5+ Top Video Tips for LinkedIn [B2B Video Strategy]

Making quality B2B videos is hard enough.

But getting organic engagement for your videos on LinkedIn? Yikes.

Unless, of course, you happen to know the right formula…

Luckily, LinkedIn just shared an extensive list of suggestions you can apply to your B2B video strategy.

Here are some of our favorites:

B2B Video Strategy

1 – Think outside the box

Sounds cliché, but think about it: talking heads and product walkthrough videos are overused and will likely push viewers away.

But sharing clips of conferences, filming “hacks” that feature your product, and commenting on current events are all more appealing and add a new angle.

2 – Plan for mobile viewing

Here’s a statistic for you: more than 90% of users watch LinkedIn videos on mobile, so use vertical format in your videos whenever possible.

3 – Learn basic video editing

It’s not hard to trim videos, add subtitles, or drop in background music with software, so you might as well learn how to edit videos.

4 – Don’t be time consuming

The maximum LinkedIn video length is 10 minutes. The question is… should your videos be 10 minutes long?

Unless what you’re saying is important or catchy, it’s highly unlikely that your audience has 10 minutes to spare. So keep things short.

5 – You have 3–6 seconds to get attention

So make ‘em count. Hook viewers with the first sentence, get straight to the point, and use an eye-catching thumbnail.

6 – Sequence content

Break videos into shorter, focused chapters.

This helps you promote multiple videos and see which ones are working so you can optimize for best results.

Grab your recorder, your tripod, your video editing tool

…and start working on your next B2B video campaign 🙂

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