YIFY Alternative Proxy Mirror Sites in 2020

17+ BEST YIFY Torrent Movies Alternatives [Proxy & Mirror Websites]

Do you love watching movies? Nowadays, watching a movie is an easy thing to do because you can download it online.

YIFY, aka YTS Movies, is currently the most famous torrent movie download site in the world.

It provides a lot of movie collections, and it always gets new updates every day. You can download newly released movies on this website.

However, YIFY is not the only torrent movie download that you may visit. You can also find other YIFY alternative sites to download movies in HD.

What are the best YIFY alternative sites? Well, you may consider these following top YIFY alternative sites to download new popular movies as you wish for free.

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What is the Yify Torrent (YTS)?

The Yify Torrent AKA YTS is a peer to peer torrent network used to download free movies using BitTorents any P2P service. The platform was started by Yiftach Swery, a residence of NewZealand, in 2010. Its name itself presents its owner name, which is the only reason it is used to called Yify torrents.

It kept providing its services until the official site was taken down in 2015 after the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Before its ban, the site has become widely popular in many countries due to its free 1080p Full HD movies and much more interesting stuff related to movies. Still, it is one of the most popular names in the industry.

But, unfortunately, we don’t have any official website remaining that can prove its legitimacy.

There are tons of domains using YTS branding to attract traffic. We aren’t sure about their authenticity.

Some of the proxy and mirror sites are doing good, which we have mentioned below.

YIFY Torrent (YTS) Working Proxy & Mirror Sites

Before we start YIFY alternatives, we want you to know about its working Proxy and Mirror sites. Some of the YIFY mirror and proxy websites are still alive; those work similarly to the YIFY’s original website.

These sites work similarly to Yiify. However, there is no confirmation that these are from the official source.

These sites could be useful to those looking for YIFY proxy and mirrors.

Essentially, it can deliver a somehow similar experience to the original website except for annoying ads that may ruin the user experience. But if you use adblocker, you can easily avoid these ads.

Below is the list of few working proxy/mirrors sites you can utilize in 2024:

  • yts.mx
  • yify-movies.net
  • /yts.ms

YIFY (YTS) Torrent Best Alternatives in 2024

If you have landed on this page to see the YIFY alternatives, you are in the right place. In this section, we have covered some of the best alternatives that may help you to replace the YIFY torrent site.

Below is the list of best YIFY alternative websites you may consider to visit in 2024:

#1 The Pirate Bay

Perhaps the most famous of all. The Pirate Bay has been the subject of news and feud in court.

The fact that this site still works is an extraordinary thing. Over the past 15 years,

The Pirate Bay has escaped various lawsuits and takedown (closure) efforts to maintain its position as the best available torrent site.

Users can use The Pirate Bay to find various media files, including movies, TV shows, software, etc.

The Pirate Bay

It is recommended to download the Torrent by clicking the magnet link or opening the link to see the seeders/leechers, the comments section itself, and other useful information.

The Pirate Bay also allows for live streaming through a service called Bitlord, which requires the installation of additional software.

Working URL: https://thepirate-bay.org/home3


If you want to download TV shows, then EZTV is a torrent website that must be visited.

This site makes it easy for you to find the latest shows by sharing them on the day they are uploaded.

There is also a section that lets you know what shows should be on certain days.

This site has some great filters that allow you to view impressions in 480p or 720p or enter/issue daily impressions.

EZTV - YIFY Alternative

If you want to re-watch a show or see a show that you missed, you can use the search bar and find all the episodes on this site.

We don’t like about EZTV because if you want to download the entire season, you still have to click on each episode.

In contrast to The Pirate Bay, which allows you to download the whole viewing season in one file.

Working URL: https://eztvtorrent.co/

#3 TorrentDownloads.me

TorrentDownloads is another popular torrent site, mainly because this torrent site keeps everything neat.

If all other trackers fail, this one is most likely your best chance of finding the old and rarely used software you are looking for, movies, and even ebooks that are less well known but are interested in rereading it.


For your information, since TorrentDownloads is not a site that keeps itself unpretentious, this site might be blocked in your country.

However, you can use VPN to access this site if it’s blocked. You can download various files through this site, including the latest films you can download for free.

Working URL: https://www.torrentdownloads.me/


Launched in 2008, RARBG allows users to access movies, music, and software through torrent files and magnet links.

