Why Mediavine and Raptive Outpace Adsense in Offering Higher Ad Rates

As the digital landscape proliferates, bloggers are continuously looking for ways to amplify their revenue streams.

A primary source of income for many is through ads displayed on their platforms.

The choice of ad networks is critical in this regard, as some like Ezoic, Mediavine, and Raptive (formerly known as AdThrive) are known to pay higher rates than Google AdSense.

The reasoning behind this revolves around several key factors that include premium ad placements, direct brand relationships, targeted advertising, traffic quality, ad viewability, curation and management, seasonal trends, and negotiating power.

Type of Ad Units Offered

To start with, the type of ad units offered by these networks significantly affects the rates.

Unlike AdSense, which primarily serves basic display ads, networks like Mediavine and Raptive provide higher-paying ad units.

These include pop-ups, sticky ads that remain visible as visitors scroll, and recirculation ads.

These premium ad types command higher rates from advertisers, resulting in an increased income for bloggers.

Direct Relationships with Advertisers & Agencies

Secondly, ad networks have direct relationships with advertisers and their agencies.

This direct interaction allows them to sell impressions and optimize brand exposure, translating into higher Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPMs).

In contrast, AdSense follows an indirect approach, serving ads from Google’s own ad exchange based on an auction model, which doesn’t always guarantee the highest CPMs.

Geo-Targeted Advertising

Thirdly, geo-targeted advertising plays a significant role in boosting ad rates.

National brands are willing to pay more to reach audiences in key western regions such as the US and parts of Europe.

Ad networks exploit this by using blog traffic data to attract these brands, while AdSense has a more global targeting approach, resulting in lower geo-specific rates.

Minimum Requirements

Quality over quantity is another factor tipping the scales in favor of ad networks.

Mediavine and Raptive only accept established blogs with substantial monthly traffic—like 50,000 sessions or more.

The audiences of these blogs are highly engaged and valuable to brands, allowing the networks to charge premium CPMs.

Conversely, AdSense serves ads on blogs of all sizes, including many lower-quality properties, which may not attract high-paying advertisers.

Adsense vs Ezoic vs Monumetric vs Mediavine (My Personal Experiences On Each!)

Optimization of Ad Viewability

Optimization of ad viewability is a critical consideration for advertisers.

Ad networks leverage data to determine the best placements for ads on blog pages, focusing on layout, content, and visitor behavior.

Higher visibility means higher rates from advertisers seeking visibility.

In contrast, AdSense uses a more generic approach to ad placement optimization, which may not always yield the highest viewability.

Manual Curation and Management

The value of manual curation and management should not be overlooked.

Ad networks review and approve blogs for their programs based on content quality and performance.

They also provide account managers and optimization services to help maximize revenue.

On the other hand, AdSense approval is primarily automated with less personalized management and curation.

Seasonal Budget Trends

Seasonal trends and budget increases also play a significant role in ad rates.

Ad networks leverage knowledge of advertisers’ seasonal budget increases and spending trends to boost CPMs during periods of high demand.

AdSense rates are primarily dependent on their ad auction dynamics and tend to be more stable without major seasonal peaks.

Negotiating Power

Lastly, ad networks have the advantage of negotiating power.

By representing major media properties with a combined engaged audience, they can negotiate the highest possible CPMs and ad deals.

AdSense, catering to a broad range of publishers, has less ability to negotiate premium rates for top-tier blogs.


Ad networks like Mediavine and Raptive pay higher rates than AdSense due to their focus on premium ad types, direct brand relationships, traffic optimization, maximizing viewability, personalized management, understanding of seasonal trends, and strong negotiating power.

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