Tips for UI and UX Design to Dating Apps

Some time ago, an internet tipping point was reached. The number of users accessing apps via mobile devices now outweighs those who are accessing websites through desktop versions.

Despite this, many web designers don’t seem to have considered this seismic shift in their user base. There is one particular area where the numbers using sites have been rising dramatically – internet dating.

You would assume the fact that singles seeking to make contact are drawn to the immediacy and privacy of mobile access would mean going down the app route would be a no-brainer. Yet many brands of online dating reviews in Australia still don’t have a mobile app.

Think Mobile

From the outset, you have to decide whether you would trust your web developer, in conjunction with downloadable templates, or you feel your available budget would be better utilized by employing a professional agency.

Assuming the former, the basic design blueprint to keep in is that you are designing for mobile devices. Think of the platforms that are commonest for these devices: iOS, and Android. Put yourself in the position of a customer coming across your application.

What is the main functionality you would be expecting from such an app? Have you used matchmaking websites yourself? What have been the crucial aspects? Finding your ideal matches according to an inbuilt algorithm? Flexibility in terms of messaging? The practical ability to swipe left or right? Or quirks, like adding ‘likes’ or sending ‘winks’?

Work on the content of the application

The next stage is to move on to the text and images that will be integrated at the front-end. This is where you have to take a step back from the UI interface and consider the most crucial aspect of all page content.

There would be no point in creating the most fabulous-looking app if your paragraphs are plagued with grammar mistakes, broken links, or content that seems tired and cliched rather than succinct and captivating. Your color choice and integration of your brand name are also fundamental considerations.

Make the application simple and convenient

The app needs to be very straightforward in terms of the functions your customers will expect ready access to. Again, think of websites you have seen in action and consider what factors you could integrate yourself. Push notifications? Reminders? An ability to make provide pop-ups to provide background advice. Blog entries to give your customers the impression of having joined a community rather than simply a dating site?

Make a fun game

One of the best tricks of the trade would be giving the impression your dating service isn’t static lists of potential contacts – you are offering a game for users to participate in and try to win. Give rewards for people who build the most competent profiles or tell entertaining stories. Customers might be able to rate other profiles.

Always bear in mind that the screen definition is so much more compact than the dimensions that you would have at your disposal when putting together pages for a desktop version.

If you follow some of the basic concepts mentioned during this article and shop around in terms of the availability of bespoke templates or what a design agency could provide for your budget, there is no reason why you couldn’t produce a unique experience for your potential customers.

To conclude, the basic requirements to focus on when creating a dating app are empathy with your customer and making the overall design as user-friendly as possible.

Think of the ways all your disparate apps are arranged on the home screen of your smart device. As well as what you appreciate these apps do, there’s a strong aesthetic element – just the allure of a catchy title and an eye-catching logo can be enough to compel you to tap on one app in particular when your thumb is absently meandering over this list.

So it would be worth closing by underscoring that your app’s branding is its most compelling property. This tiny logo and the wording you’ve chosen – related to dating (Flirt), some snazzy buzzword (Zoosk), something descriptive (BeNaughty) – have to attract immediate attention.

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