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Managing free hours in a busy work week can be a deceptively tricky art. Most people are juggling family and professional responsibilities, which doesn’t always leave time for leisure – even when off the clock.

In fact, in the three to five hours many have free a day, it’s more important to tidy the home, exercise, or spend quality time with loved ones than it is to invest in personal interests or splurge on some self-care. To carve out a precious hour, many turn to time management apps.

With around six million total apps available in the Google Store and the Apple App Store, there are time management apps developed to tackle different problems. Some apps function more like planners, helping people manage their time by organizing their responsibilities and ideas. Others are strict alarms created to keep people on track.

Are you looking for an app that will help you take advantage of all the hours in the day? Whether in relation to recreation, relaxation, saving money, or another topic, there’s a company that’s developed a solution. Keep reading for a few great options available for download today.

Remember the Milk

Sometimes time management isn’t about the number of hours in a day, but the number of menial tasks that have to be done. Remember the Milk is a task management app that’s compatible across all devices, from mobile to desktop apps like Gmail and Outlook.

Remember the Milk tabulates tasks that need to get done and presents them according to time blocks. Aside from mundane reminders, Remember the Milk can also help people track their online subscriptions and deals that are only valid for certain periods.

For example, free offers from sportsbooks (example) are a common deal found online for sports fans. They’re competitive and accessible… but they come with time requirements. Remember the Milk is a great solution for tracking time limits in relation to exclusive offers, subscriptions, and free deals.


Sometimes a day passes and we’re left wondering where all the hours went. For those looking to mindfully readjust how they spend their time, Toggl is a great solution for tracking how we spend our free hours. The app takes a data-first approach but makes it easy for users to navigate with a clean design.

Even better, Toggl makes suggestions according to a user’s profile in relation to their needs, goals, and live data. Some reviews highlight the benefits of a long-term relationship with Toggl, as the app can help people optimize their time.

For example, setting aside an hour to tackle a project like creative writing isn’t actually that difficult… but activating the brain to perform on command is likely a bit tougher. Toggl can help identify times when a user is more efficient, which can help someone schedule their goals more realistically.

Sound interesting? Check out the app MindNode for further details on tracking the brain’s activity.

time management apps


The aforementioned examples are designed to help professionals keep track of their to-do lists and create a more mindful approach to how they schedule their lives. However, when it comes to streamlining every aspect of our life (social, professional, personal), TimeTree is a robust solution.

TimeTree helps a user build out their schedule into a functional calendar. This calendar can be shared with others, who can also add notes and events to the calendar. In other words, it’s a communal calendar that helps centralize plans for every party involved. No more confusing schedule overlaps.

As such, TimeTree is able to work across multiple platforms and devices. The platform makes it easy to add memos to the calendar, which functions like a sticky note for the standard physical calendar. This makes it easy to create caveats in a schedule that doesn’t make the overall calendar look clunky.

For example, many people double-book themselves due to forgotten work events or last-minute commitments that they forgot to write down. TimeTree prevents these mishaps by logging all notes into a single calendar, no matter which device is used to create the new event.

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