7+ Best Travel Vlogging Tips – Make Awesome Videos

Travel vlogging has become increasingly popular over the past years. And no wonder – people all over the world express a rising interest towards all possible kinds of travel-related videos and travel influencers. On one hand, this trend opens for you a door to unlimited opportunities in terms of developing your own travel video blog.

On the other hand, for the same reason the number of aspiring travel vloggers has been skyrocketing recently. It takes a lot of preparation to start a travel video blog from scratch, and its further maintenance requires a lot of time and effort on a regular basis.

You should be prepared, in the first place mentally, to provide a lot of buy-in, because this kind of work usually doesn’t bring a lot of tangible results in the beginning. It is, understandably, a hard sell, especially for those making their first steps in this sphere. 

However, if it were all too easy and fast, then probably travel video blogging wouldn’t be such a successful area. Yet, nothing is impossible, especially when you have a clear understanding of what and how you are going to do to make it big. And these small tips will come in very handy.

1. Be Imaginative and Innovative

One may say that travel vlogging is about making videos about travel which doesn’t leave much room for imagination and innovation. Though it’s true that videos are your main tool, the way you make and edit them has a huge potential in terms of creativity and use of other graphic techniques. Cutaways, crop-ins, animations and switching between different angles and shots are some examples of how you can generate visual interest in the editing stage. If you don’t know where to start from, you can try, for instance, adding animation with the help of an animation creator.  

2. Quality vs. Quantity

Many bloggers know that feeling when you want to generate your video content non-stop to impress your followers and capture their attention. However, the golden rule reads that the high quality of your videos is the paramount prerequisite of your success. In all likelihood, your followers are subscribed to other channels as well, so in terms of quantity they will always have more videos available than they physically are able to watch. Thus, always keep your mind focused on the quality of your content, not quantity.

3. Share Your Personal Experiences

What makes a travel vlog so special and different from conventional travel videos is its ability to pass on the first-person narrative of the adventure your followers are looking impatiently forward to. A good vlog is the reflection of your personality, experience and viewpoint. It gives a very specific personal touch that no regular travel video can offer. Thus, don’t be afraid to include many first-person point-of-view shots in your travel story. People enjoy this format because it enables them to feel all of your emotions as if they were there with you.

4. Draw No Comparisons

As we’ve already mentioned, travel video vlogging is extremely popular, so there are a huge number of your competitors. Obviously, you will often feel compelled to visit other people’s travel vlogs and compare what you’ve seen there with yours. It’s very easy to get disheartened and discouraged by successive travel influences with an established position. So our advice is that you focus on your own story without looking around at others.

5. Interaction

Always remember that you are making your videos for other people to watch them and not just for the fun of it. This makes the verbal engagement with your audience crucial. Never forget that you are in a community of like-minded people, so interact with them by asking questions, running a poll or survey, asking for their opinion or advice. 

6. Be Concise

Your viewers’ time is precious, so make sure they won’t have to waste it on your “um” and “er”. Your vlog must be concise and to the point, meaning that you should dedicate a lot of time and attention to the editing stage. A personal vlog does not equal unnecessarily long and dull details. 

7. Music

First of all, you should make up your mind if you are going to use music in your videos – many travel vloggers decided against including music in their video content. We believe that music is a good feature. If used wisely, it can enhance your vlog and build up the atmosphere you want to achieve. However, the wrong background music can really kill your vlog.

8. Store Your Luggage Safely While Vlogging

Perhaps you are exploring Milan and are vlogging through the famous Italian city but don’t want to be weighed down by your luggage. In this case, you can search for luggage storage Milano Centrale options where you can securely and safely leave your bags without worrying. The good thing is that these facilities are covered with insurance guarantees, and you can book via mobile app to avoid long queues.

Final Comments

A good travel vlog can provide fantastic virtual travel experiences to people who love travelling but prefer to do it from their favorite couch. And being able to deliver these experiences is the vital key to your overall success as a travel blogger. Undoubtedly, it requires a lot of time and effort, but the fact that you can turn your hobby into a professional occupation of your life is absolutely worth it. 

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