RARBG specializes in high-quality videos and allows you to easily search their catalog or browse the top 10 torrents in each category.

This site will enable you to see popular movie trailers when you decide what interests you.

This site once allowed users to register to get an account. However, this practice seems to have been stopped.

rar-bg - YIFY like website

The downloads at RARBG run smoothly and run smoothly, and the comments section, although underutilized, is highly valued.

However, this site seems interrupted by lots of pop-up windows that require navigation before you can open the page you want.

Additionally, magnet links are available only after clicking. Despite all these problems, RARBG is a quality torrent site that can quickly rank among the users’ favorites.

Working URL: http://rarbg.to/

#5 Kickass Torrents (KAT)

Fans of the old Kickass Torrents (KAT) will be glad to know that this site is reviving.

After the US government seized the domain in 2016, former employees have designed a new website.

We found several fake Kickass sites, which were not updated and are full of spam links. Until further notice, the best URL for KAT is kat.sx.


With an appearance similar to the old website, KAT offers torrents and magnets to users who need it.

We like that we can quickly see the top torrents in each category, from music to movies and games.

This is great if you are looking for something you don’t know about.

Of course, you can also narrow your search by adjusting criteria such as categories, sub-categories, and intervals.

Torrent users can also see the ratings left by other users, and registered users are invited to rate their own torrents.

Besides, visitors can see each submitter’s reputation, which allows you to be sure of the files you download.

There is also a comment section included, but it appears to be far less active than the one on The Pirate Bay.

The Kickass Torrents site is well managed and without annoying advertisements and pop-up windows.

Working URL: https://katcr.to/

#6 LimeTorrents

LimeTorrent.cc is a decent Yify alternative if your favorite torrent site is not active, but this site has some disadvantages.

The only advantage of this tracker is that the user experience is very good with a regular and simple display.

Popular new releases also have lots of seeders and high speed.

However, older torrents are often forgotten.

This is not a problem of the site itself, but I recommend using it as a backup plan and not as a first choice because of these inconsistent conditions.


The website uploads new movies daily.

It means you can get the latest movies on this website.

However, the site traffic is low, but it comes very handily when it comes to offering a clean look with minimal ads.

While accessing the domain URL, we didn’t notice major pop ads. The site was immaculate, and the experience was totally ads free.

Working URL: https://limetorrent.cc/

#7 1337x

1337x can help you find a torrent that you would like even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, all because of its simple, organized interface.

Its website has recently received a massive modification to improve its appearance and got rid of some serious security risks.


This torrent site is now one of the most popular torrent trackers globally until finally, Google hid it from search results.

This is the perfect choice site for torrent movies, TV shows, games, and music.

It also has a handy browsing feature – Oscar nominations, new episodes, libraries, and an improved interface that makes the tracker much better.

Working URL: https://www.1337x.to/

#8 Torlock

Another Yify alternative Site goest to Torlock.

TorLock combines an extensive torrent list with fantastic user experience, especially if you are looking for high-quality anime episodes or reading material.

Some content on TorLock is hard to find in other trackers, but you will most likely also find the most popular Torrent here because there are more than 4.8 million choices.


There is no doubt that Torlock has big data of high definition movies, but at the same, we can’t deny dully ads found on this website.

It is always advisable to avoid this website if you are using it in the family or underage.

Because there are lots of adult ads present on this website, the rest is your choice. We can warn you.

But when it comes to downloading movies, it is fully stuffed with new and old movies available to download seeds for torrent.

Working URL: https://www.torlock.com/

#9 Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a new incarnation of the popular Torrentz website.

This website maintains a minimalist interface from the original site and is solely focused on music – it’s not uncommon to see a decade-old torrent site with 20+ seeders.

Although there have been some changes to how magnetic links work, Torrentz2 remains the best choice for audiophiles and is a more reliable tracker than others.

It is indeed a torrent search engine.

The website does the same job as the torrent site Torrentz.eu, which indexes other sites such as The Pirate Bay and the index torrents on this site.

In the past ten months, the website has received a lot of attention, making it reach the higher Alexa ranking increased from April last year.

Working URL: https://torrentz.io/

#10 Zooqle

It has a treasury of more than 37,000 films and 600 TV shows, impressive for a site that is still fairly new on the torrent scene.

