4 Video Downloaders To Download MP3 Videos

The demand for YouTube videos is rising every day because of how useful video is as a form of entertainment, information, and education.

When some people see a video they like on YouTube, they quickly initiate the process of downloading the video, but they are regularly left disappointed because the videos are not downloadable due to the restriction placed on the video either by YouTube or by the owner of the video.

If you are in this category or you have experienced such disappointment before, the suggestions below should help find a quality YouTube downloader to meet your needs.

First, listing the platforms that can help you solve the problem of downloading mp3 videos on YouTube will make this article more detailed and explanatory. To give our readers many options to choose from, we will list five YouTube MP3 Downloader.

  • Ontiva YouTube MP3 Downloader
  • Wondershare Video Downloader
  • InVideo YouTube MP3 Downloader 

1. Ontiva

You cannot have it all, that is the popular saying, but it seems this video downloader wants to falsify that statement because it has everything you want. Some have said its perfection is due to the fact that the video downloader is among the new generation of video downloader, so it affords the developers the opportunity to look at what other video downloaders lacked and incorporate it into the Ontiva YouTube MP3 Downloader is arguably the fastest YouTube to MP3 Downloader in the world as at today. Another video downloader might try to beat that record in the nearest future, but for now, Ontiva Video Downloader seems to be the fastest.

Asides from being fast, Ontiva has proper guidelines that make the website easy for use either for beginners or frequent visitors. One of such is the non-compulsion of registration. A lot of websites will require you to register before you can use their platform to carry out any activity, but Ontiva Video Youtube Downloader is not interested in your data. Staying anonymous is the best option for you in order to protect your information from internet fraudsters.

Now that you know that Ontiva is one of the websites you can use to download mp3 videos from YouTube, the next thing is to know how to use it to download YouTube videos. We will list the procedures in steps for easy assimilation and understanding.

  • Search for the video on YouTube and copy the URL link of the video
  • Paste the copied link in the search box of Ontiva YouTube Video Downloader
  • Select an appropriate format, which in this case is the MP3 format
  • Click on the Convert button
  • After conversion, click on the ‘Download’ button and choose a destination on your device where the video will be saved to.

These are the five steps needed to download YouTube videos with Ontiva MP3 Downloader.

2. Wondershare

When it comes to perfection, the Wondershare YouTube MP3 Downloader is very close to the Ontiva Video Downloader. To start with, the process of downloading videos is the same.

When you apply the five steps we said can be used to download videos from YouTube with Ontiva Video Downloader, you will also have your video downloaded with Wondershare MP4 converter Downloader using the five steps.

In terms of speed also, Wondershare Video Downloader is ranked very high because the speed of download is very far from what you see on your regular video downloaders. A lot of other features present on Ontiva Video Downloader is also present on Wondershare YouTube MP3 Downloader.

These features can be experienced better when you visit the website. Our job is to give you a feel of what the website looks like and also explain to you how you can download YouTube videos using the website, which we had explained when we started the talk about Wondershare YouTube MP3 Downloader.

3. In-video

In video Ontiva is also a good choice. Again, downloading YouTube mp3 videos can be done using the five steps for downloading YouTube videos with the Evano Video Downloader that we have stated at the beginning of this article. Invideo is also as good as the other two video downloaders we have taken a look at previously, very fast and unique as those mentioned, but one thing internet users might find not too perfect is that only video that its length is not more than 60 minutes can be downloaded. Asides from that, every other thing is similar to the other video downloaders we have talked about.

4. Btclod

The Btclod YouTube Downloader is another option that’s simple and free to use. Btclod enables you to download anything that you from YouTube, including MP3, audio, playlists, and video. Format conversion capabilities are also available. For example, videos can be converted to MP3 for easy storage. You can also download YouTube audio in any format or download it in one format and convert it to another.

5. Getvideo.io

Getvideo.io leverages cloud computing technology to provide an online tool that works straight out of the user’s web browser.

The Getvideo.io YouTube downloader can detect and select the highest resolution and bitrate of each video. There is no reason you should accept quality loss while watching them offline.

It can also support multiple websites. Getvideo.io can obtain videos from a wide array of popular social media and sharing platforms. No need to switch to another tool when you’re grabbing videos from multiple sites at once.

In addition to multiple quality options (4K, 2K, Full HD, 1080P, etc.), you also have the option to save videos from other websites in a file format ( MP3, MP4, WAV, FLAC, WebM) of your choice.


You’ve found the best YouTube downloader on the Internet – MP3DL.CC! This platform is convenient, fast, reliable, and especially helpful for those who crave to watch videos offline.

It’s not only about the video. MP3DL.CC also fulfills multiple audio formats such as FLAC, MP3, WAV, or OGG. And if you feel uneasy reading English, it also offers 7 other languages for a better streaming experience.

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