Top 5 Trending Hacks on the Internet

The doctor will not tell you things that the internet will; it will guide you in all possible directions, and you will end up getting defeated in your mind. Yes, the internet can be a dark place.

Nevertheless, despite all that, the internet has given us the meme world, introduced us to brilliant influencers, and given birth to hacks that promise to make our lives easier. Each time I open Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or even Snapchat, I happen to stumble across a hack video that not in my wildest imagination did I think of.

Over the years people have learned from these hacks, earned from them, and even busted them. Last week, our team decided to gather some recent, trending, and very popular hacks on the internet and test them out so you do not have to! So, get ready to be surprised. Before we get down to the hacks, if you have not already, then make sure that you are subscribed to an active internet connection so that you can consistently get updates regarding what is happening on the World Wide Web.

In case, your internet connection is troubling you, change your provider and sign up for a better service. We highly recommend Spectrum Internet for customers who need to stay connected to the internet for long hours because this internet service comes with incredible speeds and most importantly, unlimited data. With that said, let us shed some light on the top trending trends on the internet.

1.  Adding glue to Fanta to make slime

This one is for all the slime-obsessed children and parents out there who are using a ton of ingredients to make the perfect batch of slime. According to this viral TikTok hack, adding glue (did not specify which) to a bottle of Fanta will turn it into stretchy slime. Since we did not know which glue to use, we experimented with some options. The bottle should have a half to half ratio and then you have to shake it.

Does it work? NO! It created a semi-starch-like thing but it was definitely not slime. We only trust the store-brought slime now!

2.  Using a puffy marshmallow instead of a beauty blender

We girls don’t leave the house without makeup but supposing, our beauty blender is torn, not clean, or chewed by our pet, and we absolutely need it to blend in our makeup, then YouTube suggests using a marshmallow and applying base on it, then rubbing it gently on your face. And no – you cannot eat it.

Does it work? Maybe! It takes forever to blend the liquid on your face without breaking the marshmallow provided you have the kind that does not leave tidbits on your face and if you have a smaller one, a sticky one, then no, you are in for a horrid surprise. Forgot your beauty blender? No worries, we recommend using your HANDS.

3.  Using a blended tomato and beetroot for lip gloss

Basically, it does not have a nutritional value, but teenagers think it is cool to cut two tomatoes in half, buy a dragon fruit from the supermarket and blend it all together, then strain the juice out of the mixture. After going through all this, applying the weird tasting liquid on your lip for a shiny impact.

Does it work? It does but do we recommend it? No. It is time-consuming, takes a lot of not needed effort, wastes food, and does not even have that wow factor. Please do not trust the internet for this one. Get an extra lip gloss instead.

4.  Removing ink from paper using a hair straightener

Another rather popular hack on TikTok is using a pre-heated hair straightener to remove any ink from paper. It does not specify what type of ink it removes – gel-pen ink, ballpoint ink, pointer ink, or ink-pen ink, so we ended up trying it all in different colors, in case it was color specific.

Of course, it targeted teens who misspelled on their sheets or wanted to switch numbers – or whatever it is that children these days need to do. As an adult, I thought that it might come in handy if I would accidentally spill ink or do something wrong on an important document.

Does it work? Absolutely not. It does not work. What is up with TikTok? Creating things that provide zero value only for likes and shares and dumbfounded are those who share it without a second thought.

5.  Acne treating hack using frozen aloe vera

You have to extract the sticky aloe vera out of the plant and mix it with a hint of tea tree oil and then freeze it. Whenever you get a pimple or a zit you have to rub the frozen creation on it and within a day the pimple will flatten or go. The aloe vera cannot be store brought and you have to make sure your face is clean when you do it. Be gentle with it and let it rest for a while on your skin.

Does it work? Yes, it does. It is a natural remedy for those uncalled for pimples and for our team it worked for four out of five people in a wondrous manner so yes, we can say that it works like a charm. If you have cystic acne like our fifth member then your breakouts do not need hacks but a dermatologist.

These are the top trending hacks on the internet today. Comment a hack that you have recently tried and stay tuned for more exciting updates.


This article was contributed by Nauman Abrar, a Digital Marketer

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