Overall the interface is sturdy but requires a few minor improvements here and there.

However, this torrent site is easy to use and has bookmarks to help you find whatever you are looking for.

Many loyal users love the direction of development that Zooqle has taken, so there is no doubt that this Torrent will become even bigger and better in the future.

Working URL: https://zooqle.com/

#11 IsoHunt.to

It is undeniable that IsoHunt welcomes pirated content with great affection. Around 2012, IsoHunt distributed around 14 petabytes of pirated content.

This led to the closure of IsoHunt in 2013. It doesn’t take a month to get back on the internet.

The IsoHunt.to domain is now considered a replacement for the original IsoHunt.

It provides a large torrent file database then The Pirate Bay.

Seedpeer is the right Yify Alternative you must visit if you want to download so many movies.

It is also designed with a more user-friendly UI with a health indicator link to get stable downloads.

Instead of movies, you can also download ebook, album, game files, and much more.

Working URL: https://isohunt.to/

#12 ExtraTorrent

The next Yify alternative Site is ExtraTorrent that belongs to the biggest BitTorrent portal that allows you to access direct file directories in a wide variety of categories.

You may download the latest moves, songs, software, and photos easily on this website.

But, if you want to access ExtraTorrent, you should use a VPN or Proxy. Otherwise, it does not work.

It is a site created to commemorate the legendary Kickass Torrent.

Although you might find duplicates of Kickass Torrents, most of them are slow, not updated, and full of Popups.

The website elegantly presents search results with minimal advertising.

This is probably the first Torrent site with its Android Application that allows you to search directly from the Application.

Working URL: https://extratorrent.to/

#13 TorrentFunk

While the Torrent site is down every day, Torrentfunk has improved its platform to increase user confidence and save time.

This is one of the most active Torrent websites with Verification and comments on each Torrent.

This must be a lifesaver! It is a decent website with a neat interface but is filled with annoying ads like any other torrent website.

Although this Torrent has a massive database, it offers decent results.

It is easy to use and has many options for different checkout sections and solve problems.

The website offers a variety of options to filter the movies database.

You can find your favorite movie very easily, whether it is A-Z alphabetic order or popularity-wise.

Overall, the website fulfills your intention to download free movies in a few clicks.

It could be one of the best alternatives for YTS or YIFY Torrent.

Working URL: https://www.torrentfunk.com/movies/b.html

#14 SkyTorrents

Another Torrent search engine but with a large and verified torrent database.

SkyTorrents is a clean torrent search engine that focuses on privacy.

This project is still under major development, which is still in the beta stage.

The website comes with a clean user interface, although ads might give you some annoying popups while visiting this site.

The best part about SkyTorrents is, they don’t track users in any form, and because of that, they don’t use cookies or sell any data to anyone.

The whole project is updated with smart software. Manual intervention is limited but still present.

Every hour hundreds of new torrents are found and available for search purposes.

But you should always be extra careful as most of the torrent sites make this kind of claim.

You can use a VPN to hide your privacy while surfing torrent sites.

Working URL: https://www.skytorrents.lol/

#15 P2PDL

It is another best Yify alternative Site with excellent results and a neat interface.

P2PDL has very few popups and annoying advertisements on its website.

It has one of the largest verified Torrent databases with most of the original files to offer.

These are some of the best torrent sites that might be useful for BitTorrent users in 2019.

I would love to hear the name of your favorite torrent site in the comments.

While we have written this article, the site was working fine.

But in recent times, this site has been taken down, and we haven’t found any proxy or mirror website.

Therefore, you should avoid accessing this website.

Try to use other suggested torrent sites from this list. Indeed P2PDL was a great website to download free movies.

But it is not working anymore.

URL: https://p2pdl.com/ (not working)

#16 YourBitTorrent

YourBitTorrent holds the largest number of torrents in the world.

Finding fake torrent files is very difficult on this site.

Although this site is no different from the others, this site is more active and offers a very nice interface.

They don’t have a sorting option, which some of you might not like.


It’s a large database focused on movies that will provide you hundreds of free movies without any additional permission.

It looks excellent, and many titles make it an ideal torrent site for movie fans.

Torrent is also very light on your resources, which is one of the main advantages of this site.

Overall, YBT is a favorite torrent site for movies, but because it doesn’t offer any other categories, you must choose another site from the list for torrent games, music, or TV shows.

