFly.com in 2014 for 5 BTC.

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