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How Zapier Generates 70 Million SEO Visitors Per Year

According to SEMrush, Zapier generates approximately 70 million visitors from search every year.

Let’s take a look at Zapier’s strategy:

Midfunnel query targeting

Zapier targets mid-of-the-funnel (MOF) queries like “connect Gmail to HubSpot.”

For this query, Zapier ranks seventh on Google and regularly appears on the “first page” (top ten) for similar inquiries.

Dedicated landing page

When you click on it, you land on a dedicated landing page to integrating the two apps.

Landing page multiplier

Each “Zap” (i.e., an integration between two apps or tools) creates dozens of additional landing pages, that talk about other ways to use the integrations.

For example, you see things like “Send emails through Gmail for new HubSpot contacts” or Send emails via Gmail for new HubSpot contacts.

Signup page

Once you find the integration(s) you want to implement, you land on a signup page. And in just a few clicks, you get the job done and become a Zapier user.

Zapier has literally thousands of similar landing pages like this.

But how do you do all this?

This is great and all, but as someone with limited time and limited resources… how do you create all of this content?

The basic answer is you don’t.

Every new Zapier partner writes its own copy following editorial guidelines. That takes this specific form of content creation work out of the hands of Zapier and puts it in the hands of its partners.

Zapier will also target top-of-the-funnel (TOF) customers searching for tools and apps themselves, like “best meeting scheduler apps.”

Zapier ranks high on a large amount of these queries.

It has built up a large domain authority such that ranking for them is not difficult.

These posts lead to a description of each tool, with specific Zaps leading to the signup page. They may also lead to a separate featured blog post that describes the best Zaps for particular types of apps.

Zapier is also working to expand its content to more generalized topics that can capture more traffic. This includes matters like work-from-work (WFH) or starting a side hustle.

Final word

You may not be able to copy Zapier’s strategy.

Each business is different and has different goals, but you can take inspiration from Zapier’s creative approach to boost traffic (around 6 million per month or roughly 70 million per year based on SEMrush figures) and help generate revenue on your own site.






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