Website Development Cost: Key Aspects to Consider

A lot of us are quite foggy on website creation cost, even those of us rather knowledgeable on what makes a good website. So in this article, we thought we’d talk about some of the main factors that go into determining that cost. Hopefully, this will help give you an idea of what to look for when you decide to build your website (regardless of its focus!).

Admin Panel

Think of this as the control room for your website. Your admin panel will allow you to administer maintenance and oversee what’s going on on your website. It will help you monitor users, as well as give you an insight into unique analytics that show what works and what doesn’t for your business.

Now, depending on the framework your developer is using, you can end up paying a little or a lot (think something like $8,000). This number isn’t only influenced by the framework itself, but also by the complexity of your admin panel. If you’re looking for some basic controls, then you’re apt to pay much less, but if you’re going to need a custom, highly personalized admin panel, be prepared to fork out some serious cash.

Hourly Rate

Naturally, the hourly rate your team of developers charges will have a huge influence on the overall cost of website development. Now, the hourly rate is determined by a bunch of things, such as experience or skill level, as well as the general business and popularity of your developers. It will also be influenced by whether you’re employing an in-house team, or outsourcing (and particularly on what type of outsourcing you’re doing).

On-shore outsourcing refers to hiring freelance developers from your own area and country. Near-shore outsourcing implies hiring foreigners who belong to the same timezone as you. Lastly, off-shore outsourcing is when you hire a team of developers from a completely different place in the world (and in a much different timezone). Often, due to different living costs, off-shore outsourcing can lead to much cheaper overall costs.


Another thing you’ll need your developers to do and that will influence the final cost is maintenance. The development process is only half the battle. Once your website is live, it will still need regular maintenance, to ensure it’s achieving maximum results. Often, employers neglect to include maintenance in their development budget, so we urge you not to make the same mistake!


There’s little use to building a website if you don’t plan on investing in marketing as well. This can include marketing campaigns on social media, but also on-website elements, such as search engine optimization (SEO). Several aspects of SEO relate directly to the website development process.

Type of Business

Naturally, different types of businesses will require different types of websites. An online store, for example, will have a much more complex website than, say, the website of a business company. So naturally, the more functions you need your website to have, the more it will cost you.

Website development often ends up taking up a hefty chunk of your budget, but it is a vital step toward business success!

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