How Technology Has Changed Race Days For The Better

Horse racing is a constantly evolving sport, and it’s hard to argue against the changes being made for the better. The sport has been able to ensure the safety of horses and jockeys involved with modern-day rules brought in to control the usage of the whip, which looks after the best interest of the horse.

Jockeys that are seen to be using the whip more than the regulated number of times are hit with fines and bans.

Meanwhile, other advancements have been introduced with the changes in technology, and these are some factors that have ensures that the sport is as safe as it has ever been.

In-Race Technology

Technology certainly plays a part pre-race and post-race, but it has also played a significant part in the biggest races of the season themselves. Technology now ensures that those who aren’t able to attend race days can get an unmatched experience with the introduction of high-quality broadcasting equipment.

The introduction of this has been used across all sports, but it’s really in horse racing where the experience of the viewer has grown to unparalleled levels.

All leading broadcasters have used this technology to give fans the best quality picture and audio throughout the race, with new angles used to show the equine animals at the peak of their beauty.

The footage can also be used by experts following a race to carefully break down the most significant periods of the race, which ultimately will help those that are less familiar with the sport to understand it better.

Technology has also played a role in separating the close contests on the track, with the picture finish now ensuring that decisions can be made more quickly.

Aftercare Of Horses

Immediately after the race, horses are required to cool down in order to minimize the risk of picking up an injury.

The developments made in modern-day technology means that carers can track this easier with the thermal trackers used in the industry for the past couple of years.

The advancements in scientific technology can’t be downplayed in the industry, as it has led to a decrease in the number of horses that have needed to be put down after taking heavy falls.

This is significant for the industry, as the sport relies on the performances from the highest quality horses and tech ensures that all horses are able to reach their peak. Most importantly, it makes sure that all horses are able to lead a healthy life during their racing career and afterward.

For The Visitors

It isn’t just the horses, jockeys, and trainers that have been able to reap the rewards in the advancements of technology, as fans that attend meetings have also been able to have an enhanced experience thanks to technology.

Every person attending a race meeting would be looking to wager money on the races, and the advancements made in technology ensure that this is easier to do than ever before.

The betting industry has excelled in the modern era due to the improvements that have been made, with gamblers now able to make wagers on every horse race from around the world with the leading sportsbooks.

That would have been something that would have been unthinkable in the past. Meanwhile, tech has ensured that gamblers are able to make more knowledgeable bets.

There are numerous apps and websites available on mobile devices that allow gamblers to track horses throughout the season and examine how their form has been over the course of the season.

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