Working URL: https://yourbittorrent.com/

#17 Worldwide Torrents

Worldwide Torrents becomes the best Torrent search engine for now.

It has fewer Ads, more options to play, and a fairly active user base. It also has few fake torrents because of the vibrant community that verifies everything uploaded.

In the current scenario, the Worldwide Torrents seems to be down, but you can easily find some of the working proxy sites still up and running well.

If you are in the torrent world, you have to already use mirror sites because official domains keep changing from time to time.

That is why we are escaping to put a certain URL. Most of the torrent sites stop working regularly.

Then again, come into play with a different URL. Hence, it is advisable to be ready to phase these situations.

Working URL: N/A

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Is Yify Torrent Down Right Now?

Yes, the official website has been taken down long ago, and its official domain is down right now. But there are some mirror sites available such as YTS.mx, YTS.ms, and Yiffy-torrents.net, working without any problem. If you are looking to use official YTS, you need to rely on working proxy and mirror websites. That is the only way to access the YTS official database.

What is different between Yify Torrent and YTS?

Yify torrent and YTS are two different names of the same torrent service. There is no difference between these two sites. You can take it just as a human with two different names.

Why was YTS shut down?

Just like any other torrent site, YTS or Yify Torrent website was holding unlicensed content on its platform. After the complaints filed by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Yify’s official website was taken down in 2015. Afterward, we have seen plenty of clones and proxy sites offering similar services. But the official site is still down, teams the ban was permanent.

What is the meaning of YIFY?

However, this was a mystery for a long time. But finally, we have got to know that it shows its owner name Yiftach Swery, that founded this website in 2010. Overall, its owner’s name is responsible for being called it YIFY.

Is it safe to use Yify Torrent?

As we have already mentioned, the original Yify Torrent website is not working anymore. Most of the sites using the brand name of Yify to attract potential traffic. Some of them are mirror sites, and some others are just using the brand name. Whether proxy/mirrors or other sites with the same name scheme, they all use annoying pop ads to earn some revenue. Hence, it is always advisable to use an adblocker to avoid any potential malware attack as well as improve the user experience.

Is it illegal to use Yify Torrent?

Downloading copyright material is illegal in most of the countries. So, yes, by using this website, you are breaking the law. You must check before torrent sites that it is allowed in your country or not. In Europe and the USA, it is totally illegal to download any unlicensed content. So, be careful while accessing this kind of website. Better to take precaution by hiding your privacy by using a VPN or any other proxy service.

What is YIFY Torrent Magnet?

Magnet torrent term is used for those links where the client can copy, paste, send and use those links to download torrent files. Usually, .torrent files need to be assigned specific names or “hashes” guard against corrupt or dummy files. But the magnet torrent comes with the next level of security as you can copy those links in just plain text, and YIFY Torrent is no different. The Yify torrent is also part of torrent sites. Hence, we people call it YIFY Torrent Magnet.

How to download files using Yify Torrent Magnet links?

The Yify Torrent Magnet links provide the same functionality as a “.torrent” file just like any other Magnet torrent. To use magnet URIs, you need to ensure that your BitTorrent client is associated with them. After that, click the magnet link and let the BitTorrent client do the rest of the task. That’s a straightforward procedure. You need to find a torrent magnet links to perform this task. Which are freely available on the internet and torrent lovers know very well how to find them.

What are the proxy sites to unblock YTS or YIFY Torrent?

There are numerous sites that claim to be the clone of YTS, but most of them are making fool to people. We have found three major proxy sites that can unblock the YTS or Yify Torrent, including YTS.mx, Yify-movies.net, and YTS.ms. We don’t know whether official sources build these platforms neither we confirm. But at least they are offering a decent quality of content that most people will find useful. So, if you are looking to unblock YTS by using a proxy site, you can consider these options.

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Bottom Line

YTS torrent, AKA YIFY torrent, is the largest database of movies undoubtedly.

But if somehow it is inaccessible in your locality, you need to find other options.

Otherwise, no reason to replace this massive source to download free movies. Believe me.

It has tons of high-quality movies, which will never feel bored while accessing the YTS sites.

Some of the working and mirror sites we have already mentioned above are working perfectly fine by updating this post.

Finally, these are some best Yify alternative and Proxy Sites that you can try to access just if you want to download any kind of files, including:

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